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06 Aug Perks of Joining the Hermann London Team

Nearly every week in our team meeting, we are presenting new ideas and new benefits to being a member of the Hermann London Group.  Being provided with such an assortment of fresh and innovative ideas could be seen as reason enough to join, however, there are more enticing reasons as well.

Here is a short list of perks that real estate agents at Hermann London get to experience:

  • Leads, leads, leads. We teach our agents how to replicate our methods to generate leads.  Through all of our training, you will become a lead generating master yourself through referrals, but it’s always nice to have extra leads. We have tested so many methods of generating leads online over the last few years that our Realtors now know what works, and what is a waste of time.  With a company our size, you have a much higher probability of receiving your fair share of the leads we generate.
  • Profit sharing.  For some of the deals that agents close, there is profit sharing among the active agents.  When a lead is generated from our website, which often happens, it’s passed out to the agent best suited to close it.  When that agent closes it instead of paying the brokerage a straight referral fee for the lead,  or having a 50/50 split on the deal,  we take a portion of the commission and give it to the other active agents in the office. We call these “butterscotch leads.”
  • Subsidized business card and sign prices. We’ve scoured the internet and local businesses and found some of the best prices for the highest quality on items like business cards, postcards, signs, directionals, etc.  For some of the items like business cards and signs, the company even provides you with a subsidy to make the purchase more affordable.
  • A cold-calling system to make up to 100 phone calls per hour, and leave about 65 voicemails.  If you are the outbound calling type, we have an amazing system that will effectively increase your productivity eight-fold.  You may hear people brag about making 100 calls in a day; our system allows you to make 100 calls or more in 1 hour!   There is a cost associated with this system, but the company helps to pay for it for you.


  • A custom property search engine. One of the few in St. Louis with the ability to search for “short sales” – you can’t even do that on the MLS.  Our property search functionality has been built in a special way that allows users to search for specifically for short sales and get quality results. This in itself is a PR person dream and something you can capitalize on in your advertising and Realtor marketing.
  • An incredible lead management system that ties in with our property search. This gives you the ability to see what your potential clients are searching for, and set yourself notes and reminders for future conversations.
  • Email, online calendars, and online training are all provided. We feel that a Realtor can come off as a professional and be the most effective when you have a YourName@HermannLondon.com email address and an efficient and usable calendar system that you can sync with your phone and computer.  You can make appointments and keep them, and with our email system, you can forward all of your other email accounts here, and respond from each address all in one space.  No more missing emails or appointments with our tools.
  • In-house “auto-prospecting” so you can track what your buyers are looking at. This is much better than “ListingBook” and free to you.  You can log in and change their criteria; you have full access to see what/when/where they are looking, and it’s connected to the one and only lead/contact management system you use.
  • 24-hour recorded message systems are available to any agent for free. We have found this as a great solution for an alternative to putting flyer boxes at the houses.  This is essentially a virtual flyer that is trackable, so we can see who is interested in the home and then follow up with them.  It’s green because you don’t have to use paper, you don’t have to use printing services, and you don’t have to drive to the house a few times a week to replace the flyers that either the neighbor took or that got rained on.
  • Video production will make it easy for you to have a presence on the web and social media outlets. If you go to meetings on social media or listen to webinars, or participate in social media at all you realize how video plays an important role. Not understanding technology is a significant barrier to entry for many agents, and our company knocks that wall down for you. We will video you talking about different real estate topics,  edit your video, and post them online for you, all free of charge. Check our some of our FAQs for some example videos.


  • Organic search rankings. Online, we rank in Google with the big players in town for many popular keywords.   We are formidable competition for many of the big shops, in residential, commercial, and property management lead generation all over St. Louis and surrounding areas.
  • A custom monthly email newsletter and the functionality to send it to all of your networks without ending up in their spam folders.
  • A custom URL website for your bio. All agents are given their place on our company website. A place that you can update with any information you want. It’s typically HermannLondon.com/FirstName-LastName.  If you want to have YourName.com  you can have that redirected to your page on our website, or we can help you with many other options for creating your own web page.  Google the name of any of our agents, and you will see how well their Hermann London Bio ranks in Google.
  • A subsidized custom listing domain. For a very low cost, you can provide a seller with their homes own website.  You have probably started seeing agents use a www.2303marconi.com  type of sign rider.  We have built our own in-house listing domain platform. So instead of $65.00 for each listing  or even $35.00 (our hard costs)  you will pay only $25.00 per custom listing domain you need.
  • Directional sign subsidy. We found the best prices on the web, then pay for part of them for you. We have found that directional signs have multiple benefits,  getting your name out there,  getting more traffic to your listing, and helping to brand our company. So we help you pay for them.
  • A mail subsidy program.  If you are the postcard or letter mailing type, we will pay for a part of every piece of mail you send out that includes our company branding in some way. Just Listed, Just Sold, Neighborhood update, whatever it may be.  We encourage you to farm your neighborhood and we will help you pay to do it.


  • Multiple training sessions each week on a variety of topics. Meetings and training galore that you can come to as often as you wish.  Marketing meetings with a load of different topics,  sales training,  contract training,  do’s and don’t’s training, etc.  We have speakers from title companies,  loan officers, inspectors, motivational speakers, networking experts,  cold calling experts, etc. that come and provide training and information to our team on a regular basis.  Our broker’s goal is to provide “big company style training, tools, and systems, with boutique company style innovation, creativity, and flexibility.”
  • Regular script training on how to make more effective phone calls. We want to help you achieve the greatest results possible. We work as a family to critique and help you improve your call patterns or script.  Simple tweaks for example, “Who do you know that wants to sell their home?”  vs.  “Do you know anyone who wants to sell their home?”  will help to increase your results by being able to continue the conversation.

Fun Perks

  • A desk to work at in a cool office with printers, conference rooms, etc.  Our office is in the heart of downtown Maplewood with all of the new hip restaurants like The Post, El Scorcho, and Red Lion (and some would say, “near Penzeys Spices”).   We don’t charge desk fees, and you have 2 conference rooms, a large desk area, and of course up-to-date printers, scanners, copiers, wireless internet, etc.
  • Weekly gift cards are given to agents who show progress towards trying innovations. If you listen to the podcast “GetRealREI,” you’ve heard of their “Dare to be Dumb” segment. We have that same segment in our meeting, and our Realtors and office staff share something they did in the previous week that pushed them outside of their comfort zone. We encourage everyone to continue building themselves as a confident and successful person.
  • Parties.  We host several parties a year where the company pays for all the food and drink for friends family and clients. Enough said?  We like to have a good time and really enjoy our jobs.  We don’t just say that we are a fun company and place to work, we really are!
  • Flexibility. We are set up for residential, commercial, foreclosures, and property management.  Your broker at Hermann London is not afraid to try new things and new ethical and legal ways of making more money.  If you have a real estate opportunity offered to you, chances are we can help you figure out how to make it a success.
  • Accountability. We work like a family in some aspects, by holding each other accountable to our own goals.  It’s easy to just answer a few emails, check your facebook,  read some celebrity gossip and go home, but if you are looking for more out of yourself and your career,  we will help you achieve the goals that you set for yourself.
  • Charities. The company is sponsoring charities all the time, and we are holding our own 5K for charity in Maplewood near Halloween.  We can’t figure out what wall to hang them on in the office, but we get a lot of “Thank you for your donation” letters and frame them.  We also host our own 5K for charity in Maplewood, it starts and ends at Schlafly Bottleworks and the money benefits 2 domestic violence awareness agencies.
  • Interns. More than a handful of interns that are here to help all of us build our businesses.  We have found a mutually agreeable situation where we offer internships to people looking to obtain college credit, build a resume, or get experience in real estate or an office environment.  Our internship program has included marketing, PR, web design, IT systems, legal, advertising, and real estate internships.

The list goes on and on.

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