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Do I need an agent to represent me as a buyer if the seller already has an agent?

Going into a real estate transaction without an agent working for you is like going to court against Johnnie Cochran and representing yourself!

Hire an agent to represent you. The seller pays the commissions which are already set in the listing agreement so it won’t cost you any more to hire an agent to work on your behalf.

It is a myth that you will get a better deal if you just call the number on the sign and use the same agent the sellers are. The seller still has to pay a full commission to the listing agent, and the listing agent still has to represent the sellers best interest, so essentially you are paying the listing agent to represent the seller instead of you.

Real estate agents are professionals when it comes to real estate law and negotiations. An agent working on your behalf is going to be able to negotiate a better deal for you in the end.

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