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Why Should I Use a Property Management Company?


The biggest reason people would want to use a property manager is that no one wants to get calls at midnight that the pipe burst and it has to be fixed. By using

By using Hermann London as your property manager, we get those calls and we take that stress off of your back. The time and energy it takes to find qualified tenants is a lot harder than people realize.

Potential tenants will want to make appointments to come see the house and a property management company keeps you from having to take off work several times and have people traipsing through the house. We take care of all that by showing the property and we, the licensed REALTORS®, are always with them so you don’t have any problems with people going through the property.

We go through a professional screening process where we run their credit and background check to make sure not only that they are credit worthy and they are going to be good tenants but they don’t have a history of evictions or criminal activity that is going to cause you problems. We use all licensed contractors who are bonded and insured and we have relationships with them, and because we deal with them on multiple properties, we can get better deals than you would by calling a random plumber down the street at the last minute.

We also do quarterly property checks.

Every quarter we go visit each property and take pictures to make sure the tenants are keeping the property up as you would expect and we also make sure they are changing furnace filters and that the maintenance is kept up. Using a property management company is good for the tenants too because we help manage their expectations.

We make sure that they know what they are expected to pay as opposed to somebody misunderstanding and claiming they thought the landlord was going to pay the sewer and water when really it is a house and they have to pay all the utilities. It is a case by case basis and it is going to be different depending on the type of property.

What Hermann London does as a property management company is set the expectations and hopefully exceed them for both the landlord and the tenant so that your ability to make money as a landlord and live in a great place as a tenant and be taken care of are managed to the best of our abilities and everyone is happy in the end. That is all that matters.

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