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Frequently Asked Questions about Real Estate

Got questions about real estate? We’ve got the inside know-how you need, direct from our experienced St. Louis real estate agents. Whether you’re buying or selling a residential or commercial property, searching for a rental, or looking for property or association management services, Hermann London is committed to more than just closing deals. We want every client to walk away from the deal knowing more about real estate than they did to begin with.

Real estate terms and transactions can be confusing. Your real estate questions are important, and you deserve no-nonsense straight talk from the people who know St. Louis real estate better than anyone.

From contingencies to CMAs, escrow to closing and everything in between, if you’ve got questions about real estate, you’ve come to the right place.

Top Real Estate Questions Answered

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Questions about buying a home? Hermann London is the most trusted real estate agency for home buyers in St. Louis. Find the answers to all your home-buying questions here:

The Process

Is St. Louis, Missouri a good place to buy a foreclosed home?

What is so important about having a good lender?

Why buy instead of rent?

What’s the first step if I want to buy a home?

What’s a survey & is it required to buy property?

Should inspections be done while purchasing a home?

Is there a way to find out the second a property is available for sale?

We have an accepted contract, now what?

How does a home warranty work and what is it exactly?

What is the difference between a co-op and a condo?

I saw an MLS listing that said CDOM and DOM, what does this mean?

How do you transfer utilities in St. Louis?

What is LEED and what does it mean?


Payment and Fees

Are there any down payment assistance programs available in St. Louis?

What are rates doing today?

Mortgage Matters – Credit Questions

Can one spouse’s low score negatively affect the couple’s chances of securing a mortgage?

Could one spouse’s bad credit negatively affect the other?

Does the lender use both people as a measure of creditworthiness, or is it possible to focus on the spouse with the better score?

Short Sale FAQs

What is a seller buy down program and how can I use it?

What do my condo fees include?

Can you still buy a house with no money down?

Is the interior of a condo covered by my condo insurance?

What is a capital contribution condo fee and what does it cover?



Are seller-paid Mortgage points deductible in Missouri?

I’m buying a new home, are the closing cost tax deductible?

What are the rules for capital gains when I inherit a house?


Working With an Agent

Do I need an agent to represent me as a buyer if the seller already has an agent?

Should I use a REALTORS® when purchasing a new construction home?


Evaluating a Home

I saw a listing that says As-Is. What does this mean?

Is there anything I can do to ensure complete disclosure from the sellers on the house I may buy?

What fixtures are included in the sale of a property?

Why should you get a sewer lateral line inspection?

Where do I find school boundary maps for the St. Louis, MO metropolitan area?



Buying, selling or leasing commercial property? Our St. Louis real estate agents are ready to help. If you’ve got questions about commercial real estate, look no further than Hermann London:

Property Management

Interested in property management services? Hermann London’s St. Louis property management team has the no-nonsense answers to your questions here:

Association Management

From budgets to taxes, compliance to legal issues, association management is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Hermann London is the leading association management company in St. Louis, and we’ve got the answers to your questions:


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