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04 Aug Ep. 33 Land Tax Sales with Attorney Dale Sweet


In this episode Realtors Adam Kruse, Holly Laws, and Shannon St. Pierre interview attorney Dale Sweet from the offices of Jonathan P. Beck. Find out about some of the rules and regulations regarding land tax sales. Email questions to PODCAST@HermannLondon.com

Adam Kruse, Holly Laws, Shannon St. Pierre, and Dale Sweet

Adam Kruse, Holly Laws, Shannon St. Pierre, and Dale Sweet










0:50 Adam introduces Shannon St. Pierre, Holly Laws, and Dale Sweet
1:40 Dale’s office puts on free seminars about tax sales
2:25 Why would Realtors need to know about tax sales if they don’t get commissions
3:20 How do tax sales help to improve neighborhoods
4:34 What is a tax sale and how does a property end up on the list
8:52 Do tax sale properties have a mortgage
10:52 What are the 2 biggest tax sale myths
13:00 What is a quiet title
15:33 How expensive is a quiet title search
18:00 How can someone get on Dale’s free email list
18:55 How many tax sales are there every year
19:50 Is it possible to buy tax sales outside of the scheduled auction dates
21:20 Are the properties always empty
22:00 How do these properties get inspected and who handles evictions
25:00 What happens if a property is occupied by a renter already
27:55 At what point in the process does an attorney get involved
29:30 When is payment do at auction and what forms of payment are accepted
31:00 How to find these tax sale properties besides getting on Dale’s email list
32:20 Why is the street address misleading when bidding on tax sales
35:00 How does the mow to own program work
37:50 How is the opening bid determined
39:30 Why isn’t the opening bid closer to what the property is actually worth
40:25 What happens to the extra money after the property sells
42:00 What happens if the original owner comes back (right of redemption)
46:34 At what point does the winning bidder actually own the property
50:00 Is it common for the original owner to get the property back
58:00 Dale’s number one piece of advice for someone who has never done a tax sale
59:45 Why do properties come off the list at the last minute
1:03:08 Who lives under Dale’s roof
1:03:15 Where is Dale at his best
1:03:31 Favorite blog or podcast
1:03:48 What is Dale’s guilty pleasure
1:04:02 Who is Dale’s mentor and how has he thanked them

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