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30 Sep How to get your Real Estate License In St. Louis, MO

Meet with your broker

I look at the meeting with me as your opportunity to interview me, not vice versa.

Yes, we want to make sure that everyone who works at Hermann London is ethical, moral, honest, hard-working, etc, but this meeting is your chance to ask me all the questions you may have about being a Realtor, how to get business, how commission works, our website, some ideas you have, or whatever else you can come up with.

Enroll in an accredited Missouri real estate school to take the 48-hour pre-exam course

Everyone learns differently. I have a hard time paying attention to a book, but I can listen to audiobooks all day long. Some people need to see something, some need to hear it, and some need to write it, in order to remember it. I know that if I am in a classroom setting and I have a question, I will ask it, however. some people prefer to wait and research it in private later. You can take the class online or in a traditional classroom setting, that decision is up to you. Some base it on their personal learning style, and others base it on their schedule or available hours. Sign up with Real Estate Express to find out more.

Take the class and complete the course in order to take your exam

If you want to have study sessions or ask us questions while you are in class, feel free. We love talking about Real Estate and want to see you pass…the first time. We also have strong relationships with mortgage companies and title companies that can help explain a lot of information related to those topics as well.

Take the exam and receive a passing grade

Study hard and you will have no problem. We seemed to notice there are a lot of questions with double negatives that try to trick you for some reason. Also, sometimes there are 2 correct answers, and you have to choose which one is more suitable for the question being asked. You will take the test at one of the very few testing centers in the area. It’s the type of place where you go to an AMP testing center, get your picture taken, and sit in a little cubicle on a computer where you take the test. You will immediately know if you passed or not and what your scores are.

Take the 24-hour Missouri Real Estate Practice Course (MREP)

This is a mandatory course necessary to submit the request to the state to receive your license. You can take this class before or after you take the test, we hear there is a lot of duplicate content from the 48-hour course, but also some new information.

Have your broker sign all necessary forms to obtain your license

Come in and meet with me. I will sign the form with your picture and scores on it that says you passed the test. We will also mail a check to the Missouri Real Estate Commission (MREC), your certificate saying you passed the 24-hour and 48-hour classes, and a self-addressed stamped envelope to the commission in Jefferson City.


The MREC will require you to get your fingerprints taken.

Mail in all documentation to MREC for approval

Putting this envelope in the mail is a very exciting day, it’s really becoming official, you are going to be a Realtor. If you are in a hurry to receive your temporary license, you are also able to deliver your paperwork to Jefferson City by hand and return home with the temporary work permit.

Once approved, you will be issued a temporary work permit and then your official license will be sent to our offices

It usually takes a few days to receive the temporary work permit, which is all you need to get started. Shortly after we receive a copy of your license, we will email copies to the St. Louis Association of Realtors so they know you will be joining. When we receive the Temporary Work permit you can officially start doing business. This is when we will order your business cards and prepare other marketing materials.

Sign up at Saint Louis Association of Realtors (SLAR)

Once signed up you will gain Multiple Listing Service(MLS) access at SLAR, obtain Supra Key (your key to open lockboxes at properties), register for Orientation and Ethics Training at SLAR, and then Complete Orientation and Ethics Training at SLAR.

Start Hermann London Orientation and Training

We strive to make the process of receiving your license as easy and stress-free as possible. Now that you have your license, it’s time to start working towards generating some business for you to make a nice living. We will integrate you into all of the lingo, systems, tools, websites, processes, etc that make up the real estate industry with support and care.

Take the first steps and meet with me


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