Have you considered getting into Real Estate?

18 Feb Ep. 9: Property Management With Tom Potter

 SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES In this episode Adam interviews Tom Potter of Hermann London Property Management and finds out what it means to take care of other people's homes efficiently and with as few headaches as possible. Email questions to Podcast@HermannLondon.com WHAT'S INSIDE 1:48-How Tom went from Adam's childhood...

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Why Property Management

25 Feb Why Use a Property Manager?

What Are The Advantages of Using a Property Manager? There are several reasons why the owner of a property can benefit from letting a Property Manager operate his/her rental units. A strong Property Manager will oversee: Advertising and showing property to prospective tenants Screening prospective tenants Collecting rent and...

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Property Management in St. Louis

02 May Property Management in St. Louis

Hiring a Property Management Company in St. Louis Property management companies provide benefits to both property owners and renters, especially in an area as diverse as the greater St. Louis metro area. Not only do these companies provide administrative services to property owners, but the boost...

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Remodeling home for sale

02 May Where to Spend and Where To Save

How Spending Money Will Actually Help You Save Saving money is a top priority for everyone these days, but sometimes there is an unusual paradox where spending money can actually end up saving money in the end. Knowing where to spend and how it will save...

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Tenant Conflict Resolution

02 May Tenant Conflict Resolution

It is a fact of life that people do not always get along. When neighboring apartment dwellers are disagreeing, things can get complicated quickly. Landlords cannot afford for the tranquility of their properties to be disrupted, so the landlord may find themselves squarely in the...

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Property Management by Stealth

02 May Managing Property by Stealth

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That phrase is fitting for property maintenance in rental properties. Making sure properties are well maintained is vital for keeping them leased and retaining value. The only way to do this is...

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