Hermann London 30/30 Transition Program

29 Sep Best Real Estate Transition Program In St. Louis

The 30/30 Program Traditionally, changing real estate agencies has been a major undertaking. Which is why here at Hermann London, we have created the 30/30 program: An innovative way to help you make a seamless transition to our firm. We provide the support, guidance and service you...

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Boutique St. Louis Realtor

24 Sep Boutique Real Estate Company – Innovation

30/ 30 Company Transition Plan We provide this program to ensure that the transition into the company is as smooth as possible. It is a program that breaks down the periods of joining the company into a more relaxed transition that is not overwhelming. Short sale property...

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Top Broker Questions

19 Aug Top Questions to Ask a Broker – Answered

Sitting down at the conference room table in my office, meeting with people who are considering joining the Hermann London Group, I often get asked the same questions and I typically answer them the same way. Where did the name Hermann London come from?    Long Version: When...

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Benefits of Real Estate

06 Aug Perks of Joining the Hermann London Team

Nearly every week in our team meeting, we are presenting new ideas and new benefits to being a member of the Hermann London Group.  Being provided with such an assortment of fresh and innovative ideas could be seen as reason enough to join, however, there...

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