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14 Dec REALTOR® Spotlight: Erica Dougherty

Get to know the people behind the most trusted name in St. Louis Real Estate!



Agent Highlight Q’s:

  • Title: REALTOR®, Property Manager
  • Residential or Commercial: Mostly residential (including several multifamily properties) with some commercial leasing experience, currently working on getting a “foot in the door” commercial-wise.
  • Number of years in the industry: I will have been a realtor for 4 years at the beginning of next year
  • Area of specialty: South City (as it’s my home base for the last 40 years), but willing to travel. I’ve done deals from Pevely to Lake St. Louis.
  • Little known fact about yourself: I have an overly healthy fear of bats. One got in my house once and when animal control came to get it (aka save me), they made me quarantine my cat for a month since she’d caught it for a minute (but then let it go unharmed).
  • Best piece of advice as a real estate professional: Don’t trust any computer generated or sight unseen estimate of your home’s value.
  • App I use the most: MARIS MLS. It’s the most up to date and contains the most information not always available to the public.
  • Favorite STL Restaurant: My current favorite restaurant is my kitchen, as there’s unlimited garlic cheese bread. Prepandemic? Too many to name. St. Louis has a phenomenal local food scene. You can’t (couldn’t) go a mile in this town without finding a fantastic eatery (or drinkery). Shop local, order in/to go from your favorite small businesses.
  • Tell us a joke: How do you get down off an elephant? You don’t. You get down off a duck. (Terrible, I know.)

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Just in case you still don’t get it, down is the fluffy feathers in your pillow.)

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