23 Oct Ep. 47 Attorney Julie Ostrom-Investment Properties and Evictions


In this episode, Realtor Adam Kruse had Attorney Julie Ostrom of Beck Ostram Sweet, LLC come into the Hermann London offices to give a presentation on investment properties and evictions. Find out about the new rule regarding security deposits and how landlords and property managers can protect themselves by having more thorough lease agreements.

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0:30 Adam and Shannon give a disclaimer explaining that this was an educational presentation held in the Hermann London conference room that they decided to record for the podcast.

3:41 Adam thanks Julie Ostrom of Beck Ostram Sweet for coming to Hermann London to share her knowledge

3:58 Julie introduces herself. She has been licensed to practice law since 2009 and her specialty is investment properties.

4:20 Why is it important to have a lease agreement?

4:30 Can you collect late fees without a written lease agreement?

4:40 Can you be reimbursed for attorney and court fees with a lease agreement?

4:56 Can you waive the right to a jury trial with a lease agreement?

5:19 How long should a lease be for?

6:03 What is a month to month tenancy?

6:40 What is a good termination clause?

7:23 Identify the monthly rent, the day that it is due, and the grace period in your lease agreement

8:10 What is rent abatement?

8:50 Use a lease agreement to identify who pays the utilities

10:14 There is a new rule as of August 28th, 2018 that says security deposits have to be kept in a separate account that is FDIC insured

14:24 Can you collect more than 3 months rent for a security deposit?

16:01 How soon must a security deposit be returned to the tenant?

17:14 Evictions

17:53 What are the two types of evictions in Missouri?

17:56 What is rent and possession?

18:03 What is an unlawful detainer?

19:40 How much does it cost to file for a rent and possession eviction?

20:15 What are the two types of servers in an eviction? What is posting service?

26:18 All landlords have an obligation to mitigate damages. A landlord is not allowed to double collect.

27:00 What can a court order tenants pay to a landlord

27:28 Execution on your judgement. What is a writ for execution?

28:48 What should a landlord do with their tenants’ stuff after the eviction? What is conversion?

31:21 Unlawful detainer. The three classes of holdover tenants. Tenant/employee/intruder

33:00 30 day notice of termination are better off served and not mailed and is based on the rent payment period

34:36 What do you do if your tenant has unauthorized occupants? What is an obligor?

37:30 Default judgement/ consent judgement/ judgment after trial

38:18 Kohner Properties, Inc v. Johnson-Do tenants have an obligation to escrow their rent when they are claiming they are holding rent as a result of failing to make repairs?

40:30 Are heat and air conditioning a right? What if an air conditioning unit can’t be repaired for 3 weeks?

42:14 Brainchild Holdings LLC v. Stephanie Cameron-Do tenants have a right to a jury trial? What is a Trial de novo?

43:58 Tenants think they don’t have to pay rent when the property has a building code violation with the word condemned on it

45:00 What is Project 87 in the city and how do they help with lead paint removal?

46:23 Will insurance companies defend a lead paint lawsuit?

47:20 What if a tenant finds bed bugs?

50:08 Encroachments

51:17 Do you have the right to trim anything that is encroaching on your property? What if you kill your neighbor’s tree?

52:08 Can you file a lawsuit to enter your neighbor’s property to fix your property? What is easement by necessity?

54:17  Do you have to take someone to court if they claim a survey is wrong?

55:20 How often are the surveys wrong?

56:29 Call the Beck Ostrom Sweet Law Firm at 314-772-2889 and email Julie at jostrom@bos.law

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