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24 Sep Consider a Career with Hermann London

Boutique Real Estate Company – Innovation

30/ 30 Company Transition Plan

We provide this program to ensure that the transition into the company is as smooth as possible. It is a program that breaks down the periods of joining the company into a more relaxed transition that is not overwhelming.

Foreclosure / Short sale property search engine to Saint Louis Market

Unlike other companies, we have this property search engine available to our agents. When you search the MLS, it’s tough to search for only Short Sale listings. You have to search marketing remarks, search agent remarks, etc, for a list of different types of keywords. We have our property search functionality set up so that you can easily with one click search for specifically short sale listings, give it a try!


We are a company that holds each client accountable for themselves. Instead of the typical Big Brother watching you, the agents have their freedom to do business in their own manner and are accountable for their own work. We have accountability meetings that are an option for you to join as well.


We often have extra help in office to assist you! We have numerous interns within the office in various fields ranging from IT to Marketing. The successful intern program is in office to help agents build their own custom work processes.

Boutique Real Estate Company – Flexibility

At Hermann London, the flexibility allows our agents to do their business in the way they think is best and most profitable for them

Choose your own Niche

Pick your style and way of doing things. Unlike larger companies, we fully support individuality within the office without the strict rules of how the company feels business needs to be done, from farming an area to first-time home buyers, to luxury real estate, investment focus, and everything else.

Choose your own work environment

Sitting at a desk all day may not be the preferred way of business for you, therefore, we allow you to do business your way. Whether it is working from our office, virtually, or out in the workplace, we fully support individual work ethics.

Selling different types of properties

We don’t limit you to having to sell one type of property or in one location, which is why at Hermann London, you can sell, lease and manage residential AND commercial properties.

Networking and Social Events

Who doesn’t love a good party? In order to maximize networking and business opportunities, we are flexible in the way you choose to do so. Parties and in-office events are always acceptable and welcome in order to boost business. One of our mottos is “go to the party”!

Boutique Real Estate Company – Creativity

We dare to be different at Hermann London and you should be able to be different as well. Creativity is something we pride ourselves on to keep the office upbeat and fun.

Text Messaging and Drip Campaigns

Through our CRM systems, you will be able to craft and mold entirely customized messaging for past and existing clients, lead prospects, or even vendors. You dictate the pacing of the messages, you choose the targets, and you communicate more effectively with your contacts. More leads = more sales.

Craigslist lead generator method

Hermann London prides itself on having a uniquely successful way of generating leads on Craigslist. It’s an in-house method that is proven to show the most profitable results.

“Dare to Dominate”

Gift cards are often given out to agents who go outside of their comfort zone to try something new without knowing that the results would be beneficial and profitable. Share your story and let’s all learn from each other.

In-House Videos

We post in-house videos on our website and social media sites to show off the company’s personality.

Fun Office Atmosphere

Here at Hermann London, it’s not just coming in, punching a clock, counting time, punch out, rinse, repeat type of job. Being a Realtor with our team means you are getting involved on an almost family level. We believe in working and playing in the same environment. Having in-office activities and co-worker events is part of the fun office atmosphere. We have the Hermann London billiards league where we challenge each other to games of pool in our office in an effort to build relationships and get to know one another.

Our softball team (currently looking for a coach) is a fun way to not only get to know the people in the office, but it’s a chance to get to know other people who work with the company from an outside organization. We also do a lot of activities together like our recent booths at the Hyde Park festival and the University City Loop Ice Carnival, and we also like to do charitable things like hosting an amazing 5K with an additional 1-mile fun walk here in Maplewood, cooking Thanksgiving meals for the homeless, our canned food drive, Ronald McDonald House involvement and more.


We promote being involved in charities throughout St. Louis and like to host our own events within the community. Hermann London is proud to be a sponsor of United Way of St.Louis. Also, Hermann London has teamed up to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters. The company participated in the Bowling for Kid’s Sake event in St. Louis to show its support for the organization. Events in the community are also important to us.

The Hermann London Halloween 5K is an event we used to put on in order to have fun while raising money for a good cause! It gave us a chance to give back to the Maplewood community after welcoming us into the area. With our Hermann London Helping Hearts program, we have been proud to donate to and support many different charities.

Make the Career Change – Come To Hermann London

We are proud to be a firm that is known to have the agent’s best interests at heart and cater to them to make their careers exciting and profitable.

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