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What does FSBO mean?


FSBO is an acronym used in the real estate industry for “For Sale By Owner”.  A for sale by owner can mean a lot of things, but simply its someone who is trying to sell their property without a REALTOR® representing them to list their home for sale.

Often a FSBO is still willing to pay a REALTOR® if they bring them a buyer, and also most often the FSBO ends up listing their home for sale with a REALTOR®.

F.S.B.O. is an acronym in real estate that means for sale by owner. It’s when an owner of a property wants to list their house for sale without using a REALTOR®.

They usually do this because they think they can save money and it’s easy and then they usually end up listing with a REALTOR® in the end anyway because they find out there is a lot more involved.

Another thing about a FSBO is if you are a buyer working with an agent, usually the owner will pay a commission to the buyer’s agent regardless if he uses one or not.

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