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24 Feb The Importance of Quarterly Inspections

One of the defining characteristics of Hermann London Property Management is the completion of quarterly inspections on all rental properties that we manage. There are several reasons why these brief walk-through inspections are important.

First, it allows the property manager to view the general condition of the interior and exterior of the property. In this respect, if there were any damages occurring from maybe the tenant’s pet, or perhaps the tenant has put a hole in a wall or broken a kitchen cabinet door, the property manager would see it and it could be addressed promptly. Otherwise, it may be a year or more before the damages are noticed which equates to greater burden and expense for the landlord. If the property manager and tenant cannot find a reasonable and timely solution to fixing these types of problems, the next step would be to evict the “problem” tenant before more damage occurs.

In addition, we are also checking safety items during the inspections like confirming the smoke detectors are still in place and functioning properly. In the event of a fire, the smoke detector is often the difference between the home’s occupant living or dying. More and more municipalities are requiring a carbon monoxide detector as part of their conditions for granting occupancy. We test these as well and they are typically installed right outside of bedrooms. We make sure the furnace filter is being changed, which should typically happen at least every 3 months, if not more frequently. This simple item alone can save the landlord thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement of the HVAC components and systems. By regularly changing the furnace filter, it will lower the monthly utility bills, it will keep the system from working so hard to constantly try to meet the set temperature, and it will prevent the mechanical components from getting dirty and failing prematurely.

Finally, there may be something happening that the tenant did not report or was unaware of. For example, a water heater may be showing signs of leaking and that could be replaced before it fails and empties 40+ gallons of water all over the floor. Or a piece of siding may have been dislodged from a recent storm that would allow rain or pests inside if not addressed. Even gutters that are not regularly being cleaned out can cause water to leak into the basement when they overflow. Making sure these types of things get addressed go a long way to protecting the landlord’s investment.

At Hermann London Property Management, we strive to protect our client’s properties like they are our own. By completing routine inspections each quarter of the year, we provide an invaluable service giving them peace of mind. Being proactive saves the landlords expense and frustration, and these inspections are one of our greatest tools to provide that.

Tom Potter, Property Manager

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