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19 Nov Top Tools for Agents and Real Estate Companies

It can be quite amazing to think of all the different technologies we use in our daily lives as Realtors.  Here is a list of some of our favorites, maybe some of them will be able to help you.

Sample list of the tools we use to help us succeed

  • MailChimp – This is the service we use to send out our monthly agent-branded eNewsletters. It’s awesome because it feeds directly from our company blog and the agents’ blogs.
  • Shortstack – A cool tool that makes it incredibly easy to add features to our company and agents’ Facebook fan pages. Now we have property search and other tools right on our Facebook pages.
  • RealGeeks – We believe our website has one of the best home search functions in St. Louis. RealGeeks gives our visitors the ability to search specifically for short sales and foreclosures, etc.
  • Matrix – This is the crazy detailed property search function that we use as Realtors to find properties for our clients. We have been really impressed by the reports and data that we are able to pull from here.
  • Rule.fm – Running a real estate company, charity events, web projects etc, creates a lot of tasks, projects, contacts, and generally lots of details. Rule.fm helps to stay organized.
  • PaperlessPipeline – This is a software service we use to keep track of all of our contracts and deals we have going on. This allows us to share, check, and store all of the paperwork as PDFs that other real estate companies keep in boxes and file cabinets.
  • Renewstl – This is the custom listing domain platform that allows us to create property-specific websites for each of our listings. We use these sites to market our homes, generate interest, and overall maintain a larger footprint online.
  • WordPress – We love WordPress. This is the content management system we use for our company blog and our agent websites. By utilizing WordPress we are able to do any customizations we want, and always stay up to date with the latest technology. Our agent websites will never be out of date because we use this open-source solution that people are always updating.

This is just a sample…we have a TON more.  We are always open to sharing our tips and tricks. If you would like to compare notes, let us know.

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