04 Aug Ep. 45 Straight Up Solar


In this episode, Realtor Adam Kruse and Realtor Shannon St. Pierre talk to Doug Munsch and Emma Gilmore of Straight Up Solar. Find out how solar helps homeowners become more energy independent.

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1:00 Adam introduces Doug Munsch and Emma Gilmore

1:41 How did Doug Munsch go from being a yoga instructor to working with Straight Up Solar?

2:45 How has Straight Up Solar grown since its founding in 2006?

3:25 How did Emma Gilmore get involved in the solar industry?

5:55 Why should someone get solar?

6:45 Is solar always installed on roofs? What are solar ground mounts?

7:30 Are there financial benefits to going solar? Is solar just about protecting the environment?

8:20 How is solar different in Missouri compared to other parts of the world?

9:45 Buying solar is comparable to buying a car

10:00 Is the price of solar constantly going down?

11:50 What solar tax credits are available? What was proposition C?

15:50 How much money does solar save?

17:10 How long does it take to get your money back from installing solar?

18:40 Will a current piece of solar technology become outdated?

21:22 Where do most homes get their energy from?

23:32 What are photovoltaic panels? What are agrarian systems? What are utility scale systems?

24:25 What are the environmental benefits of solar?

27:14 How can people be more efficient with their energy usage?

28:15 What is the impact of solar panels on the life of the roof?

29:40 How are solar panels uninstalled and reinstalled?

30:30 How does solar basically work?

35:00 What is net metering when it comes to solar?

37:40 A Glendale homeowner had solar panels and an electric car charging station

38:50 How do real estate agents think about solar?

40:50 Contact Straight Up Solar at 314-218-2663 or 844-97-Solar

42:15 How does Straight Up Solar use Google Maps for the first solar consultation?

43:15 What does the solar calculator on Straight Up Solar’s website tell you?

44:07 What is energy independence? What is living off the grid?

43:25 Are there HOA rules regarding solar? How can you prepare your neighbors for your solar panels?

47:10 What is the Illinois Solar Homeowners Bill of Rights?

48:10 What is a solar water heater?

49:20 Are Tesla solar panel shingles available yet?

50:35 What do modern solar panels look like?

53:15 How do solar power battery banks create more energy independence?

55:05 What is the shelf life of solar technology? When is a solar module considered to be dead?

55:50 Do solar modules still produce energy when covered by snow?

57:35 What is group-buy, co-op, and community solar? What is a solar bulk buy?

1:00:00 What is a NABCEP certification?

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