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Is it smart to get a termite inspection even if my lender does not require one?

Yes, it is a good idea to still get a termite inspection done even if the lender does not require it. Termite inspections in St. Louis will run between $50-$100.00. The termite inspector will check the areas around the house and will do some checking inside the house as well. They will be looking for tunnels, termites, or termite damage. Most properties in suburban St. Louis, MO do not have termite issues however there are some cases of termite damage in older homes. The inspector will also be able to tell you if there was previously termite damage that has been mitigated.  If there is a detached garage make sure the inspector checks there too.    When they do find active termites, typically we see Pest Control companies charging a minimum of $700.00 for mitigation.  Be careful, because when it comes to Pest control, typically you get what you pay for.  It’s usually better to pay a few extra dollars and go with a quality, established, and reputable company that will stand behind their work.

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