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11 Mar Ep. 11: Dawn Griffin of blog.DawnGriffin.com Talks Urban Planning, Assistants, and Maternity Leave


In this episode, Adam interviews Dawn Griffin about her very popular real estate blog and they also wind up talking about maternity leave, the importance of assistants, and her love of urban planning. 

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0:54-You are invited to the annual Cinco De Mayo party at the Hermann London offices in beautiful Downtown Maplewood

2:14-How Dawn got started back in 2004

5:50-Urban planning and the M.A. program at St. Louis University

7:50-Gaslight Square as it relates to urban planning

10:30-What is working and what is not working for Dawn as a realtor

12:46-Does Dawn specialize in a certain area of town or type of person

15:12-When is the best time to get an assistant

18:25-Any hot tips for realtors

22:18-Has mass mailing an area worked for you

23:24-Who writes and designs the blog

28:57-When does Dawn feel she is at her best

30:42-What is Dawn’s guilty pleasure

33:25-How to get in contact with Dawn



Adam-Welcome. Welcome everyone to St. Louis Realtor Podcast, live here from The Hermann London Real Estate Group in beautiful downtown Maplewood, Missouri. This is podcast 11 and we have an exciting guest that I’m about to introduce and tell you about. I wanted to thank you for listening and remind you to check out our website for links, photos, and all the different things we talk about. I want to invite everyone to our yearly Cinco de Mayo party that we have here at the office. You can look for information about that on our website too. I’m excited and I’m going to jump right into it. We have one of St. Louis’ best bloggers, top realtors, and from what I hear, a really good realtor. Her name is Dawn Griffin and she is from Circa properties. Welcome, Dawn. Dawn-Thank you! Thanks for having me. Adam-I’m glad to have you today and I’m sure this whole podcasting experience is new to you like it is new to me. I’d like you to introduce yourself and tell me a little bit about you. Dawn-I’m Dawn Griffin. I’m with Circa properties. I’ve been an agent since 2004. I am the mother of 2 very small children who are apparently averse to sleep because I am up all night. Adam-Are you a night person or a morning person? Dawn-No. I am a morning person. This is killing me. Adam-So you get up early still, work all day, and then the kids want to stay up all night? Dawn-They just get up a lot. They don’t sleep very much. Adam-Did you say that they are newborns? Dawn-I have a 3 year old, Well she’s almost 3, and a 1 year old. He will be 1 in April. Adam-Wow. So they’re right around the terrible 2’s? Dawn-Yeah. They are on opposite sides of the terrible 2’s. Adam-Are they realtors in training? Dawn-I don’t think so. I guess to be a realtor you have to care about other people and they seem very self-centered to me. Adam-At this point in their life they are still trying to figure it out, Dawn. Give them a chance. You said you got started in 2004. What got you started in the business? Did you always want to be a realtor since you were 3 like your children? Dawn-I had a passion for it early when my parents sold their first house when I was little…well, they didn’t sell their first house, it was the first time I ever saw a real estate transaction and they were trying to sell our house and I said, “Why would you sell it? Let’s keep it. Let’s rent it and that way we will always have it and you can buy something else.” Adam-How old were you? Dawn-8. Adam-And you already knew about renting and everything? We’re making cashflow, guys! Dawn-That’s really what I was thinking. It was a duplex so we had already rented out the second floor and lived on the first floor so my parents were landlords and I had an idea of that. Adam-So that was your exposure to real estate and landlording? Dawn-Yeah. Adam-And you said let’s keep it and they said no? Dawn-Yeah, they said, “We’re done with landlording.”, so they ended up converting it to a single family because they were done being landlords. Adam-They converted it to a single family and then sold it? Dawn-No. We stayed there for another 10 years. Adam-Okay. Fast forward another 10 years later and you are 18ish, right? I’m not going to get into any numbers precisely. Now you are able to get your real estate license. Did you just jump right in and get it? Dawn-No. My undergraduate degree is in English and classical languages so I was useless. I have no marketable skills but I did end up teaching, which I was not really good at. I was at one of the best schools in St. Louis. I was at Kirkwood Highschool. I was surrounded by the best teachers. I had really good students and I realized that this is not for me. If this place is so wonderful then it must be me. I needed to change and do something that suited me better. Adam-Were you not motivated or did you feel like you weren’t motivating your students? Were there scores not that good? Why am I focusing on this negative? Dawn-I just didn’t love it. I’m the kind of person who when I am loving it I will work all night long and I just didn’t love it so I was daydreaming. I was living in Forest Park Southeast then, which looked very different than it looks now, and I was daydreaming everyday about buying properties, renovating them, and doing community development. I just realized that this is a really good environment and I don’t want to teach. I wanted to be in real estate so I switched. Adam-The reason you are here today because your blog is one of the top rated blogs in St. Louis so you must have some sort of love for English, language, and writing. You were able to major in that and then you were able to merge that with your love for real estate. Dawn-Love/hate I think. It takes me forever to write those blogs. They are hard. They are meaty because every time I run into a challenge or I’m asked a new question, that’s what I use to blog about. I’m always researching and doing that stuff. I’m taking what I’m learning on the street and synthesize it for myself as well as other people. Adam-That’s one of the things I like about your blog when I was looking through it is you’re kind of answering questions that a lot of people have but a lot of real estate websites don’t answer. On your website I saw something about urban planning. Are you an urban planner? Dawn-When I stopped teaching, I kept thinking about community development. I wasn’t thinking about real estate development, I was thinking about community development. I had been in school for what seemed like forever to me so I thought, I’m not going to quit my job and go back to school. I want to get experience on the ground and it seemed like getting my real estate license was opening that door so I could see what happens at the street level, and then that opened a whole new world and the rest is history. I was just taken. Adam-I guess you are saying that you just have an interest in urban planning? Dawn-Oh, no. After I was on the ground helping buyers and sellers, that’s when I decided to take the next step with my education. I just didn’t want to go straight back to school. I wanted to get some real world experience first. After I was in the business for about 3 years, I learned about the masters in planning at Saint Louis University (SLU), and I read the curriculum, and I decided that this is for me. I’ve got to have it. I don’t know if I ever intended to stop being an agent, but I felt like that knowledge…I didn’t know which direction I was going to go really. I did finish the masters there. I don’t know that I use it every day but I do feel like it informs the way I go about the city. Adam-Well let me ask what is probably a silly question that I hope you don’t mind answering, but what is urban planning? How does that apply to a city like St. Louis that seems basically developed? I picture urban planning like Dubai 20 years ago was a desert and then they planned this area. Dawn-Specifically, Gaslight Square. Gaslight Square was a sort of city-sponsored and driven redevelopment of a derelict district so I feel like that happened because there was an urban planning impetus behind it. It is one of my favorite new developments in the city because I feel like there was a lot of thought put into who developed, how they developed it, what were the set-back lines, and how should this tie into the architecture around it versus some of the other developments around the city that were purely developer driven. Adam-Like, profit driven? Dawn-MmHmm. Those don’t blend into their surroundings as well, they don’t incorporate the neighborhood, they didn’t think about the community, and the integration within the city itself. With Gaslight Square, the city, aldermen, and mayor were all behind it. They attracted several developers and each developer had criteria that they needed to meet. Each development is different and yet they blend really well together, so I think that is a good example of urban planning on a city level. Adam-So it’s a mix of architecture, revitalizing an area, giving people more places to live, and you even talked about set-back lines. They have to consider how it’s going to look. Dawn-Some of it was rental, commercial space, and single-family. I just feel like having a plan is what made that really great versus it being strictly profit driven. Adam-Is Gaslight Square larger than Olive Street? One of our agents lives in what I believe is Gaslight Square. I go to her house and I drive down Washington. There are some boarded up buildings, some new developments, and then I come around and I go down Olive Street, which I believe her house is on. It is these really nice $400,000 houses and busy looking boxing gyms and I think that is Gaslight Square, isn’t it? Dawn-I think it is only those 3 or 4 blocks up Olive Street, but considering what it was and what it is now, I don’t know. That’s just one of my favorites. Adam-And it’s a nice addition to the Central West End (CWE). Dawn-MmHmm. It’s right between Saint Louis Univesity (SLU) and the Central West End (CWE). Adam-Okay. Cool. So that’s urban planning. It sounds interesting. Maybe I should go back and get my masters in urban planning. Dawn-It was great. Adam-SLU had a good program for it? Dawn-I really enjoyed it. I learned so much. They have a focus’ in community, economic, and physical developments. I just learned so much. Adam-You are a realtor and a successful realtor and realtors listen to the show, so as a realtor, what would you say is working for you and what is not working for you? Dawn-What is working? Time blocking. Adam-Really? You time block? Dawn-Well, maybe not quite to the level that we are taught to time block, but don’t take appointments or go on showings in the morning. Use the morning time to do the marketing, planning, filing, and the sit-down paperwork. Butt-in-seat time. Making sure I’m in the seat to get the work done and then knowing that if I take a call randomly, I take appointments in the afternoon. Adam-Do you go to the office morning? Dawn-I work every day at the office. I can not work at home. Adam-Do you write your blogs in the morning? Dawn-Yeah, or late at night when I’m at home. Adam-Is this morning time we are talking about more business planning and development or if a deal is blowing up do you deal with that in the morning? Dawn-Hopefully it doesn’t get to the point where it is blowing up, but yeah. File time is done early in the morning too. Adam-That’s good because I’m moving my hand in the air like a roller coaster that most realtors seem to be on because they don’t do that time blocking. Instead of taking time for themselves or their business they are taking time all day to deal with their deals. Any other hot tips? Dawn-Just be better about staying in touch in a more consistent and authentic way. Adam-I don’t know if you can answer this but what is not working? Dawn-Reading my email at stop signs. Adam-That’s not working? Dawn-That’s not working. I’ll read the email, think about the response, and by the time I get in front of a computer to respond, I forget to respond. Adam-You’ll just have to mark it as unread. Dawn-I’ll do that at the second stop sign. Adam-Yeah. Mark it as unread and then follow up at the second stop sign. I’m curious, do you specialize in one area of town or one type of client? Do you only work on historical buildings? Would you help a buyer buy a property in Troy, Missouri? What’s your focus? Dawn-I don’t know. Early on I felt like I focused where I lived which was South City. When I bought my first house I knew I wanted a 2-story flat roof. That’s what I knew and wanted. Now life has changed. Now I want a nice mid-century ranch with a double-sided fireplace. I feel like as I grow, my clients do the same thing. When I started out, my clients were like me. We ran in the same circles, knew the same people, were into the same thing, and now everyone kind of matriculates into the next stage. Now I’m all over. I’m wherever my clients need to be. I learn whatever my clients need me to learn. Adam-Do you mix it up between buyers and sellers? Dawn-I do. Last year I went on maternity leave and I had an assistant before that. As I was getting ready to go on maternity, and she had been with me for almost a year, we made sure that she had her real estate license. She got her license in January, we did pretty intensive training, and when I went on maternity leave, she took all of our buyer clients. Maternity leave, in quotes… Adam-I got 2 days maternity leave. Dawn-…meant I wasn’t going on a lot of business appointments. I wasn’t meeting a lot of new people and going out to show houses. Adam-Working with buyers can be more time consuming. It is educational for us but it can take more time. This thing about the mid-century moderns, you are into those too? It seems like all the cool and hip people are into the mid-century moderns. Dawn-I don’t know, I love them. I love the idea. I live in a two and a half story brick home by Tower Grove Park and sometimes going up and down those stairs is the only exercise I get, but I would be willing to trade that in for one-level living. I would love a wood-burning fireplace. Adam-So you are not necessarily going to keep the olive green stove and counter-tops? Dawn-I don’t know. I might. I depends what kind of shape they are in. I might take them off and spray paint them. Adam-You just mentioned that you have an assistant. I’m always encouraging any realtor that I talk to to get an assistant. Did you get one up front? Did you get one after you were in the business a few years? If you had to do it over would you have gotten one earlier? Just talk about an assistant from a business perspective for the realtors that are listening. Dawn-I definitely would have done it earlier. I waited a really long time. It is just hard to let go. It feels safer to be in control of every aspect of every file. But then I started realizing that my clients would have better service if certain things were delegated to someone else. Finding that person was its own challenge because I didn’t really know how to interview or what to say or how to hire anyone. I didn’t have a system in place. Early on when I finally got the assistant, we were kind of winging it. I feel like I got really lucky. My first assistant was fantastic and was willing to work with me face to face. He had his own thing that he wanted to do but he was totally fine with being face to face with me during the hours I wanted. He didn’t need a lot of hours because he also had this other thing. Adam-So you didn’t start out with a 40 hour a week person? Dawn-No. It ended up being a great fit. Finally when he realized that he’d like to make a living wage he said, “I found a great job that is perfect for me.”, and I said, “Congratulations. Please go find your replacement.” Adam-Oh, really. Dawn-And he did. Adam-So he put in his two weeks and then spent that two weeks finding his replacement? Dawn-MmHmm. And then he stayed long enough to train her. I was very lucky. Adam-Are you on your second assistant now? Dawn-Third because the second assistant transitioned into a buyer’s agent. Adam-On each one you learn more and more about how you like to relate to an assistant, what you want them to do, and how you communicate with them. You have a buyer’s agent on your team? Dawn-That’s right. She is on my team. Adam-So you are The Dawn Griffin Team. Dawn-I think we are The Group now. The Dawn Griffin Group. We are trying to re-brand just a little bit. Adam-I want to drive this home because like I said, I’m like, “Get an assistant, people.”, and they don’t want to do it. So you would recommend it? Dawn-Absolutely. I want to send birthday cards to my clients. I’ve wanted to do that forever. This year it is done. I made sure we have everyone’s information in my phone. We are ready to go. Everybody is getting a birthday card! It’s those simple things that were not getting done. Adam-Yeah, because you have to focus on the fires. Dawn-Yeah. Building inspections and meeting contractors. Adam-Good for you. Let’s talk about the market for a little bit. Do you still work with buyers at all? Dawn-I do. My buyer agent is going on maternity leave. Adam-Well, she get’s two days off, right? Dawn-Pretty much. Adam-So you still work with some buyers. Talking about the market, what we are seeing is low inventory. Are you having trouble finding buyer’s property now? Dawn-Absolutely. Are you? Adam-I am, but that’s what I was going to see. Do you have any hot tips for people who have their realtor working with a buyer or a buyer that is listening that is like, “Oh my gosh. Every open house I go to there are 20 other people there and the realtor tells me they’ve got multiple offers. How are we ever going to find anything?”. What do you say to that? Dawn-“Yes. Yes we are going to find something. Absolutely.”. I think it’s kind of two pronged. 1, if you know you are in a hot area, you have to get your ducks in a row and be ready to pounce and be ready to write… Adam-Ducks in a row meaning talk to your lender… Dawn-Talk to your lender. If you have a house to sell, make sure it is sold. Adam-Know what you want. Dawn-Know what you want. I still have people who will lose in a multiple offer situation because they won’t write full, asking, or over. Adam-Because they still think it is 2009? Dawn-MmHmm. Yeah. Absolutely. Adam-It’s not 2009. Dawn-No. This is so different. It is really hard to get used to. From your perspective, are you… Adam-When I started in the business, when I really got into it…I’ve never been in the business when it is as strong of a seller’s market as it is now. Everyone would talk about how it is a bad market and I say it is great for the buyers. Now it is supposed to be a great market but it is great for sellers and not as great for buyers. I’m having the same situation. Have you done anything creative to find houses for your buyers or does one just come on the market and you find it? Dawn-Everyone is on a portal. Everyone is watching immediately. Probably 75% of the time my clients will see the new listing before I will because they are really watching. They will call me and say we’ve got to go and this is hot. What I have done is so much more agent to agent talking. What do you have coming up? I don’t know if you did, but I never did that before. I didn’t have to go to the agents and ask what they have coming especially to the agents that are particularly known for a certain area. Please tell me what’s on your list. It’s a lot more agent to agent talking than I feel like it used to be in the past when we could rely simply on the MLS. Adam-So you are seeing the value in having a relationship with other agents when a lot of the younger agents nowadays don’t really understand. They are not your enemy. Dawn-It takes a long time to learn that or it might take one good year…or one bad year. Adam-I’ve had a lot of luck calling. I’ve had buyers looking in South City and I’ll call Angela Kittner and I’ll ask what she has coming up. She’ll tell me I can go look at this one, and this one, and this one. This is great. I love this. And it’s all because I called her. There are a lot of experts in the area. Dawn-Yeah. It’s much more beneficial than waiting. Adam-Have you tried anything else like mailing an area? Dawn-I haven’t but I have this really cute family and they want to be in the tiniest area. It is all that they want to be in. I feel like if I just walked around with them, knocked on doors, and said, “Look at this cute family!”. If I looked through the tax records, I could figure out who has been there 25 years and show them this cute family. Adam-That’s the kind of thing that’s awesome to have an assistant do because you can tell them to look through the area and get you the information when it may be hard for you to sit down and spend 5 hours. I’ve the mailing and it kind of works but not really. Dawn-Has anyone called you? Adam-I’ve done it and they’ve called. Not to sound too negative but they are like most for sale by owners. The people that have called me are a little bit unrealistic about their price. One was really unrealistic. It probably should have been $250,000 but she thought it was worth $450,000. Dawn-Not a match. Adam-Do you want to tell us what areas you have someone looking for in case a listener wants to give you a call? Dawn-Greenbriar in Kirkwood, Missouri. Adam-Greenbriar? They are golfers I guess? Dawn-Not really. They are not but they have some friends that live in the area. The grandparents are half a mile away. Adam-I think you could probably find some people that are looking to sell there. Dawn-Yeah. It does seem like they’ve been there a while. Adam-You’ll do it. Any Greenbriar home sellers listening, give Dawn a call. We’ll have her phone number at the end here. I want to talk to you a little bit about your blog. I know your blog entries are very detailed or you said you spend a lot of time on them and make sure that they are perfect. Do you write them yourself? Dawn-I almost always write them myself. I’ve asked a couple lender partners. We have lenders that come to our Tuesday meetings and every now and then they will deliver this beautiful nugget of information. Adam-And you want that. Dawn-Yeah. I want that. Can you write about that? I’ve had lender partners do it. Most recently the blog post about 27 Crosswinds was written by my assistant. Adam-Nice. Dawn-It was great because I just got 3 hours of my life back to talk with clients, work on files, or do something, because those blog posts take forever. Adam-Especially yours, because it looks you have pictures and you have drawn maps. You have routs to different places and all sorts of interesting stuff. The one that you wrote about how to handle multiple offer situations or how to get your multiple offer noticed, this is your inspiration. You must have been in a situation like that and you came up with something cool to do? Dawn-Yeah, that’s where all the inspiration comes from; day to day business. We’re just learning everyday. I’m learning every day. I haven’t been on every street in a city yet. I’m getting asked questions that I don’t already know the answers to. The research that I we do for clients that they never see like researching all the comps, trying to figure how to help a seller get to the best list price, or planning a route for an out of town buyer, all that research that no one sees us do makes great blog posts. Adam-That’s true. Do you get much business from your blog? Dawn-It’s kind of hard to track because I don’t always ask where the business comes from. I can probably do a better job of tracking it this year. Before the babies came I did track it and it seemed like 30% of the people were coming from the blog somehow. I don’t ever know what their first point of contact with me is but there are people who have never met me and they haven’t been referred by a past client, but ultimately they find the blog, and read it. They don’t mind spending 10 hours trapped in the car with her because she will get us. She won’t think we’re crazy. Adam-I guess you can tell the difference between a sign call and someone who calls off your blog. With the sign call they are like, “How much is it? Okay, gotta go.” Dawn-MmHmm. Adam-And off the blog they are like, “Oh my gosh. I am so sorry to take up your time. You are like a celebrity to us now because we read your stuff and we love it.” Dawn-I remember now being in a grocery store one day and I answered the phone and he said, “I read your blog. I think we are on the same page. I’m moving from California. Do you want to help me?” Adam-And you were like, “I don’t know. Do you have a blog I can read so I can find out if I like you or not?”. That’s neat. We don’t really want to encourage all the other agents to start writing blogs, right? Dawn-I don’t know. Why not? Adam-We can attract the people that fit our personalities, right? That’s true. If every realtor would write a blog, it would teach you about their personality, are they honest, up front, cutting corners. Do you want to give a shout out to anyone for helping you make your website? Dawn-Jay David with Toky Branding and Design. Adam-Is Toky a local company? Dawn-Yeah, it is. They do branding and design for universities, architects, they worked with The Pulitzer Art Museum, Washington University, and HOK. Adam-That explains why it looks so good. Dawn-Yeah, I did not design that. Adam-I’ve got my 5 questions that I ask everyone, but before we jump into that, I’m going to ask you one more. What is the best phone call you could get? Dawn-Let’s see…”We walked through your open house on Sunday. We put together a full price offer not contingent on anything at all. We don’t even need to do inspections. Would you take it? What’s your seller’s ideal closing time?” Adam-Right. “We have a briefcase of cash right here.” Dawn-“We can pay cash today.” Adam-That’s a good answer because you are still looking out for your client. I like that. All right, so my 5 questions. Dawn-I read those. Adam-You did? Dawn-I did. I peaked at those. Those are hard. Adam-Well, we will start with an easy one. Who lives under your roof? Dawn-My husband, Jay David, my daughter, Josie Scout David, my son, Wyatt Griffin David, our 10 year old German Shepard, Cooper, and me. Adam-You have a 10 year old German Shepard? Does he have hip problems? Dawn-No. He’s great. He doesn’t get the attention he deserves but he is doing just fine. Adam-I’m sure that kids running around keeps him kind of intrigued at least. Dawn-Keeps him moving from one sofa to the other. Adam-If you do move to your new house that’s all on one level with the fireplace and big backyard, I’m sure, what’s your dog’s name? Dawn-Cooper. Adam-I’m sure Cooper will love it. This is kind of a hard one, I don’t exactly give you a direction here, but where are you your best? Dawn-In the field, honestly. Just doing the work, like finding the right price to list at, figuring out the marketing path, or vice-versa. Negotiating the offer. Being with a buyer and helping them and counseling them because they have so many thoughts going on. What is really their best route? They have all these options to choose from. In the counseling mode of the job is my favorite part of the job. Adam-What the property is worth, what the neighborhood is like, and all that kind of stuff? Dawn-MmHmm. I told one of my friends that I’m actually really shy and she said, “You are in sales.”, I said, “No. I’m great in a car, one on one, in a car, talking with a person about this thing that I know about. I’m not so great at parties.” Adam-I think a lot of people think of realtors as being in sales and it seems like your personality type is kind of like mine in that we are not really selling. Do you feel like you are selling anything? Are you saying, “Hey, buyer, get in my car. I’m going to get you sign the contract today.” Dawn-I don’t know. I feel like there is one point of sale and that is when you go and meet a home owner who is interviewing you for a job and you have to sell yourself. I feel like that’s the sale and once they realize that you know what you are talking about, it stops being a sale and starts being a conversation. Adam-And with your blog and if they’ve seen your signs or seen your website you probably have a lot easier time selling yourself because I’m guessing when you show up they pretty much already know they want to list with you…maybe. Dawn-I don’t know. Not everybody reads the blog. Adam-That would be the best phone call. Not everyone reads the blog. What is your guilty pleasure? Dawn-Tabloids. Adam-Tabloids? Dawn-MmHmm. Like in the grocery store checkout line. Adam-You like to know all the gossip? Dawn-Absolutely? Adam-Did Bruce Jenner actually tell his daughters that he’s going to become a woman? I mean, that’s what they say. Dawn-I don’t know! I was standing in the checkout line while my husband was paying and I asked him, “Jay! Is this true? You are on Reddit all the time. Is this true?”, and he looked at me like I am crazy. Adam-Do you have any favorite celebrities that you like to follow? Dawn-No, man. Whoever is on the cover. Adam-Do you actually buy them? Dawn-No. That’s probably worse because I devour them and then I don’t pay for them. Adam-That’s a good guilty pleasure. Tell me your favorite blog or podcast other than your own? Dawn-On long car rides my husband will fill up the phone, and I don’t really discover anything on my own, but I have discovered through him Hardcore History. Adam-Hardcore History? It’s a podcast? Dawn-Yeah, by Dan Carlin. I love it. Adam-What do they talk about? Dawn-Anything. I think one of my favorites was about Genghis Khan and the Steppe people. It’s in depth. He’s a great story teller and you can tell that he is reading book after book after book about the subject. It’s like going to history class in college. Adam-Is every episode a different subject? Dawn-MmHmm. Adam-Oh, wow. Dawn-They really range from ancient Rome to World War II. Adam-So he gets into it hardcore for every single one. Dawn-Yeah, it’s awesome. Adam-Who is your mentor and how have you thanked them? Do you have a mentor? Dawn-I don’t. Adam-Did anyone teach you about real estate? Dawn-Not really. I’ve had some really good brokers. I’ve met some really good agents. I hired a coach once early early on but I probably wasted that opportunity. Adam-Have you ever had an accountability partner? Dawn-I did have an agent in the office that I met up with once a week and we discussed all the things that we were going to accomplish that week and just doing that was enough… Adam-…to kind of keep you motivated. I guess you either have it or you don’t. I guess my question about how you have thanked them is not applicable. Dawn-I don’t know, I feel like there are a lot of un-thanked people. Adam-Right. Tell us how the listeners can find you. Dawn- DawnGriffin.com is the website and the blog is there. The phone number is 3144137086 for any of you in Greenbriar that are ready to sell. The email is Dawn@DawnGriffin.com Adam-Give her a call or shoot her an email for all your real estate needs. Thank you, Dawn. I hope that was relatively painless. Check out our website and we will have more information from today’s podcast and we will see you next time. Dawn-Thank you.

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