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Why does someone list their home For Sale By Owner?

We have come across at least hundreds of For Sale By Owners and have found that they all go “FSBO” for different reasons.

Maybe they have a house on a busy street and think they don’t need the added exposure a REALTOR® provides. Maybe they have had a negative experience with a real estate agent in the past and they think that we are “all the same” (by the way, we are not). Maybe they feel that they are selling the home for such a great price that they don’t need a REALTOR® to attract a buyer. Maybe they owe more on the home than what it is worth and they think they can save money by not hiring an agent.

In all of these instances, most sellers end up hiring a REALTOR® for one reason or another.

They need help with negotiations, they do need the added marketing a licensed REALTOR® can provide, they realize that if they are paying a buyers agent to represent their buyer, they should pay a listing agent to represent them too,  or they may find their lender recommends they hire a REALTOR® to help them sell via short sale.

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