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09 Feb Ep. 8: “What Makes A Great Realtor” with Trey Malicoat


In this episode Adam has on Trey Malicoat to examine the minds of 4 potential Hermann London recruits and explain what is needed to turn these good realtors into a great ones.

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1:45-“Page” feels under utilized at her current job at a property management company

15:14-“Tammy” feels threatened by the more powerful agents in the same part of town

24:00-“Charlie” works at an office where he’s not getting enough credit, is treated more like a secretary, and waits for business to come to him instead of looking for it

31:36-“Brittany” bought a house from Hermann London and now wants to leave her high paying job to become a realtor

40:50-Trey Malicoat’s number one tip for realtors


Adam-Welcome to this weeks Podcast, today is January 20th, all day today. What we are going to talk about is the mind of the recruit. I’ve got Trey Malicoat in the office here. You might remember him from podcast number 2 or 3. Say hi, Trey!

 Trey-Hey. How are you today? Adam-And of course we always have our faithful producer, Joey, sitting in the podcast studios here at the HermannLondon Real Estate Group. Thanks as always for being here, Joey. So Trey and I just got through a day, a long day really, of meeting lots of different people who are interested in joining the Hermann London Real Estate Group or potentially, I guess at least were interested in them joining Hermann London Real Estate group. You know we’re trying to grow our office and the Illinois side so you’ll hear us talk about some things related to that. And basically we have 4 meetings. We a had a day of 4 different meetings, each one of them was probably about an hour and a half so, I was just going to go and give a little quick overview of each person, and just as a disclosure, we are using fake names here because we would never want to talk about someone you know and give they’re actual identity out. These recruiting meetings that we have are private and confidential. Is that all right Trey? Do you mind if I jump right in? Trey-I think we should. Adam-Okay, so first of all we had a meeting with a girl named Paige or a girl we’re gonna call Paige and we met her at a restaurant and she is a person who is, I guess she’s been working for different types of people. She worked for a big property manager in town, managing residential and commercial properties. She worked for a real estate company in town that did a lot of foreclosures and kinda run around town trying to organize them and now she’s working for a huge international brokerage kind of having what she would probably define a sort of a small role right, she is kind of seating at her cubicle and being under utilized. She talked several times about how she’s constantly trying to ask her boss for more work. Okay, and then after that we met with a lovely woman named Tammy and she’s from the Illinois side of things. We have our office over there, kinda the Columbia Dupont area. She’s someone who used to a self-proclaimed, used to be a superstar powerhouse realtor and she, I guess used to sell a lot of properties and she had some personal things things go on in her life, she’s been dealing with that for a few years and now she’s kinda ready to be back. Right is that where’d you say she is? Trey-Yeah I think so. Adam-Okay, and then after that we met with a beautiful girl named Brittany who I actually just had an experience working with one of her Realtors, she bought her first home and she I guess is sort of in the back of her mind for the last 10 years or so, considered real estate but do this process of working with a Realtor have been an incredible experience. It kinda lit a fire under her to reconsider this real estate thing, right so we’ve got the sort of a real estate newbie in that case. And then lastly we met with the guy named Charlie and so he is kind of your steady Eddy, right? He’s been in the business for about 10 years now, he’s done lots of different types of deals, you know whether it’s commercial, land, residential or multi-family investment or rehabs or whatever. He’s done it all and he seems like a really good guy, actually so that when I set out like that we’ve got the kind of extremely experienced but under but hasn’t given herself a shot yet, kinda like young rising star. We’ve got the “had a ton of experience, had a lot of success” but then she’s needing to kind of reinvent herself, I guess re-brand herself for whatever. And then we had the brand new person who’s just who’s just kind of an eager learner and wants to get in the business. And then last we’ve got Charlie who’s kinda the steady Eddy been in it a while and you know the first part of the meeting was kinda like so “Why are we here?” kinda thing right, cause his happy doing what he’s doing but we wanted to meet with them because we think he has potential to get better. Would you agree with that? Trey-I would and you know its interesting Adam, because as I look back on the day there’s a common theme that I think and translate to conversation about recruiting in real estate and when you look at real estate agents across the board, there’s so many frustrated agents that aren’t really doing a good job and then there’s a handful of agents in any community that’s really rocking it and we know we have a lot of those folks that are rocking it because we recruit and train and surround ourselves with really great people but one of the general observations about all four of these folks is that we had four conversations that were all about each of these people making some decisions to really own their life. So let me drive that down for just a minute if I may. So let’s take a Paige for instance. Paige from my perspective is one of those people and I’m wondering if somebody in the audience might be the same person you work your butt off, you’re always doing something for someone else you do a great job and your always looking back realizing that you made ton of money for somebody else and the question I wanted to ask Paige was “Why are you interested in making other people money when you could step in real estate and own your life, own your success and become so successful that you don’t even know how the world shifted right?” So I think for her, it you know it sometimes we get ourselves in a position where we’re really skilled or making other people money. But we don’t really understand why that is and I think that she’s going to be really successful, she can step into a place where she finally says “I’m gonna take the leap to make money and be successful on my own.” Adam-Because she has the entrepreneurial mindset – Right, She has the skill-set, right, what is she missing? Trey-You know, I think, and I see that this a lot with people that we are recruiting it really comes down to having that confidence. See, here’s the funny thing; We believe that we can trust somebody that’s just giving us a paycheck, we believe that that paycheck gives us some security in our lives, but in fact what it really comes down to is how invested are you in your own career. So what she needs to hear is get off the pot, start fishing cut and bait and do something but own your career fully because she has the potential to make money for other people or she has the potential to make money for herself. So I think it’s about a decision and when are you going to get to a point where you say “I’m gonna make money for me, in order to have the life that I dream of.”- Right?  Adam-Yeah, exactly. I think the exciting thing for her, you know I got kind of focused on different things first which with these different meetings that we had to me the exciting thing for her is that we’ll first of she’s used to having the steady income, – right. She’s used to the salary, right. She likes the security of that, which we see that with a lot of people she likes the security of that. And the first thing I think about when I meet with someone who really needs that security is, let’s have you do a little bit of property management. Let’s get you managing 10 or 15 properties or so and basically replacing that salary, that guaranteed income you know my fingers are quoting in the air here that you’re used to. Which will allow you the freedom and flexibility to go out in either sell real estate with the rest of your time or she can do a rehab, or she can teach classes about working out or whatever she wants as a teacher. So you think her big thing can overcome her fear for herself? Trey-Yeah, I think it’s really ultimately coming face to face with how powerful she can really be, and you know when you really get right down to it for her I’m looking at her, I’m sayin “she is the whole package, she is articulate, she is an attractive young lady, she was very skilled, got a knowledge-base and what I want to do is reach into her guts and say, Come on lets find the real you and that real you will show up so powerfully that once she gets to a point that she’s excited about who that person is and that power she will own her career in a really dynamic way. Adam-It will be if we can hope Paige make that decision. It will be exciting and powerful to watch her grow into that, right? To this sort of, in a position now where she has great ideas but she is not always heard or she has suggestions on how things could be better but they don’t always change, right? And that’s kinda cool thing about real estate I guess, especially at our company is that she will have the power to make decisions and make choices about how she could improve on things and she can improve on them for her own business and she can go out there and grow. Trey-Now you know the pitfall about somebody like her is that if she continues to stay in that environment where she is under appreciated, under utilized and really doesn’t have a purpose that’s driving to something bigger and greater than her self, then she’s going to whittle away everyday at her own self esteem. Now I don’t know how many people might be listing but I know there are people out there everyday saying “I could be something bigger and greater, but their self esteem has been whittled with all the way to the to the degree that they don’t know what to do so our job with her is simply to do what we do with every agent, give them the tools, the training and the resources along with a vote of confidence from you and I and some other of the rest of the folks on the team to say “We know you can do this” and then we need to hold her accountable because she’s gonna be one we can push hard and she will find great success. Adam-And she will appreciate it. Trey-Yeah I think she will appreciate it. Now let me jump into the second gal, Tammy. You know, was it she the one that has come to take any hit in her life. Yes, kind of a personal trauma some difficulties and you know but here’s what’s interesting, I think she’s also taken some emotional hits by working for someone who has operated from a scarcity paradigm. That whomever she’s worked with before has beaten her down and made her feel insignificant. Despite the fact that she was a rock star so how do we get her to the point where she’s feeling significant doing great work. Adam-Well, I kinda slow you down a little bit. I might, first of all can I jump back and then jump forward to this. I wanna know again about Paige, that can you say something more about the person who – cause she’s under utilized at work and you’re saying that at first they gave her confidence to say “Damn, I’m good at my job. I’m awesome at this, I’m getting everything that I’m supposed to do in a week and getting it done in one day. This is great!” But you’re saying at some point  what would happen like why does it hurt her confidence. Trey-Well I think if we work in an environment where we’re under utilized what we do is we become complacent. We allow our skills to stagnate, then what we do as is as our skills are stagnating we begin to fell less significant in the world. And ultimately, we all have a skill set, a gift that we’re entitled to bring to the world. So by her being under utilized she goes home at night and she feels like she hasn’t succeeded well that day. And a repeated number of failed feelings everyday makes you feel less significant, right? Adam-So everyday she goes home, she’s like, “How was your day honey?”  “It’s alright”, “I didn’t do much”, “did a little online shopping, you know whatever”, “Checked my facebook 85 times” Trey-And you know what’s interesting, think about the number of people that are actually under utilized in some aspect of their lives are not showing up fully wherever they are, and you cant continue to show up halfway and feel full.  Adam-Is there a difference between being underutilized and under-appreciated? Trey-I think they go hand in hand. Under-utilization is an employer that’s really not very smart. That employers not looking at their asset that they’re spending an enormous amount of  money on that employee. And to have an underutilized employees you might as well just throw a hundred dollar bill away. Go waste this money, right? But undervalued is confidence hit and so on a daily basis everyday she feels undervalued, she’s going to begin to believe that lack of value. Adam-Because of some way she’s taking it to say “I can’t do it”, “They don’t want me to do more because I’m not good  enough to do it.” Trey-That’s right. So she’s actually believing a message that she hasn’t created. Adam-So what’s the difference in if she would come in Sell Real Estate and be a property manager here? Trey-Well the difference is that she’s driving it every day and ultimately comes down to one thing: total and profound responsibility. Are you the person that’s gonna get outta bed everyday, set your course, work your plan and make some money. Are you gonna find somebody to blame. Adam-Okay so if she was here, selling real estate, she comes in one day and she goes “hey I’ve this great new plan on how I’m gonna get some new business where I’m gonna connect with people.” And since we’re not gonna say “No get back in your cubicle and do nothing.” She’s gonna actually get to do it then she’ll be able to see the success in it. And then she’ll feel good in her self and then everyone also also tell her she did a great job and it’s kind of an ongoing cycle like that. Trey-Yeah and I think one success breed another success. And ultimately the most successful realtors who are the one who starts small and grow big. And I don’t care what that big looks like but they’re the ones that take the steps to be successful on a daily basis. Because it’s really about harnessing “big mo.” You know what “Big Mo” is Adam? – Nope. Harnessing big mo is what I call momentum and once you get momentum flowing in your business. You got to harness that gal and you got to ride that horse but once you are riding “Big Mo” then you better hang on, because it’s one of those things that starts slowly but once you hit your stride then all the sudden you just have business flying out the woodwork at you. And here’s what I know about real estate: Real estate is not about who knows the most about the market, it’s about who can be most trusted and who is going to acknowledge and respect and give their clients an experience that is gone rock their socks off and that’s what we want her to do is become good with clients that they have so much momentum with her they’re talking about her business as well. Adam-And she knows what to do she knows so much that she has done so much in property management and working with different type of real estate agents  and real estates deals and all of that. And she knows exactly what to do, she just kinda has to believe in herself, I guess or take a leap at some point. Trey-It’s really simple isn’t it, because if she can get to a point where she simply says: “I deserve the kind of success I made for other people.” She’ll launch herself into a meteoric rise and that’s exciting so I’m hopeful why I know she’s going to join us and I just can`t wait for her to get in the loop with us. Adam-Okay, well that’s sorta leads me into a point that sorta I guess related to two of the other people that we met with today, Tammy and Charlie. Because both of them are coming from the Illinois side, both of them, one of them is really sorta bothered by this. Would you say she’s bothered by the extreme success of a couple real power agents over there. And so it was interesting for me talking to her in kind of hearing her perspective about them. But then in our later meeting talking to Charlie and he brought up the same agents, – right? And he brought up the same agent who is in his current office who quit after he was basically trying to get too much help from her. And so I guess, made me think in my head here – you know what is success, right? And because and I know we’re kinda jumping all around and put on your seatbelts if you are listening tonight, cause when Trey and I get into a room, you know it can be hard to follow but Charlie was talking about an agent that he, when he was a brand new agent in his office over there, he ask this lady a lot of questions and eventually she was so annoyed because she was so focused on “me…me..me..me..me” she didn’t want to take the time help him that she quit, right? And I was thinking, well you know she’s probably not gonna be successful and I thought maybe she is. Maybe she is because a lot of the really big power agents are about “me..me..me” -right? And even if this lady is really successful in business and may be making a lot of money doesn’t mean she’s going to be successful. How define it in terms of having like the full balance of life, the happiness and all that kinda thing. So this lady who didn’t wanna help Charlie because she’s too busy to focus on her. She might be making a ton of cash right now but I guess in our perspective is that doesn’t mean she’s happy. Trey-I don’t think, I mean she’s happy and all but the other thing it kinda struck me about both these people you’re talking about is that they both reference big players in their market. What I find so interesting is if you’re metric, if your measuring, if your baseline and I don’t know how to say that, but if you’re using the biggest players in the market to define your ability to be successful in that market, then that bigger player is always gonna win. Let me tell you what I mean, it’s just like if when you throw three or four dogs together in a house, you put four dogs together guess what they’re all gonna do? One’s gonna walk around and is gonna wet on something in one corner, another one’s gonna wet on something else and another one’s gonna – you know they’re gonna mark their territory. Excuse me for being crude but that’s just how animals are and real estate agents are no different. The big players are marking their territory all the time with the hopes of having the smaller players the underdogs cower down and get scared. But here’s what I know, sometimes it’s the little dog in the crowed that can bark the loudest and can actually be the most kind, the most connected, the most nurturing, the best head in the mix. What we want to do with these folks is to get them to a point where they’re not even measuring against these big players because those big players are deliberately intimidating them. You know I’m thinking about the lunch we had, sorry this is a bit tantrum, about a lunch we had a couple of weeks ago and we sat with the guy and he basically said I need to be a perceived as a big player in the game, right? And if you want to be perceived as a big player, then show up as a big player. But I don’t need to know who the other big players are for me to show up big. So I want these two that if they join us, they’re gonna get the tools, the training and the resources. But we’re also gonna hold them accountable to being big players, because ultimately you have a choice, you can play small or you can play big. Adam-And Tammy can be successful as successful as she wants, does that mean she needs a billboard or moving trucks with her picture on it and all that kind of stuff. She doesn’t necessarily, she probably doesn’t even necessarily want what those two other agents have if she was able to get a full picture of their life. Trey-That’s exactly right. Adam-So what does Tammy need to, you know, what are the top couple things preventing Tammy from getting rich? Trey-Well I think first and foremost, the first thing she needs to do is stop looking at the competition that has moving vans and free iPods and all that other crap that’s nothing more that what we saw in the 1950’s banks giving away free toasters. Well you know what, you make some bread but that’s not gonna make your life that much better. So she needs to stop looking at all that stuff. Adam-And by the way those two agents that she mentioned are not the only ones doing deals obviously otherwise our agent Kathy would not have an office over there. Trey-She’d be starving. So I think that the first thing she needs to do. The second thing she needs to do is, she needs to get back to the basics and understand that the business of real estate is about one thing, it’s about relationship. How do we treat people and how do people feel to the experience. And if she can leverage herself to be really really fantastic and give clients the best experience, that will niche her into the market differently. Then I think the third thing she needs to do is to get in this process of giving back to the basics, it’s realizing that people do not care what you know, they know when you care. People do not do business with real estate brokerage firms like big brands the days of a brand having credibility are over. What they want is to find somebody that’s got their best interest at heart, can negotiate well, can get the best price for their home or if it’s a buyer so whatever it is and in a culture that treats people right. And I think that’s where we’ve got the win with both these folks. Adam-Okay, so Tammy just needs to get out there and do what she already knows. Trey-Yeah, she’s already been a rockstar. Adam-Is she a great case of “She knows what to do, but she doesn’t quite know yet why she’s like getting in her own way” type of thing? Trey-Yeah I think that’s part of it, but I also think that she has strategically been beaten down. You know I’m gonna go on a little bit of a rant for just a second, but it’s so interesting because if you look at competition in real estate it really is about how the dogs are marking their territory. And those of us that are smaller dogs in the mix needs to stop looking at those bigger dogs so we have to simply show up and be really really great with customers. That’s whats amazing about this chick, she was really really great until she had this problem in her own personal life. You know what we can reclaim great so we’re gonna reach in her gut, we’re gonna pull out that greatness and we’re gonna help her realize she didn’t need anybody in the market to tell her otherwise because she’s gotta believe that within herself. Adam-It was interesting just sitting with her, I was very comfortable sitting and talking to her. She was very nice. So, okay we just have to kinda help her get her own confidence back, I guess. It was interesting also because some people want extreme accountability, some people like Charlie who we met with, kinda like “you’re not gonna be bothering me now are you?” You know, right? Tammy wants it, she wants you to call her everyday or she wants Cathy to call her everyday and say: “what are you doing? Get up make some calls, get out there, go to lunch, what are you doing?” Trey-You know I think we all have a, innately we have a need for accountability. But I also think that accountability is very nerve-wracking it because it’s if somebody else that we’ve given permission to speak into our lives. What I think what’s interesting is if we collectively just as a community, I know I’m sounding like a baptist preacher right now, but if we’re able to hold each other accountable to how great we really are. Then we step into a much more powerful place, it’s just like you and I. We hang out, we have a beer, we talk about life, you hold me accountable to being better. I hold you accountable to being better. And that’s what will make all these agents more successful. Adam-And will Tammy need the forever or will she need that until she starts seeing more successes in herself and started. Trey-I think she probably will have a 3 to 6 month trajectory, until she finds her sea legs really well. You know really stable and then what she realize that she’s been giving her power away, cause that’s ultimately the decision she’s gonna come to. I know where’s awareness about and once she realized she is really powerful, she’s gonna look at both of us and say: “Thanks, it’s been nice hanging out with you, just get out of my way. I’ll see you when I see you.” and she’ll be with us forever. Adam-And then eventually maybe she’ll keep growing and growing growing, kind a hit a line and then she’ll need some more accountability. Trey-Yeah, or a bigger team, or any number resources that we can provide for her. Adam-Okay, well that would be really interesting to watch her grow because I think she’s gonna join us and so it’ll be interesting to watch her path and hopefully will, I guess obviously we will be in helping her make the right decisions she needs to make and stay motivated and kinda stay on the right path on getting her confidence back and doing what she does best. Just get out there and provide for her family. Trey-Let me add a thought to you about Charlie though, it did kinda strike me oddly to about his aversion to and I wouldn’t say aversion but he, he wanted to know if we were his exact words were “Do you have a quota?” And what I thinks interesting is that it’s an old school model. To hold all these great big brands have all these agents and they’re all held to a productivity standard and those days are coming to be a thing of the past. What he wants is accountability and support, what he doesn’t want is saying have you sold another home to pad my pocket? And I think what I love most about the way you do things Adam, is at Hermann London, it’s about mutual success and frankly I think that a model for new business in today’s market. Mutual success where everybody who’s invested make some money in the game and it’s all fair and equitable. Adam-Do you think that you know Charlie asked us at one point, he said: “Do you guys have floor duty?” And I was, I answer the question that we don’t really have floor duty but we do know the whole teach a man to fish thing. We’d rather help our agents learn how to fish themselves you know, I said a little more eloquently than that. But do you think he was open to the idea that hey maybe if I do things a little bit differently, like my life can be easier, I can have more business, make more money than I am making now. And maybe I don’t have to sit in an office and hope that somebody calls me kinda thing. Was he open to the idea of change? Trey-Yeah, I think he was, I hope he was open to the idea of change but it is interesting and I’m not speaking about him specifically. People tend to enjoy complacency, if it’s comfortable. You know to leap into a new opportunity and I think this is a generalization about people and how we motivate ourselves but we would much rather be delightfully mediocre than we would rather be really excellent on what we do. And I’m not talking about him, but how do we find people that are delightfully mediocre but have just extra 3 degrees that they’re willing to invest in the game that you know that just that little bit extra that says: “But I want more out of life.” I think though people don’t want more out of life because they don’t know they can have more out of life. Adam-We talk about that a lot, kind of what did you say that their capacity to understand. We talk about people who like, “you wanna make a 100K, that’s great” but they’ve never seen anyone make that much money so they don’t have a reference point.  So Charlie, I guess has been at the same real estate company for his entire 10 year career, and he probably doesn’t realize that most of his business from what we can tell from our hour and a half or so with him. Most of his business is coming from referrals. He’s not counting his own referral. His own personal referrals, his friends, his family, he’s whatever calling him and wanting to buy or sell and he doesn’t realize how unimportant that floor time is to him. Trey-That’s exactly right. But here’s the thing, that floor time is this great big safety blanket and you know what when it comes to being an entrepreneur, we all have our safety blankets. Were’s just like Linus, we’re gonna drag it around and make sure it keeps us safe. But the truth of the matter is he’s wasting an enormous amount of time 3-4-5 hours in a given day sitting, waiting for somebody to come to him and here’s the thing that’s not how business is built. Business is built by going to the customer by engaging with the community, by saying this is what I can do for you and by posturing yourself as the answer to their pain and their problems and the minute he learns that, his business is gonna explode. But see here in lies the standard that we all come to believe that we have to play small. Adam-Why is he doing that? He’s sitting there, he’s scheduling showings for other agents that are not his own listings whatever what why is doing four-time. I guess in the beginning they just required it, so he’s used to it you think or what? Trey-I think it really comes down to that safety blanket thing, he thinks that’s what generating his business. In fact we tweaked his head today when I said what’s interesting about the last 3 or 4 deals you’ve had, they’ve all been direct sphere referrals. He got in the car and he said “Oh my God, I didn’t realize that.” And he’ll walk in tomorrow and say good God, I think I’m actually doing my business. Adam-And he’s not the type, the type of deals that he’s capable of doing are probably I’m assuming not the type he’s probably gonna get on the floor call of a listing they had or whatever. I mean this guy is capable of doing really big land deals, really big commercial type of deals. Trey-Well this one when he’s talking about was like 700 bills or something, 700K I think. Adam-So why is he taking floor time hoping to find the buyer that wants to buy a house, I mean he can do it because he can do anything. Trey-Well ultimately I think for him, what we’ve gonna do is teach him how to fish. And Frankly, I think if we come up with a very strategic way to engage his sphere and really keep the conversation going and he will have more success than he can imagine. Adam-When I, you know he ask me how is he gonna get leads in our company and I didn’t just say “Here it is, A B and C.” and I said, “honestly we need to make a bigger plan for you” Everyone of our agents gets leads in a different way, you know we like to treat everyone a little bit differently, because everyone likes to work differently. Do you think that made sense to him, or did it sound like just kind of a full. Trey-I think it make sense, I think though with him we’re gonna have to give him step A, step B, step C and hold them accountable to it because he has relied on one model and what we found at Hermann London as you’ll know cause you’ve created it. There are a lot of different ways to climb this tree. And we climb that tree and we do all sorts of things, each in our own individual unique way. Adam-So we can look to help him look back and realize how much of his business has come from friends, family, past clients, referrals that type of thing. Then he’ll be more open to the idea of making  a plan that helps more of his future business come from that. It shouldn’t be too hard for him to change a few things that he’s doing or even just happened to some of our system. That we do for our agents and he’s gonna start getting that kinda  of business anyway. And he can stop spinning how many hours a week he’s doing sitting, like acting as their admin person. Trey-Let me add one thought to that to know. We always under value our time. If you look at what you’re doing on a daily basis how much time do you actually spend doing high value activities that drives your business to success. For hours of floor, is not a high value activity. Sending a personal note to a hundred people that are in your sphere influence. That is a high value activity and I think what we all collectively have to do is think about where we wanna go, and one of those high value activities that we’ve got  to employ in order  to get to where we wanna go. And then do them, and anything that distracts from that, we’re wasting money. We’re wasting time that you have the choice if you wanna spend away a chunk of time just for the giggles a bit, then do that. At your prerogative, but most of us given enormous amounts of time away because we don’t value our time. And what would be interesting with him is the day he looks at himself and he says: “every single hour I have is worth something.” He’ll make different decisions. Adam-Alright we sorta skipped over Brittney. Trey-Oh, I loved her. Adam-Brittney is the person who just bought a house that whenever realtors had a great experience and I was just thinking it’s all about Hermann London for me. I wanna be a realtor, want to do this thing. She’s in an interesting position, Trey. Because she’s making a lot of money now. Trey-She is making big money. Adam-She’s making great money and sounds like she’s got a really good job. She’s doing what she loves, she’s making great money. Why do you think that she wants to be a realtor? Trey-Well I think, this goes back to what one of our biggest philosophy about us having four basic needs. We have the need to be known, we have the need to be loved, we have the need to be accepted and we have the need to play a role of significance in our lives. And I really think what her issue is that she’s done the same thing for so many years and it’s led to a certain amount of success and she’s measured that based on some goals and some things she wanted to accomplish. But I think she’s done all that now and I think she’s right on a ledge saying: “I now want to leap into me, I wanna leap into what the opportunities are for my career fully.” And frankly, you know she’s dabbled with this idea for 10 years. You know she’s mentioned that she’d already been to school 10 years ago, right? But somewhere along the way, life said “now is not the right time.” And I think, now she saying “Now is the right time, let’s run.” Adam-So this is kind of along the same lines of what we’ve been saying about what is success and for her, it’s not just the fact that she’s got a good salary that can probably easily support her and her husband’s lifestyle, right?  But for her, she wants more. Trey-Ultimately, if she can have more by driving it herself, you know I think that people that ultimately lean into their entrepreneurial spirit realize they can make so much more. Actually, it’s about making more money that’s a byproduct but it’s about having freedom of time and money, like you say. Why don’t you talk a little bit about that, what does it mean for you to be free of time and money? Adam-Well when I first started my coaching with you, you know you talk about the “why” and I think is that what you call it, the why? How do you want your life to look and feel. Which is basically like, “what is my why?” You know and in I remember this, you made me go and you made me write it all down, how I want my life to look and feel, and I spent hours on this. I made this huge document and I came back in he said, I spend some more time on it and ultimately my big thing is I want freedom of time and money. And what does that mean to me is that I want to be able to enjoy my life and do the things that I like to do – freedom of time. And freedom of money means, that I don’t wanna have to be constantly either, A) worrying about money and I don’t wanna have to. I don’t wanna have to make decisions just based upon money, you know. And I like the concept of freedom of life and money because it’s gonna give me the ability to live this full kinda life that I want to live.  Trey-Yeah, right. You know what I love about that concept is that applies to all of us, if we were to simply say  that I wanna live my life with freedom of time and money, then that means not that you have to make and enormous amount of money. Sure you can, if that’s what you’d like but, it’s the ability to go into a restaurant and order anything that you want of the menu. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Applebees, you’re still able to go in and order whatever you want. That’s the freedom of money. Freedom of time is being able to direct your schedule to sleep until 10 in the morning, if you want to take the weekend off to have a sense of balance and health and ritual and just a good clean way of living. You know when you claim that power then all of a sudden then you home relationship gets better, in your relationship with your kids and the way you show up and you go from being somebody that’s a drone to society to being somebody that influences the world in a powerful way and that’s what I like about you. You know, let’s face it. We’re not getting rich in the real estate business, but we’re making a nice amount of money that allows us to make a difference in people’s lives and give them great experiences with their homes. Adam-You know I believe that we are getting rich again, I have my fingers up for my quotations, rich in terms of a full of balance, purposeful driven life. You know, not rich in terms if I drive a Lamborghini and I wear a six thousand dollar watch and I have a mansion here and a mansion in Paris and a mansion in Aspen or whatever. Because when I like those things, I guess probably you know but, I don’t necessarily need those things and I’m very happy with the lifestyle that I have and when I say freedom of time and money to me, that means freedom of money within the kind of lifestyle or maybe a little bit better than what I’m currently living. That doesn’t mean something is ridiculous as someone who’s probably living or coming from that scarcity mindset. If I said I want freedom of time and money to someone who’s living in the scarcity mindset, they would think that means “Oh you just wanna be able to buy 10 Lamborghinis.” That’s not what I’m trying to say, Okay? Go back to your cubicle, that’s not what I’m trying to say at all. Alright, I wanna be able to enjoy my life and do the things I like to do, you know in and kind of have and sort of maintain a fun and reasonable lifestyle.  Trey-Absolutely! So what we’re gonna need to do with Brittney is, we’re gonna have to show her that she can move from a corporate environment into and environment of entrepreneurship and in so doing, that’s gonna require her to fine her sense of confidence but ultimately, she’s going to have to craft the plan for success for herself. Adam-Okay, but Brittney is really involved socially, right? It sounds like she goes to church or something like that. She’s got like a sorority group that she’s involved in, she’s got all these different groups of friends. What if Brittney keeps her day job and she does Real Estate at night and let’s say that she did that. What she’s probably have to do for a while anyway, if she wants to replace that really great income she has, what would keeping her day job and having being a realtor at night, what would that do for her identity for herself or her identity within these different circles of friends that sounds like she has and she’s respected in. Trey-Well I think it’s gonna do a couple of things and frankly that’s how I would suggest she do it. She needs to maintain her current position and then you know maybe back off to it through three quarter time then to a half time. Whatever it may be it’s about balancing and when she hit’s her stride what’s gonna happen is she’s gonna feel more confident in who she is as a human being and then all of her peers in these respective groups are going to notice something that’s slightly different with her and what will happen is people will start saying you to look different or what have you changed, how’s your life different and that’s when internally she’ll say I made a shift, I finally started to own my power and here’s the interesting thing Adam. People are attracted to people who own their own power and so she actually will have people coming out of the woodwork saying, “I’d like to work with you, I want your career to be successful.” And then if she does it right, she will build a client base and she’ll also be able to serve and encourage them to do the same things. Adam-I know that she can be successful if she wants it, you know I guess those. I was just kinda curious of how her friends will look at her differently and most likely with more respect, I guess?  Trey-I would think so. Because she shows up now as this amazing woman, great personality all this talents but she’s probably not feeling, maybe she doesn’t have that kind of glow or whatever because she’s excited about her life. So this new excitement about her life will probably turn some of her friends on and maybe turn some of them off, right? They could, but you know I really think that like attracts like. You know that’s a universal principle and so the people in her life that are enthusiastic, that are excited will be attracted to the likeness. Those people that look at her as a threat, will exit from her life which in a fact will make her life better. Because they will no longer be dragging her down a negative path and frankly she’s gonna see a rise in her sense of confidence, she doesn’t have children but if she did have children, her children will respect her differently. Her personal relationship at home is good, you know she even commented about her boyfriend being willing to do anything to make her dreams come true. She’s lined up for great success, we just have to shove her off the cliff so that she knows in a good way, that there’s a good way that there’s a safety net, right? But she knows that she has a safety net of tools, training and resources, a great culture and a great community of people and that were gonna help her step into that power fully. Adam-Alright, well I got to tell you Trey that I can probably sit here and talk to you for another 42 minutes to another hour and 42 minutes, or another 42 days because I just like talking to you. But maybe we should wrap it up. Trey-Well Adam, I’m going to tell you thanks for hanging out with me tonight and I agree I like to chat as well with you. So let me offer one final thought, and this is just for anybody in the real estate business or interested in getting in the real estate business. If you are willing to own yourself fully and take total responsibility while at the same time lining up with a group like Hermann London, you know I’ve said before us what I love about your business because you’ve created a community of like minded people that are encouraging and supporting and growing towards success. So if you in the market if you feel that you got that sense of confidence in you and you want to take a mighty leap, I celebrate what you’ve done here in Hermann London and I would invite other folks in the community to think about it, Real Estate is a great career and even if you are feeling frustrated, defeated and deflated, maybe you need a dose of Adam Kruse and the Herman London team to get yourself right in the place you need to feel really great about life cause it’s really about freedom of the time and money I believe.  Adam-That’s perfect, I have all sorts of closing remarks but I’m just gonna leave it like that so I like people to be left that powerful message, so we’ll see you guys next week.