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Why Property Management

25 Feb Why Use a Property Manager?

What Are The Advantages of Using a Property Manager?

There are several reasons why the owner of a property can benefit from letting a Property Manager operate his/her rental units. A strong Property Manager will oversee:

  • Advertising and showing property to prospective tenants
  • Screening prospective tenants
  • Collecting rent and maintaining financial records
  • Addressing maintenance calls and repairs
  • Inspecting properties
  • Dealing with tenant complaints

The end result, obviously, is that you, as the property owner, have more free time. You will have security knowing that your property is well-maintained and will have the pleasure of simply collecting a check each month.

At the Hermann London Group in Saint Louis, we take pride in providing the best possible services to you, the property owner, and the tenants, while simultaneously working to make your investment profitable. Some other services we offer stem from our Property Management software. This system allows you to securely log-in to check on the status of rent payments for your properties as well as print numerous, detailed reports. Moreover, we have developed relationships with several maintenance and cleaning companies that get work done quickly and efficiently.

Whether it involves a large repair for a tenant or a general cleaning and touch-up to entice new tenants, our contacts do a fantastic job every time. In addition, with current market conditions as they are, many individuals who want to sell their properties are not able to get a respectable ROI. It is often prudent, in this case, to retain the property until conditions improve. Subsequently, renting your house, condo, or duplex can help alleviate the stresses of making mortgage payments while the property continues to stay on the market.

In essence then, every month that the property you are trying to sell sits empty represents a loss of potential income. Let Saint Louis’ Hermann London Property Management help you get started making money today!

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