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21 Sep What kind of people work at Hermann London?

What kind of people work at Hermann London? We have all kinds of great people. We have agents who are super detail-oriented and love a system and process. We have agents who love to be social and get out in their communities and meet all sorts of interesting people. We have agents who are super creative and love to think of new ways to do deals, service customers, and market real estate. We have agents who like to buy investment properties and rehab them, or rent them, or move into them, or add on to them. Some of our agents are single, some are married, some of our agents are currently engaged. Boaters, bikers, bowlers, BBQ’ers, and buddies. With such a diverse group, we have at least two things in common: Honest and Ethical are our bottom line qualities.

The great thing is that we are real people who are all passionate about real estate and many different niches of real estate. Our REALTORS are part of our team for many different reasons. Some like our tools, some like our technology, some like our training. Some of our agents like our culture, our creativity, and our communication.

For anyone looking for an agent, a partner, a mentor, and maybe even a friend, give someone from our company a call, set up a meeting, and get to know what’s so special about the people at Hermann London.

Come and join our team!