28 Feb Ep. 24: Assistants with Rebecca Rose



In this episode Adam interviews Rebecca Rose about how real estate agents are losing money by NOT hiring an assistant.

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:55 Adam introduces Rebecca Rose, a real estate assistant expert
2:23 Why does Rebecca like being a real estate agent assistant
2:53 At what point in their career should a real estate agent get an assistant
3:53 How an assistant can gain an agent more credibility
5:57 Why is it so hard to convince an agent to get an assistant
7:28 An assistant doesn’t have to work 40 hours a week
8:55 How to tell if an agent is spending all their time on assistant work
11:24 Making an agent keep a list of what they did all day
13:20 The most appropriate time to get an assistant
14:15 How to start out slow when trying an assistant
15:44 Getting used to paying someone hourly and by the deal
16:59 The gamble when paying an assistant only if the sale closes
18:01 Charging a buyer’s agency fee to pay an assistant
20:06 Splitting a commission with a partner who is just an assistant
23:05 What are some examples of how Rebecca Rose has helped an agent
31:39 A new agent should learn the paperwork before making an assistant do it all
33:45 Overcoming the fear of delegation
34:49 The best way to communicate with an assistant
39:04 How should an assistant introduce themselves to the agent’s client
40:26 What parts of the deal does the agent take care of
44:58 How an agent can promote the fact they have an assistant
47:46 Having an assistant makes a great accountability partner
49:58 Adam’s favorite thing for an assistant to do is have them schedule his showings


Adam Kruse & Rebecca Rose

Adam Kruse & Rebecca Rose