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Green Initiatives for Property Managers

02 May Property Managers Encourage Green Initiatives

Property management companies are in a position to lead the way in green living. The conscientious property manager makes decisions every day that can have a positive impact on the environment.

The first step property managers should take in going green is to look at the ways in which the use of energy resources can be reduced. There are three areas that should be considered.


The lighting of the property can consume more energy than is necessary. The locations of lighting and the types of lighting technology being used are two things to consider.

For security purposes, exterior lighting is essential; however, locating the lighting strategically so that it secures points of possible intrusion, instead of using lights purely for aesthetic purposes, can reduce energy use dramatically.

Another green lighting practice is to upgrade the lighting fixtures. Fixtures which use electronic ballasts and bulbs with reduced wattage will conserve energy resources and lower operational costs. It is important to note that reduced wattage does not mean the lights will be less bright. In most cases, newer technologies can provide better lighting while reducing the use of energy.


Limiting the water used for landscaping and lawn maintenance is an important green practice for property managers. The most fundamental green principle for landscapes and lawns is to choose plants and grasses that are native to the region. The native plant species are the ones that have survived the climate conditions long before anyone was there to maintain them. A nursery professional can advise the property manager on the best plants and grasses to use.

Waste Management and Recycling

Finally, property management companies should take a proactive stance with regard to waste management and recycling. By becoming familiar with the policies of local recycling companies, and providing convenient receptacles, managers can silently encourage tenants to be more conscious of recycling.

Another thing to consider, with regard to waste management, is to provide the tenants an installed trash compactor in every home. A compactor that is installed in a lower cabinet is preferred over a stand-alone compactor that can be moved too easily to a storage location that will never be used.

To encourage recycling and green living, the property management company should consider publishing a “Going Green” column in their monthly e-newsletter to tenants. With the property manager’s support and suggestions, everyone may learn to practice green living.

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