31 Oct Ep. 48 A Conversation at a Coffeehouse About Shipping Container Homes


In this episode, Realtor Adam Kruse and Realtor Shannon St. Pierre talk shipping container homes with Zachary Smithey and Joseph Bandalos at La Mancha Coffeehouse right down the street from the shipping container house they are building in Old North St. Louis

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Shanon St. Pierre, Zachary Smithey, Joseph Bandalos, and Adam Kruse









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0:30 Adam and Shannon are live from La Mancha Coffeehouse across from Crown Candy talking to Zack Smithe and Joseph Bandelos

1:00 Zack and Joseph are building a shipping container home in Old North St. Louis

1:14 Joseph Bandelos caused some controversy when he built a shipping container home in St. Charles

1:28 Why build shipping container homes?

1:46 Is it cheaper to buy shipping containers?

2:20 Are there a ton of shipping containers available to buy?

2:41 When is a shipping container taken out of circulation?

3:26 Is it hard to turn a shipping container into scrap metal?

4:30 What was the approval process like?

6:06 What is involved with maintaining the structural integrity?

6:51 How many square feet is one container?

7:18 Is a foundation required even for a tiny home shipping container? Does it have to be on wheels?

7:52 How do you make a shipping container permanent?

8:15 How can stacking shipping containers make natural decks and carports? How high can you stack shipping containers?

9:27 Contact information Zachary.smithey@gmail.com, jbandalos@hotmail.com

10:21 Zach is working on efficient designs for affordable housing

10:31 The owner of the property who is having the shipping container built in Old North bought the land from the LRA

11:29 What kind of foundation was poured for the Old North shipping container home?

13:28 Can a shipping container house be blown away?

13:55 Adam wants a shipping container home on his property in Steelville. How hard is it to cut holes in the walls of a shipping container?

15:30 How do the overhanging parts of the shipping container home work?

16:20 How much welding is needed on a shipping container house?

18:20 The Old North shipping container home will be made up of 9 containers and be 2,800 square feet with 3 bed and 2.5 baths.

18:50 How hard was it to get a shipping container home financed by a bank? Why did the banks not want the home build in Old North?

20:15 Getting comps after more shipping container homes are built

20:30 A shipping container home often becomes a destination after it is built. Strangers take pictures and knock on the doors.

21:45 What is the general cost for an empty container? How much does it cost to prepare a container for a home?

23:10 What is the average worth per square foot of a finished shipping container home?

23:30 Did any other shipping container homes inspire the design of Zach’s house? What is the most challenging part of building a shipping container home?

25:15 What kind of floor does the shipping container come with? Why are pesticides used on the floors of a shipping container?

26:45 What are the different levels of conditions of shipping containers?

27:48 How do you make a shipping container rust proof and how do you paint it?

28:45 What has been the process of customizing the Old North home? How do you make exposed ducts and conduit look pleasing?

33:25 Is a shipping container home tornado resistant?

35:00 Do you have to add any pitch to a shipping container’s flat roof?

36:40 How will the next shipping container home be different?

39:10 The Old North house should be done in January/February

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