03 Jun Ep. 55-Vinnie and Anne Valenza

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In this episode, Realtor Adam Kruse and Realtor Shannon St. Pierre talk to Vinnie Valenza, Anne Valenza, and their 4 month old Vinnie Jr. Find out what it’s like to run a real estate team with your spouse.

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1:08 A market update. Why are sellers getting way more than asking price?

4:15 How did the Valenza team get involved in real estate?

5:22 When did the Valenza’s open their restaurant Blues City Deli and Mellow’s Pizzeria?

7:20 How do Vinnie and Anne Valenza strategize about their real estate business?

8:28 Are Vinnie and Anne Valenza competitive with each other?

8:52 What are Vinnie and Anne Valenza’s individual strengths and how do they work well together?

11:00 How do Vinnie and Anne Valenza split up the duties of selling a home?

15:22 Telling clients what they need to hear vs. what they want to hear.

16:10 How do Vinnie and Anne Valenza balance work and the kids?

17:00 How did Vinnie and Anne Valenza choose The Hill neighborhood as their niche?

20:00 What’s up with all the new construction in The Hill neighborhood?

26:16 What are the best restaurants on The Hill?

27:44 What keeps Vinnie and Anne Valenza motivated?

29:01 What’s been your favorite deal?

31:20 Who lives under the Valenza roof?

32:15 Where are the Valenza’s at their best?

33:00 What are the Valenza’s favorite blog, book, or podcast?

33:24 What is the Valenza’s guilty pleasure?

33:43 Who is the Valenza’s mentors and how have they thanked them?