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Leasing out your home

18 Nov Why Leasing Out Your Home With Pros is Important

Are you thinking about leasing your home?  

Use the professionals at the Hermann London Group!  With current conditions, residences are sitting for sale on the market for longer periods than ever before. We can help you get your monthly mortgage payments coming to you from a qualified tenant so you can keep your property and sell it when the market improves.

Hermann London prides itself on being one of the most web and tech savvy companies in Saint Louis and will market your property online very thoroughly and with progressive web 2.0 methods.  We run credit and criminal background checks on all tenants and provide you, the property owner, with these reports.

That way you can make a more informed decision rather than just going by trial and error – which can be quite costly.  The costs of the background and credit checks are paid by the prospective tenant. Moreover, the agents at the Hermann London Group are members of the Saint Louis Association of Realtors.

Working with a Realtor has numerous benefits for you.

To be a member, you must commit to following a Code of Ethics as well as take continuing education classes.   So, you can be assured you are dealing with an honest agent who is looking out for your best interests.  Also, membership allows us access to the Multiple Listing Service where we can effectively market your property to thousands of other agents.  Not only are you more likely to get a larger pool of prospective tenants with this marketing system, but you are more likely to get a better-qualified tenant who is serious about finding a new home.

Finally, the combined years of experience in the Hermann London Group ensures your real estate needs are handled by agents that have seen it all.  The Saint Louis housing market is as diverse as its inhabitants and our agents pride themselves on being knowledgeable about all of the different areas the city offers. In addition to helping find a suitable tenant, we also offer Property Management services.

Learn more about Saint Louis property management.

Or are you looking for a home to rent?  We can use the same services and techniques to find the perfect match for your needs both financially and functionally.  There are no costs for our services to you. There is an application fee that would likely be required by the property owner.  The application fee at Hermann London is $35.

Sometimes the fees range up to $50 per adult depending on specific landlord recommendations.  Otherwise, we can find a house, condo, or multi-family unit to your exacting specifications and schedule times for you to see each property when it is convenient for you.   Help us help you!

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