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My friend is a REALTOR®, should I use them?


If your friend is an active agent, who has shown you high levels of ethics and integrity,  is honest, successful, and happy, then, sure, use them!

If your friend is a part timer who has very little experience, but is still honest and has a great work ethic,  then you may still consider using them.

If they have a healthy relationship with their Broker and are humble enough to get help when they don’t know the answer to your questions or how a particular piece of the process should work, then you should strongly consider using them to buy a home.

If they are a part time REALTOR® with little experience, meeting all of the other ethics qualities you may, however, consider finding a more experienced agent when it comes to the sale of your home.

These days most houses take hard work, a strong marketing plan, and often a creative solution set to get the job done. If it’s a money thing, you can always ask your friend to refer you to an agent that you.

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