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The Hill Businesses


Favazza’s5201 Southwest Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63139
Mon-Thurs: 11am-10pm
Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm


Obviously the Hill is known for Italian, but Favazza’s takes it to a whole new level.  Clearly this is a favorite among many because no matter what time you get there on the weekend, you’re probably going to have to wait.  So take a seat at the bar and relax with a nice drink.  Then experience the pure joy of pre-buttered garlic bread!  All the food here is your basic, delicious, “Hill” Italian food, with the tasty pasta dishes and heavy cream sauces.  But they are also widely known for their catering services which are top notch.  Plus the service is always prompt and helpful.  See for yourself why everyone goes crazy for Fravazza’s on the Hill.

A personal experience from Favazza’s:

It’s Friday night again and the standard question comes up-what do you feel like doing for dinner? If you are in the mood for Italian, there is not a greater place to go than “the Hill.” This area of St Louis has the best pasta in town. Whether you are looking for provel cheese, toasted ravioli, or gluten free pasta, Favazza’s Restaurant has it. There is a dish there that will satisfy all of your groups’ needs. If it is a nice night outside, don’t miss out on the beautiful new patio. Favazza’s is open for lunch, dinner and special events. They have three buildings along with the Rose of the Hill, a couple of blocks away. These buildings can host any event from a small birthday party to the wedding of your dreams. I had my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary party at Favazza’s and they were friendly and very accommodating. It was a wonderful evening filled with great food, drinks, dancing and friends.

Gian-Tony’s Ristorante

Gian-Tony’s Ristorante5356 Daggett Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110
Mon-Thurs: 5pm-9:30pm
Fri-Sat: 5pm- 10pm
Sun: 4:30pm-8:30pm


If you want a nice sit down restaurant on the Hill without having to wait hours to be seated, then check out Gian-Tony’s Ristorante.  The food here is indescribable.  Everything you eat will melt in your mouth, leaving you anxious to get to your leftovers the next day (or maybe later that night).  The delicious food is all made in-house, which is why it looks and tastes so great.  Plus the waiters and bus boys are always ready to refill your glass before you’ve even hit halfway.  And if you like dessert, leave room for their luscious Tiramisu!

Gioia’s Deli

Gioia’s Deli

1934 Macklind
St. Louis, MO
Mon-Fri: 9am-4pm
Sat: 9am-3pm


It’s not hard to find a great Italian deli in St. Louis, and it’s even easier when you’re in The Hill.  But as the oldest family owned business on the Hill, Gioia’s Deli has to be one of the best.  It’s a classic Italian deli with lots of meats and sandwiches and soups to choose from. When you fall in love with a meat, take some home to go for sandwiches at home!  If you’re into spicy salami, this is the place to be; it’s all about the hot salami, which was voted “Best Sandwich in St. Louis” by the RFT reader’s choice vote in 2010.  And they cater!! This is no Subway, this is Gioia’s!


Guido’s5046 Shaw Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110



Can you think of a better way to experience a diverse group of foods than by sampling a little bit of everything?  At Guido’s on the Hill you can experience Spanish food (yes, Spanish) in the form of delicious tapas.  Plus when you go to The Hill you usually expect to throw out some big bucks for a good meal, but not here.  Everything is very reasonably priced, even the main dishes.  And it’s on the Hill, so it of course has some Italian for the diehard fans; but why not try something a little different and experience some tapas with a bunch of friends.  It’s cheap, it’s tasty, it’s Guido’s on the Hill!

Joey B’s on The Hill

Joey B's on The Hill2524 Hampton Ave.
Saint Louis, MO 63139



Whether you are looking for a place to watch a game or a nice evening out, Joey B’s on the Hill is the place for you. Joey B’s is located at the corner of Hampton Ave and Columbia which makes it very easy to get to. If you are looking for a nice Italian dinner without the expensive prices this is a great place to go. Joey B’s is also a great place to watch a game. They not only have TV’s in the bar area but in the rest of the restaurant as well. Sunday’s are a great day to come out and watch your favorite teams with your friends and neighbors. If it is a nice day outside, they have a nice size patio to sit outside and enjoy.

I have never been disappointed with anything that I have ordered from appetizers to sandwiches, pizza and entrees. My favorite appetizer is the soft pretzel bites with spicy cheese that melt in your mouth. Their pizza is a must try as well. They have all different flavors including new special
pizzas that the chef comes up with. One of these interesting pizzas was the big mac pizza. Toppings on this include cheese, hamburger, lettuce, tomato and pickles plus a secret sauce. Although I was a bit leery to order this, one of my friends was smart enough to do so. Everyone at the table was pleasantly surprised by how good this tasted. Their St Louis style pizza was even featured on one of Rachel Ray’s shows. My favorite item on the menu, to date, is the chicken spiedini sandwich paired with the homemade potato chips. They are all big portions so you may want to split it with a friend or get ready for a to-go box.

Next time you are out for lunch with friends, a dinner on a nice evening, or for a few drinks, come by Joey B’s. You won’t be disappointed.

John Viviano and Sons Grocery

John Viviano and Sons Grocery5139 Shaw Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110
Mon-Sat: 8am-5pm



If you’ve been pining for some real Italian food in St. Louis then there’s no better place to go than the Hill.  When you want to make it yourself, then get your ingredients at John Viviano and Sons Grocery.  You’ll find the best-imported chess, spices and sauces.  And they have delicious fresh baked bread!  Plus they don’t just offer Italian specialty items; they have everything.  In fact, the readers of Sauce Magazine voted Viviano and Sons “Best Internation Grocery Store” in St. Louis!  Oh and you can order whatever you want online!

Mama Campisi’s

Mama Campisi’s2132 Edwards
St. Louis, MO 63110
Mon-Thurs: 11am-10pm
Fri-Sun: 11am-11pm


Okay so if you visit St. Louis, you have to try toasted ravioli, and why not go where it was originally created?  Mama Campisi’s has been a neighborhood staple for years in the Hill.  If you want some good, Italian home cooking, then there’s nowhere better.   Plus the prices are very reasonable considering the location.  And if you have a big group or want to have an event featuring Mama’s delicious food, they offer banquet services too.  If you can, visit Mama’s on the third weekend of any month for a delicious Chicken Lasagna!  Or if spaghetti is your favorite, visit on an All-You-Can-Eat-Spaghetti Mondays!  Check their website for more special events.

Mama Toscano’s Ravioli

Mama Toscano’s Ravioli2201 Macklind Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110



Love ravioli, but don’t know how to make?  Try Mama Toscano’s Ravioli on The Hill; they don’t skimp.  The three-day process of making their raviolis involves cooking and mixing the meat and making their famous dough.  Machine made dough can leave you feeling like you ate a whole bunch of fried bread and no meat, but Mama Toscano’s makes sure that their raviolis are 90% meat!  They’ve been featured by Mario Batali on the Food Network, as well as several magazines and local television programs.  And in fact, many restaurants in St. Louis use Mama Toscano’s Ravioli, so why not buy it yourself?

Milo’s Bocce Garden

Milo’s Bocce Garden5201 Wilson
St. Louis, MO 63110
Mon-Sat: 11am-10:30pm



For all you who love a fun time and great food, head over to Milo’s Bocce Garden.  First of all, the food is cheap and delicious; you can’t find better Italian for the price!  Plus there’s a huge patio that is less smoky (great for the family) and the service is excellent.  But the best part is the hours of entertainment that come from playing or even just observing the wonderful game of bocce ball.  They even have bocce leagues that play on their courts.  If you’ve never tried it before, don’t worry, there are plenty of people to help you.  Remember, it’s not an Italian get together until there’s bocce!


Rigazzi’s4945 Daggett Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110
Mon-Thurs: 8am-11pm
Fri-Sat: 8am-12am


This place has been a local favorite for years.  Rigazzi’s on the Hill serves your basic Italian/American dishes, but it’s more than just food.  The light, friendly atmosphere is derived from the generations of people that dine here.  From your grandfather’s gambling buddies to a young couple on their first date, everyone at Rigazzi’s sits down and welcomes the warmth that rushes over them.  They have great spaghetti and excellent toasted ravioli.  Plus it’s where most people first discover a fishbowl of beer!  Go sit down at one of the red and white checkered tables and feast on some tasty Italian!

Rizzo’s Station Pizzeria

Rizzo’s Station Pizzeria2130 Macklind Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110
Mon-Sat: 11am-8pm (closed Tuesday)
Sun: 12pm-8pm


This revamped gas station now holds one of St. Louis’s hidden gems.  The minute you see the little brick building all decked out in Italian flags and colors, you know you’re in for a treat.  The toasted raviolis are fresh and handmade, the house salad is perfectly mixed with a garlic dressing and the atmosphere is one you only find in the Hill.  But it’s not until you taste the delicious pizza at Rizzo’s Station Pizzeria that you know how big of a treat.  The stuff is good even as cold leftovers!  So bring out the college lifestyle in you and head over to Rizzo’s.



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