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03 Oct Ep. 46 Live From Shannon St. Pierre’s Rehab


In this episode, Realtor Adam Kruse and Realtor Shannon St. Pierre record live from inside of Shannon’s brand new rehab property. In the first in a series, Shannon shares exactly how much everything has cost so far and how difficult the beginning stages of getting bids for all the work has been. Who knew it can cost $15,000 to cut down a tree!

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0:29 Adam and Shannon are recording live from Shannon’s rehab/investment property in Tower Grove
0:54 How did Shannon find her investment property?
0:59 What was the buying process like for Shannon’s investment property?
1:35 How much did Shannon pay for her investment property in Tower Grove?
2:04 What work has Shannon done on her investment property so far? How much yard work did Shannon have to do on her investment property?
3:00 Is this Shannon’s first rehab?
3:40 Is it easier to buy a shell of a house or knock down a bunch of walls?
4:06 Will Shannon be selling her rehab property?
5:00 Talking about specific numbers and costs of a rehab will help others learn how to rehab
5:23 What is a HELOC (home equity line of credit)? What can you do with $100,000?
8:22 How did Shannon find out how much her rehab was going to cost?
8:44 Is plumbing the most expensive part of a rehab? Is it possible to get 2 HELOCs on the same house?
10:30 How far off can an appraisal be?
11:45 Is insurance expensive for a rehab?
12:20 How expensive is it to have a tree service take down a tree?
14:02 What are the holding costs each month?
14:41 What is Shannon’s timeline to have the rehab finished?
15:08 How often will Shannon be at the rehab property during construction?
16:55 How big is a shotgun house normally?
17:18 How much is Shannon is hoping to sell the rehab for? What is required to call a room a bedroom?
18:55 How much are the electrical bids that Shannon is getting?
20:14 Can contractors be paid less if they are not done by the agreed upon date?
21:40 Hiring a mix of super qualified contractors and regular handymen
22:30 What is a hold harmless agreement?
23:45 What problems has Shannon already had?
26:04 What does Shannon expect to be done in a month?
27:00 Does Ikea offer design services to help plan out a kitchen?


Adam: live on the rooftop of the Hermann London real estate group in beautiful downtown Maplewood is the st. Louis realtor podcast with your host Adam Kruse welcome welcome everybody to the st. Louis realtor podcast live from the Shannons rehab

Shannon: yeah…I bought a house

Adam: hey everybody so Shannon bought a house

Shannon: I did I bought a house

Adam: are you gonna live here

Shannon: no I am NOT

Adam: you bought an investment property

Shannon: I did I brought an investment property

Adam: okay so tell us well first of all what part of town are we in

Shannon: we’re in the Grove

Adam: we’re in the Grove how did you find this place

Shannon: I actually found it on the MLS

Adam: oh this was the MLS property

Shannon: It was

Adam: and you and you bought it you did you negotiate did you work some deals

Shannon: I bought it no there was some a couple of their offers on the table

Adam: uh-huh

Shannon: and so but I didn’t negotiate kind of with the seller directly which is probably a little odd because he didn’t have an agent he had a transaction broker

Adam: okay (2)

Shannon: so I don’t really technically know how that works because but the transaction broker it was never present really in any part of this transaction

Adam: well we’ll talk about that on another podcast know what that so tell me can you tell us how much you paid for the property

Shannon: 60

Adam: 60 okay and you can look around on this video and you can see we’re sitting amongst the studs it looks like you guys have already done some demo or did you buy it like this with rehab started

Shannon: yep I bought it exactly as you see it right now so I think he was in the midst of doing this rehab I think he was in over his head didn’t really know where to go

Adam: and you saw that he thought hey my first rehab some other guys in over his head but I got this

Shannon:  right (2)

Adam: okay so I saw a picture of you on Facebook where you guys were already like doing some sort of work what have you done already

Shannon: so the first thing that we had to tackle was the yard the weeds were probably as tall as my shoulders

Adam: oh wow see this yard

Shannon: yes but there was so much trash and debris among the (2) weeds and in the yard that I could have paid somebody to come out and do it but it was pretty expensive so it just kind of brought my weed whacker out and just started knocking down the weeds and a ticket took a few days to actually get through it and cut down some of the (2) weeds that were really grown into some pretty large almost trees

Adam: well I’m sure that we can agree and when we’re doing our podcast five years from now you’re gonna say haha don’t do your own yard work hire someone for that right I’m sure we can agree that your highest and best use is not debt but my opinion is this is your first REO it’s not really your first rehab

Shannon: No

Adam: but this is kind of your first rehab to be a rehab or right

Shannon: well yeah so right yeah so I’ve done other projects I’ve done other I’ve done other rehabs of sorts and I live in a rehab that good

Adam: right (2)

Shannon: but this is a twosie this is everything so I have not done a rehab to this degree

Adam: okay

Shannon: where and that’s where I think I saw this as an opportunity I know what kind of things cost in general so when I walked in it really is a shell and I knew I was being a shell and to me that’s almost easier than buying something that you have to knock down walls

Adam:  and you find a bunch of secrets

Shannon and you find a bunch of secrets and surprises that you weren’t prepared for

Adam: well just like when I buy an investment property and a rental property or whatever I think it makes sense to spend you know at least a weekend or so working on the place because you’re really familiarize yourself with the property it’s problems all the little weird kinks about it right and in your case I guess you’re going to rehab it and then sell it

Shannon: yes so we are going to fix it up and

Adam: sell it

Shannon: we sell it

Adam: but then you’ll know when they do their inspections they’re going to be no surprises for you probably

Shannon: right

Adam: and that’s

Shannon: I’m hoping so absolutely if everything is done correctly absolutely it should be a very flawless inspection for the buyers

Adam: well one of the ideas that we wanted to do on this podcast is go through actual numbers right

Shannon: yes

Adam: and so people always talk about oh I’m gonna buy a property or you know I see on Facebook people like looking to buy more rentals you know I posted something like that the other day I think people are sitting there wondering okay Shannon where the heck did you get  60 thousand dollars to buy this house and where are you gonna get the money to do the rehab and I am not the kind of guy who would ever ask such a personal question but you told me you wanted to talk

Shannon:  yeah I don’t have a problem talking about the personal aspect of it or the numbers just because I think it does help other people out I think that that’s what helps me out or helped me out through some of this process is really understanding and listening to other podcasts or other investors really roll out the numbers to understand how they got from point A to point B and so for me I did a HELOC so a home equity line of credit so I took out money based on the equity of my house

Adam: so the house that you live in has equity meaning it’s worth X and you only owe X so you’re able to borrow on this difference

Shannon: yes

Adam: I shouldn’t have used X time right you was worth actually owed Y and you’re able to borrow in the difference

Shannon: right (3)

Adam: okay which is interesting because I think a lot of people think I would love to do a rehab if only I had more money

Shannon: right so we bought our house 10 years ago and we put and it was it was a rehab so we’ve put a lot into it but now after 10 years for one I guess it appreciated pretty quickly after we did the rehab so we 2 years ago did a HELOC the house appraised at 350 I think appraisals are pretty interesting because they can really skew from

Adam: okay

Shannon: that’s a hundred thousand

Adam: two years ago you thought we would like to have a home equity line of credit we already a realtor at the time

Shannon: I was a realtor and what we were trying to get into starting to buy investment properties

Adam: okay

Shannon: and rentals at the time

Adam: so you called a blender they hired an appraiser they came out they said it’s worth 350 they knew what you owed on it

Shannon: yes

Adam: and they said we’ll give you a loan for 80 percent of the equity or how’d they do that

Shannon: yeah so it’s 80% of the equity in the house so

Adam: there’s an 80% of the appraised value minus what you owe

Shannon: yeah it’s 80% of the appraised value minus what you owe

Adam: okay and so that was in your case at least $60,000

Shannon: yes so in that case it was about it was a hundred thousand

Adam: okay

Shannon: so initially but we were having a baby and it started to get a little bit overwhelming so what I ended up doing with the cash at the time was just hard money lending for awhile for about a year and a half or so but we got that money back at the beginning of this year and since the beginning of this year I’ve really been hard hitting it trying to find investment properties as in rentals

Adam: right

Shannon: um and I think the hardest part for any investor is just getting started you know it’s the analysis paralysis

Adam: absolutely

Shannon: what do I want and I’ve seen other investors and I’ve worked with them come to go I have a hundred thousand which seems to be around the number and now I want the most for my money but I don’t know what that means necessarily everybody has to come to terms with what that means to them

Adam: exactly

Shannon: and so is it cash flow is it just a solid investment that you can sell later that it appraises you know so there’s all these factors and that we shouldn’t you know we’ll do another podcast and all the different ways to the investors figure that out

Adam: so you knew you had a hundred thousand available and on this property you came in you said okay I can buy it for sixty did you do any sort of bringing contractors over to evaluate what the rehab was going to cost or how did you decide

Shannon: not really um I kind of knew you know we have spreadsheets (2) are widely available to you to

Adam: for rehab cost [???]

Shannon: yeah kind of guesstimate soar estimates now so I really take those the one thing I was not sure about was the plumbing so I did have the plumber I use to come over because I knew that that would be the most I thought expensive part of the rehab because I thought it was pretty much all knew it was gonna have to be redone on the continent floored the – all the way out to the actual

Adam: did you do the inspections and find it

Shannon: no it was just a 10-day cash deal

Adam: wow you closed in 10 days

Shannon: no because there were title issues

Adam: ok supposed to you agreed to close in 10 days with no inspections

Shannon: right

Adam: no not a four-letter line you just assumed the sewer lateral line is constant we need an all-new

Shannon: oh yes

Adam: Wow okay so you kinda that’s interesting that’s still I guess conservative approach if you budget it in for worst night scenarios

Shannon: right

Adam: okay and tell me what did you think the whole rehab is going to cost

Shannon: so oh I think I thought at worst about our highest was maybe 90,000

Adam: including the purchase price

Shannon: no

Adam: you’re gonna put 90 more into it

Shannon: right

Adam: okay

Shannon: so ultimately what we had to do is go get another HELOC loan

Adam: on your house

Shannon: on my house

Adam: okay

Shannon: so I switched banks I went over to Central Bank I have a relationship with a guy over there and I did a 90 percent he bought

Adam:  oh they had a better program 90 percent

Shannon: they did they have up to 95 but you have to really I think it’s a very under the table kind of type thing where they (2) really got to know you and know where your money is and what you’re doing

Adam: okay so you’re willing and able to spend an additional 90 thousand dollars on this property

Shannon: yeah so we actually did the new HELOC and we did another appraisal which is why we probably joke about appraisals so the appraisal came back at 4:15 this time

Adam: okay right I always joke about appraiser

Shannon: I mean it’s a game it’s a total game and so we were the (2) HELOC in total now was a hundred and ninety seven thousand dollars

Adam: holy cow

Shannon: so that’s way more than we need right but that does allow us to you know pay off the other HELOC because we’re transferring everything over the central bank we are doing the that’ll allow us to do the rehab and if an investment property another one either rehab or rental kind of pops up it allows us the down payment for that I don’t know that it allows us enough to do to buy outright some another rehab

Adam: well it’s good that you have more than you need because you know on every rehab TV show it’s like we don’t have enough money and then it cuts to commercial right

Shannon: yes

Adam: and so hopefully you’ll have enough money even if you find out something crazy

Shannon: right and really the budgets kind of come down to no more than 80 is what I really think we can I’m trying to keep it 78 at 75 I think no more than 80 it should be realistic I mean because you got to remember there’s holding costs there’s the cost of the HELOC

Adam: right

Shannon: um so

Adam: there’s gonna be realtor fees [???]

Shannon: the insurance is very expensive for rehab

Adam: insurance once you get it all done are you gonna do staging

Shannon: yes and that’s minimum what 3,000

Adam: I mean depends on who you hire

Shannon: yeah but I want I have very specific staging in mind

Adam: okay

Shannon: so much so that I’m actually thinking of just buying my own furniture

Adam: okay well then when did you buy this place what like so today [???]

Shannon: at the end of August

Adam: she bought it

Shannon: very

Adam: years ago

Shannon: yeah it so about a month ago or right at probably three weeks ago yeah

Adam: three weeks ago and all you’ve done is yard work

Shannon: right so it’s always a lot more complicated as you know people have asked that a thousand times over so what have you done what have you done absolutely nothing besides the yard work and trying to get quotes together

Adam: you’ve been getting close

Shannon: yes so there’s a few more trees to take down than I was expecting and trying to get a tree service over here has been challenging and then the I think the first quote came in at about $15,000 and I had about five thousand in a budget

Adam: do we really need to get the trees taking down before we can take down this like a

Shannon: framing

Adam: framing I mean [???]

Shannon: well really I want to make it watertight so it does need a new roof I think I feel like the roof leaks somewhere and I’m I think if there’s like a corner over there I think kind of like I don’t feel like it’s watertight

Adam: okay

Shannon: and so I want to make it watertight

Adam: throw the new roof before you start putting a bunch of money on the end

Shannon: yes so I wanted but I also need to do the tuckpointing because the tech corner needs to build up the and redo some of the parapet walls so you have to have the Tuck pointer and the roof are kind of in cahoots together and at the same time but to do the roof in order to get I have to get the trees taken care of because they’re looming right over the (2) roof

Adam: okay so

Shannon: [???] start cutting him I don’t want him to cut over a new roof

Adam: so part of the hole closing in ten days thing meant that you weren’t able to take any of that time while you didn’t own it to start getting bids

Shannon: not really

Adam: if you would have done a typical 30 to 45 day closing next (2) one you do will you try for a little bit longer closing and then be trying to get all those bids before you’ve even bought it

Shannon: um maybe

Adam: okay and I guess you’re holding costs on this aren’t that crazy per month can you kind of give me an idea what they are per month

Shannon: well right now wood since we switched the HELOC it’s about 4% I don’t have any water or electricity I don’t have any utilities coming into the house at all so I don’t really have utilities and so it’s really the HELOC and the insurance

Adam: so did you get property insurance

Shannon: I did and rehab insurance which is exponentially

Adam: more expensive okay

Shannon: I think it’s (2) more than my homeowner’s

Adam: well

Shannon: just six months

Adam: so with all the I guess that’s because you live at home and you’re kind of protecting the house right now I know this place is vacant anyone could break in and so with all this work you’re planning on doing what’s your timeline

Shannon: my timeline is 6 months

Adam: 6 months so March which is perfect that’s a great time to be trying to sell right

Shannon: right

Adam: and so people are hopefully we get the heat going in here before the wintertime

Shannon: well that is kind of the plan is to try and get everything it water tight new roof tuckpointing and utilities and to keep it warm throughout the winter

Adam: once you have people over here working how often are you going to be here

Shannon: probably all the time I’ll probably be the project manager

Adam: so there will be someone here tiling or framing or whatever and you’re gonna be here kind of finding work to do to just to keep eyes on everything

Shannon: now I won’t be actually here working but I’ll be popping in constantly and like a project manager

Adam: which you have the flexibility to do if somebody that’s listening or watching has the opportunity wants to do this but they have a full-time job would you say they can’t do it unless they can be here all the time or do you think they should just be like coming by maybe after work or at lunch or something yet

Shannon: I think that that’s the thing is I think you can pop by during lunch and after work and see where they’re at I have the contractors they can call you during the day and when they have questions because they have a thousand questions as they go through the project

Adam: and you’re calling yourself the project manager is that the same thing as the general contractor meaning you’re managing all the subs and everything

Shannon: yes

Adam: is it going to be your job if they need more mortar is it gonna be your job to run to Home Depot and get it or is that their job

Shannon: I would say that’s gonna be their job but if need be I could do it

Adam: okay (2)

Shannon: I’ve done that

Adam: yeah

Shannon: I am pass projects

Adam: i am sure you ran your numbers right and so you know this area really well

Shannon: I do I’m actually working on another rehab with an investor that so that’s more of a client it’s exactly the same footprint it’s a shotgun style house so it’ll be one bedroom on the main floor finished basement

Adam: is this gonna be a finished basement

Shannon: yes

Adam: okay Wow

Shannon: so when you are order

Adam: [???]

Shannon: yes so shotgun style homes don’t typically have a lot of square footage enough to have two bedrooms a traditional size anyway so (2) usually what you’ll find is a living area kitchen one bedroom then downstairs is a bedroom and another finished room so depending on how you work egress it could be two bedrooms

Adam: okay so assuming the market continues to be at least as good as it is now or hopefully in your case appreciates do you have any idea what you would kind of be hoping to sell the place for

Shannon: so close around the to mark and that’s pretty much our mark for the other rehab that I’m working with on the investor I’ve seen that pulled off more than a few times I’ve seen up to 250

Adam: okay this must be a pretty hot area if you’re gonna sell a one-bedroom house for 200

Shannon: well it’d be 2 bedroom

Adam: because of the basement

Shannon: yes

Adam: okay

Shannon: and now it will be a legitimate two bedroom because egress Hudson

Adam: you’re gonna build or like carve out bigger windows and all sorts of stuff

Shannon: yes and yes so there’s a couple things that you have to you have to make sure the electrical box is not is in a common area otherwise it can’t be called a bedroom because right now the electrical box is in that back room which we’re gonna do as a bedroom so that has to be moved to a common area and for us to be able to call it Red Room

Adam: it’s good that you know all those rules in advance right otherwise that could be another like oh my gosh the electric box break too commercial

Shannon: right

Adam: right

Shannon: right yeah I mean I think that that’s but that’s the other thing this the city of st. Louis has added a lot of new codes as of mid-September

Adam: oh they did

Shannon: yes a lot of them and there are a ton of new electrical codes it’s almost an overhaul of the electrical code here in the city of St. Louis so much so that they’re calling for some pretty drastic things that are going to exponentially increase the cost of doing electricity

Adam: so are you meeting with like a couple different like super professional electric companies

Shannon: yes

Adam: and getting their bids but also just like learning from them listening to what they say

Shannon: yes so they’re good so I’ve met with one he’s gone through the new code with me and he showed me the email he goes I know he goes if you try to get bids and they’re half of what I’m (2) telling I’m offering or bidding he goes it may not pass and hey I want you to know why so um you know they’re calling for arc fault breakers and you know normal breakers $5 and arc fault breakers $40 so if you have to do all those I mean you’re talking about something that was $1,600 previously is now $3,000

Adam: holy cow

Shannon: so that’s something we’re gonna have to figure out manage and

Adam: well remember many

Shannon: make up some cost like thing

Adam: yeah many podcasts ago we interviewed San Merrill and he’s like it comes around now [???]

Shannon: yeah…the fortune builders

Adam: but he used to have the TV show they were on HGTV’s

Shannon: put this house

Adam: put this house  whatever and one of the things I learned from watching that TV show was about how they would make their contractors sign something that said great here’s what we pay that’s fine here’s what we’re agreeing to but if you’re not done by this date then we’re going to reduce what owe by X amount so every week that you go by every day that you go by then I owe you less money which puts a deadline on the contractor I don’t know if you remember us talking about that

Shannon: okay so here’s my thought process because the investor tried to do that with the contractor over at the (2) one across a few blocks away and she’s and he was like it so what he ultimately ended up doing is extending the time almost doubling it and then he is like but if we get done early we want a reward so we want we want more money if we’re done early and then if we’re not done on time yes you can penalize us but instead of it taking say 6 weeks he was now saying but now it’s gonna take 12 weeks I mean

Adam: [???]

Shannon: no I (2) didn’t think that that was a really good idea because I’m like of course he’s gonna be done early he extended it out he doubled this time

Adam: so that’s the savvy contractor trying to negotiate and kind of play games back right I mean

Shannon: right

Adam: I think it’s fair if they say oh I think we can get it done in four weeks let’s just say it’s fair if you want to add that that they add on maybe two weeks or something like that in 6 weeks and that’s fair right but for me as an investor all I want to know is when is it going to be done

Shannon: right

Adam: I can play it

Shannon: I think if you hire someone halfway reputable they want to get the job done too so that they can get paid this is how they make their living now if you’re gonna hire some Yahoo who you know like because he’s so cheap but he doesn’t show up

Adam: well so you’re gonna probably have a mix right you’re probably gonna hire super fret professional plumber super professional Electric Company but like your flooring guy or the guy who’s gonna paint or someone like that I mean they they’re probably not going to go with Angie’s List triple-a rated guy you’re gonna be like

Shannon: no…no…someone who’s good who’s come by recommendation may be for sure yes so there will certainly be a mix but the guys in regards to the permits because we are going to pull

Adam: permits perfect

Shannon: yeah absolutely and that he that yeah so those are the things that are going to really to eat into your time though the framing the electrical the plumbing and so those guys will be

Adam: drywall whatever

Shannon: mm-hmm

Adam: so do you have any sort of agreements that you’re gonna make people sign about reducing your liability if they get hurt here

Shannon: hold harmless

Adam: uh-huh

Shannon: um I thought about it hey I’m not sure I guess the key is if they have they need to be insurance like [???]

Adam: so gonna verify all that

Shannon: I mean I think that that’s my the insurance that I carry and commercial that’s one of kind of the (2) terms in there so

Adam: we have we have one of those agreements you can use from Herman London

Shannon: hold harmless

Adam: I don’t know if it does exactly what it’s called but I had a contractor one time that cut himself while he was working on my house and he was I’m like all I need is for this guy to see a brown and crouppen billboard on his way home from the hospital you know what I mean and so from then on I make everybody sign that kind of agreement because I don’t want to be you know I don’t want my project to be like super liable of somebody

Shannon: getting hurt which is

Adam: themselves

Shannon: yeah (2) it’s the nature of the project though too

Adam: it is the nature of the nature of the project but we can mitigate our risks as much as possible

Shannon: yes

Adam: which you’ve done financially by having extra money available you’ve done financially by over hopefully over bidding in your mind what you think things might cost which we can do by getting multiple bids having good agreements with people so let’s talk about what problems you’ve already had you’ve owned the place for a month you said you haven’t done anything have you already come across things you said the trees

Shannon: yeah so the trees like I said that’s gonna be a little bit more I think like what you said it rings so true it’s nice to kind of work in the property and on the property even though it may not do everything and then you don’t it’s not the best use of time what it does allow me to do is intimately get to know the property enough to know what we might need to do so as I’m here I’m like you know what I really I really do want to take down a bunch of trees to really kind of carry off and so the best time to do that is altogether versus kind of later on down the road adding more services like that so I think it’s nice to sit in here and kind of try and picture what we want to do for one all this framing is going go it doesn’t work with what the layout the bedroom that they have framed out doesn’t even have a window in it which so you can’t call it a bedroom because you

Adam: see a bottle of empty bottle of wine over there so I guess you guys have been over here kind of thinking and just talking and

Shannon: yes so I had when my girlfriend’s come over and help me we kind of like think through some of the layouts because it is extraordinarily challenging to try them for everything that you want to fit into this space that that the buyers want today it’s a very small space and it’s (2) not very long and it’s definitely not very wide we’re talking 14 feet wide that’s it

Adam: Wow okay so do we actually need a bedroom I mean can it just be all open and they can like have a bed in the middle

Shannon: mm-hmm I don’t know that that’s desirable to today’s buyer so again we go back to trying to hammer out some of the layouts that really would please today’s buyer

Adam: right (3) okay let’s see what else should we talk about here today

Shannon: nothing I mean this is just the start of it

Adam: this is just the start

Shannon: I think so kind of like try and do these shorter podcasts on these the rehab to kind of allow people to follow maybe some of the progress and learn from my mistakes because on every project there’s mistakes

Adam: so if we come back in a month what’s going to be done

Shannon: yeah probably in a month hopefully at least

Adam: the new roof

Shannon: new roof

Adam: so the trees will be down the roof

Shannon: I hopefully the trees will be down the roof and tack point

Adam: are you guys going to try to like demo this [???] yourself

Shannon: you know I have a guy who can demo this pretty inexpensively and that’s where I’m like that might be a better use of my time I’ve spent enough time inside and really I’m kind of going around with the contractor this guy that I’ve been trying to hammer out some deals with on the layout and we’ve kind of gone back and forth so much that I can’t even get the kitchen down because it’s (2) hard to see this space and one of the things I was doing a you’ll see some of this tape I’ll go in and lay out spaces with tape

Adam: oh these are example walls

Shannon: yeah so (2)me of my taping and some of my two-by-fours are kind of some walls and so he’s like what you really need to do he goes is just cut it and then you’ll have this nice blank canvas that maybe you can think through some of your troubled spots and in trying to really finalize your layout

Adam: so what IKEA just come over here and design something for you

Shannon: they can

Adam: I mean design a service they

Shannon: it is I think it’s like it’s a $250 service for them to come out and design a kitchen but you get that back if you buy the cabinet

Adam: they just do the kitchen though I mean they you know you’re going to IKEA and they have

Shannon: I don’t have the other planning services I know that the kitchen one you can do

Adam: okay because you go in there and it’s like here’s 30 square foot like

Shannon: there are other furniture stores that do that they offer design services and they will come out

Adam: ok well I cannot wait to come back here in a month or so maybe we’ll give you two months just to get it going and see how it’s going I really hope anyone watching or listening will submit questions comments concerns I know Brad Evans will comment and say ask if you need flooring you know

Shannon: ok…yeah

Adam: we look forward to following up thanks for letting us in sharing your numbers with us

Shannon: absolutely

Adam: and hope you’ll continue to as the project goes because this is super valuable to anyone watching and listening that’s thinking man that’s what I really wish I was doing with my Wednesday

Shannon: yes well I hope that I hope someone else take something away from this

Adam: well so for everybody listening thank you very much and we look forward to having I guess you listen to or watch our next podcast if you have any questions it’s podcast at HermanLondon.com any suggestions for future podcasts and we’re looking forward to the company picnic Friday by the way I’m glad to hear you’re coming

Shannon: yes of course I’ll be there

Adam: I gonna be arm wrestling

Shannon: I don’t know if I want to embarrass the other girls like that fit

Adam: okay alright so anyway thanks again and take care

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