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03 Jun Ep. 55-Vinnie and Anne Valenza


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In this episode, Realtor Adam Kruse and Realtor Shannon St. Pierre talk to Vinnie Valenza, Anne Valenza, and their 4 month old Vinnie Jr. Find out what it’s like to run a real estate team with your spouse.

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1:08 A market update. Why are sellers getting way more than asking price?

4:15 How did the Valenza team get involved in real estate?

5:22 When did the Valenza’s open their restaurant Blues City Deli and Mellow’s Pizzeria?

7:20 How do Vinnie and Anne Valenza strategize about their real estate business?

8:28 Are Vinnie and Anne Valenza competitive with each other?

8:52 What are Vinnie and Anne Valenza’s individual strengths and how do they work well together?

11:00 How do Vinnie and Anne Valenza split up the duties of selling a home?

15:22 Telling clients what they need to hear vs. what they want to hear.

16:10 How do Vinnie and Anne Valenza balance work and the kids?

17:00 How did Vinnie and Anne Valenza choose The Hill neighborhood as their niche?

20:00 What’s up with all the new construction in The Hill neighborhood?

26:16 What are the best restaurants on The Hill?

27:44 What keeps Vinnie and Anne Valenza motivated?

29:01 What’s been your favorite deal?

31:20 Who lives under the Valenza roof?

32:15 Where are the Valenza’s at their best?

33:00 What are the Valenza’s favorite blog, book, or podcast?

33:24 What is the Valenza’s guilty pleasure?

33:43 Who is the Valenza’s mentors and how have they thanked them?




Live from the rooftop of the Hermann London real estate group in beautiful downtown Maplewood at the St. Louis Realtor podcast with your host Adam Kruse welcome welcome everybody to the St. Louis Realtor podcast live from the rooftop of the Hermann London real estate group I’m your host Adam Kruse with my co-host here Shannon St. Pierre hello we’re excited today because we have two very very special guests really three very special guests we’ve got the Valenza team from Hermann London here Vinny and Ann and jr. is a junior vinny junior cool so how old is Vidya junior now four months Wow all right so we are gonna just get into a bunch of different topics with the Valenza x’ but first shannon let’s talk about how this crazy crazy real estate market is affecting everything the sellers are getting way more than they’re even asking for I don’t know that they’re getting way more I think things are just not sitting on the market it things are you know there’s a lot of activity out there I think a lot of people have come out from hibernation from this really dark cold winter that it’s been so now I think for deals because I’m seeing people getting $20,000 over asking price yeah but I do a lot of investment stuff so that hasn’t necessarily been you know so I do some resin you know some residential is just gone quick and yeah there’s been I think multiple offers but hasn’t been a crazy crazy out of control but the investment properties I’ve seen her like what would normally be sitting on the market for longer is now just kind of flying off the shelf kind of Mike okay but for for not for multiple offers and you don’t have to go way over now having to go way over yeah but it’s kind of like this yeah like I think people are purchasing buildings for more width and they’re less quality I’m dealing with a lot of buyers that are trying to buy and really Miller areas where we go and we love it and we know we have you know it went from where we would try to negotiate on a property to now we’re having to beg essentially to be the one who gets the property just look at the offer just just please take us over the six other offers that you have right and so we’re having to use all these different tactics and strategies and and it’s interesting but if you’re listening and you’re interested in buying real estate give us a call because we do have we’ve sort of perfected I think our little tactics to win out on those bids but let’s get into it thank you ready I think one reason you know that is probably bringing the lower amount of days on market for the investment properties is you know a lot of buyers that we deal with you know on the residential side are realizing that they are not able to get the homes that they might want you know so maybe purchasing a fixer-upper is you know their only option so I think it’s probably driving a lot of potential clients you know to those homes yeah and it’s a really great way to go I’m a huge fan of fixer-uppers just because I think that you can get a really good value and if you’re really if you’re willing to do some of the sweat equity and some of the time and headaches into fixing a place I think it it really can be a smart investment wise for you so with the Valenza today my goal is to talk about at least three main topics number one I want to learn and for the listeners to all learn about kind of like working with your spouse to basically oh you guys own your own business with your spouse and you work together every day you also I know you do business everywhere but you’ve done a really good job on kind of building your name on the hill I wanted to hear about that and then I’ll just sort of juggling just sort of juggling everything you know I know you guys have three kids now and stuff like that so Kay would you mind just giving us a little introduction talk tell the listeners about the blends a-team how you got into real estate and stuff like that sure about five years ago vini became a Realtor so that we could sell our house over near Maplewood in St. Louis City and that was our first deal and then we bought a house on the hill where we’ve lived for almost five years can’t believe it’s been five years already I’m crazy and then about two years ago Vinnie also works with his family at blue city deli and so he’s thought it would be a good idea if nice little plug by the way thank you thought it would be a good idea if I got my license so that we could work together to help our clients more fully so two years ago I got my license and then we’ve worked together since and have really enjoyed working as a couple I’m shocked that you’ve only been licensed for two years because you’ve done so much business but I think you and I have a relationship where we talk a lot about the deals and and I love that when our agents are willing to kind of get me involved and talk about the details and the strategies and stuff like that and you do a really good job with that so we appreciate your help and that you’re always there when we call you yeah so your family owns blue city deli yeah we me and my dad started it 15 years ago and about four years ago my brother Joe really started getting into artisan baking and that’s sort of segwayed into a Neapolitan style pizza so three three plus about four years ago we opened up Melos pizzeria which is just a side project really it’s a it’s located in the garage behind velocity deli and that’s open Thursday and Friday evenings right now I love it and I’ve seen you guys in the press and all that stuff your family seems to be good at kind of figuring out the ingredients to make a really popular you know successful restaurant yeah because I think what’s interesting about the pizza it’s really good by the way and so we will order it and it’s just very I mean you have it seems like you have this super fine-tuned perfect recipe for this business right like because it’s not just about the pizza but you have limited ingredients and it’s just like Thursday and Friday it’s not even on Saturdays right now we are hoping to add Saturday evenings on it’s been a challenge with the labor side of things when we initially opened the pizzeria we had hoped for it to be a lunchtime place but our lunch business I guess people just don’t really associate pizza with lunchtime you know so we noticed our we were open a couple nights a week for dinner those nights were just you know super busy a hundred people coming through whereas lunch you know we’d have you know 15 20 people every day for lunch we’re like this really isn’t you know we’re breaking even this isn’t really working out so I think people you know just think in their head you know I’m gonna eat you know pizza for dinner and a sandwich for lunch so hoping to add Saturday evenings on but Thursday and Friday have been great and like you said it’s very a very simple menu so just typical with Neapolitan style pizza it’s very it’s the you know original pizza that started in Naples Italy very simple ingredients you know so you guys just family has been really good at kind of like getting together and really strategizing and coming up with plans for the restaurants and obviously that’s worked and I think your family here between you and an you guys probably are you know your as you work together do you spend a lot of time talking and strategizing about your business and we do a lot of evenings we get together and we just discuss you know who our current clients who are potential future clients you know how can we better serve them basically a lot of looking over our checklist you know making sure that we dotted all of our eyes and crossed all of our t’s there’s nothing you know too special about it it just haven’t you know due diligence and you know continually checking up on our clients and and has really been good at this just having you know great communication with our clients just keeping that line of communication open you know whether it’s phone calls or text or email or however you know the client prefers but just having a regular communication keeping them up to date on you know what tasks are coming up you know with the transaction and what you know we’ve just completed what’s done and what’s down the road two weeks and all that sort of thing and you guys’s relationship or would you say you’re competitive with each other at all I don’t think so we just try to work on each other’s strengths so that the job gets done yeah so I think it’s really interesting I was thinking about husband and wife couples when they work together and I would like to preface this by saying absolutely love my husband and we’re totally meant to be together but I could never work with him right and he says great pretty much the same thing about me but so do you guys do you just know each other’s strengths and you bring different there’s definitely strengths you know that Ann has I feel like with her you know like I said the Kasich occasional what you know with the other agent or the clients I work part-time you know my family’s restaurant a few days a week so that was really the reason that she got her license so that we could you know keep everything up to date and being a constant communication Oh with our clients so I think that’s her strength I so he’s an just to the front person and you’re kind of vague we just can’t the support we’re gonna have been even though you’re still team Vinny shows the homes he does comps he does a lot of the searching for homes for buyers he helps negotiate yeah I really enjoy you know just scouring the internet for potential homes for clients and you know trying to find those especially in this market you know where everything you know like we said is just maybe on for one or two days you know a lot of these homes especially the areas that are really hot and searched for homes online I really like to you know delve deep into a home that might not have been on somebody’s radar potential clients you know sort of show them the possibilities you know whether it be taking a fixer-upper and rehabbing it things like that or just finding a house that was maybe outside of their you know core criteria of what they were looking for how I could work for them yeah so your clients open to that some are you know and some you know are very specific on you know what they like but I mean with this market a lot of times you’ll find that you know when you take somebody out and maybe they’ll they’ll be hard for them to find a home they like they finally find the home they like they’re not ready to pull the trigger and then you know BAM first day it’s gone so the clients I feel like you know once they are involved in the process they realize you know pretty quickly that they’re either gonna have to you know change up what they’re looking for or be open to the possibility of buying a fixer-upper or you know going outside of you know the areas that they had originally you know planned on buying when you’re when you guys have a new client in your in your business whether it be a seller or a buyer do one of you like if it’s someone that you met for example of any do you take that client like from start finish orders and play a role and then or you know how do you guys like kind of split up two duties yeah there’s definitely shared duties pretty much on every client I feel like since the baby is born in January like Anne was saying I’ve been in charge of showing most of the properties and has been in more of a lead type role when it comes to communicating with the agent on the other side and also with the clients I mean I will communicate with the clients as well I focus more on showing the houses running comps just helping scour you know the internet and find out like I was saying some potential houses that might not have been originally in the plan and then for for from the clients perspective I guess you guys try to make it as smooth for them as possible to not wear like and ask them a question they answer it and then two days later you’re asking the same question yeah do you and I know you talk all the time obviously but do you also like see see each other on each on all the emails or how do you kind of yeah and keep each other in the loop be each have you know an independent email but then we have the Valenza team at Herman London and that goes to both of us so we can you know we just check it every time you know an email comes through so everything sort of goes through that email even though we both have an independent email so we can see everything that’s you know being sent that communication between you guys is super important because I’ve seen like teams in the past that they try to say hey you get two for the price of one but then the clients going hey I told you something and but now I’m out with your partner and they don’t know it you know and so it sounds like you guys have really worked that out so needs it’s more frequent than that but a specific meeting to make sure we’re up to speed on you know all the things that need to be done for each deal yeah I mean during these you know busy times of the year spring and summer you know every evening we’re at least discussing a specific transaction that’s happening or we’re going through our whole client list it’s not you know every day that something is happening but at least you know reiterating you know at least to ourselves what’s happening you know what did this client say we need to check on what did that age and say we need to do so having that daily update these busy times I feel like it’s very important just from knowing you guys to me the amazing thing about that you’re able to make that work is that I think you’re both very interested in the business you’re both very respectful of each other right and you both care about your clients and so we I mean I don’t know I think we’ve all seen other teams that are not so great at that and and people are probably listening going out like Shannon said I could never work with my spouse you know but you guys seem to be really good at like just wanting it to work yeah and I mean we do enjoy our each other’s companies so I mean we’re good friends you know on top of uh just being husband and wife – yeah I will say I’m you know I don’t talk to you as often Vinny but I talk to Ann a lot and chil call and I’m I think the one thing that is awesome that Ann which really goes to both of you is how behind the client how much you want to do the right thing make sure you have the best interest of the clients in in mind and you really kind of fight for them because other agents will push back a lot right like it’s it’s sometimes really difficult to get some of these things done it’s easy to bow down or it’s easy the easy thing is to do is just be like oh never mind you know like but no and doesn’t like to let things go I’ve noticed and she keeps going and going and she’s like I’m gonna keep calling until I get the right answer and then i’ma formulate my plan yeah and as a very honest person I mean anybody that knows her you know knows that so I think she’s honest and firm and straight forward and has yes for sure so I mean that really helps too with just getting to the bottom of you know all the different things that pop up you know when we have a transaction because that’s really what the clients was they want the truth and so yeah and I think that’s really important for sellers so because I think the hardest thing is a agents will walk in and tell sellers what they want to hear what they think they want to hear where I’ve noticed and has probably walked in a few times and said probably not what they wanted to hear but it’s been the truth it’s been it’s been in their best interest to know this information to help them you know go to market with the best yeah that forward sometimes I tell not this other hospice I’ve done that though I’ve got I’ve done that men or than a couple times um it’s not the right situation right it doesn’t make the best it doesn’t make the sense yeah I mean financially sometimes for people to sell their house at a certain point you know if you purchased your house you know when the market was up even though the market is up now it might have been a situation where you know you’re not gonna come out on top or you’re just like it you’re gonna break even you know so you know hold on to that house a few more years and you’ll be better off you know you’ll be in a better financial situation then right and so what do you guys do about having the kids you divide and conquer it sounds like maybe you bring the kids on some appointments with you yeah I mean we never bring all the kids just Vinny’s so young right now he sort of has to come with us you know I mean we have a handful of babysitter’s that we work with also my parents live in the neighborhood with us which is nice the girls love going over to Grandma Grandpa’s and and hanging out but you have a I guess a good relationship with your clients and they kind of trust and respect you guys too so they don’t mind if you occasionally bring someone along yeah and then he’s been a good baby I mean he he knows we’re on a meeting and jr. over there it’s a it’s brave it’s so brave to bring a baby only 18 more years until he can get his real estate license I know we’re looking forward to the Valenza team growing all right do you mind if I switch and start talking about the hill a little bit now let’s do it one of the things that I see a lot of Realtors do as they kind of start getting into their business and growing is they sort of like to choose a niche of some sort whether it’s an area of town well whether it’s a type of business short sales foreclosures whether it’s a type of client like investors like Shannon was mentioning earlier and you guys live and love the hill right which is sort of a little niche area of the city I guess you could say and so what you wouldn’t say that you’ve just focused on the hill right probably about you know 70% of our businesses across south city in south county you know with a couple of you know West County Alissa Tian’s and St. a little bit of the St. Charles in Jefferson County but I’d say primarily south city in south county so your businesses probably primarily referral-based right yes but if you feel like I know that you guys were doing coaching and stuff for a while and we can talk about that but if you feel like getting out and door-knocking or something like that that would be something you would do on the hill sometimes you don’t have to door knock we just have to take a walk with the kids and talk to the neighbors and then we’ll hear about a house that is gonna go up for sale just by being neighbors but I think that that’s what’s interesting about the hill is that it’s a really I mean it is a unique neighborhood and people do come out and neighbors talk and you know which i think is a great thing on so many different levels but that’s what I think it because you live on the hill that’s how you get that information and you guys seem to kind of and trench yourselves over there and that’s yeah I mean that’s one thing you know we really like about the hill is just the neighborly factor of it I mean there’s a lot of cool shops and great restaurants but amazing residency yeah but yeah like Ann was saying you know we might take a walk and know there’s so-and-so you know across the street Oh your brother’s selling their house over on Daggett okay yeah yeah we’re going to talk to him you know that sort of thing so I mean that the hill for a long time was almost all the real estate was and you know done off the off the market so I don’t see that I have heard that but there’s definitely some that happens I mean my brother bought a house on Shaw they had heard their next-door neighbours we’re gonna sell their house so before when I market we helped my parents purchase the house there’s just and actually and my brother when he purchased his house I don’t know if it was actually to the point of being on market but Ann was at St. Ambrose Church and she talked to father Bob Marita she said hey I’m looking for a house for my brother-in-law he said I’ll go talk to so-and-so I think that describes the hill to the tee that’s just it’s a thorough network it’s just everybody kind of I feel like knows everybody exactly so I mean yeah once you’re there I mean you meet all the neighbors really quick and then you know everybody and you know about who’s thinking about selling and who wants to buy and you know you just put it all together yeah and it seems to be really difficult to buy on the hill I mean it doesn’t ever seem to be that many listings there’s doing a ton of new construction right and they’re getting some really pricey homes there yeah I mean people are buying you know one or two bedroom homes and you know knocking them down and putting up a 2,000 square foot home and yes it’s a popular thing to do yeah and we’ve seen a lot of them all over and you know the prices are you know more than I would have imagined you know when we first moved there but I mean it’s been you know partly just because the market is increased and centrally located in the city where you know they can have a new build if possible you know or just a great older home you know that two beds and has a great neighborhood you know with nice neighbors and great places to go and let’s talk about that new development that because they’re I mean what I think is interesting also about the hill is you haven’t seen it I mean you see new builds here and they are popping in between but there’s some some big developments going on where you have the whole rows of townhomes going in and yeah so it seems like very high on the high end yeah right on Kings Highway there there’s the development they’ve been working on for the past couple years so I’m hoping you know this year we can actually start to see some actual you know buildings going up right now it’s just been I know there’s a long process I think I think they found maybe some hazardous material when they were tearing some of the old buildings down there there’s some old warehouses so the project you know has I think taken longer than originally planned but I’m excited to see some some new places going on I own a house right there at Bischoff and here for it and our COO geo no place and I heard I think that house is probably like 30 years old by now but I think that that used to be like an Old Spaghetti Factory that was there okay they toured that down and built that little neighborhood you know and I guess that’s kind of what they’re doing essentially across the street there used when I lived in that house those were just basically abandoned buildings as far as I knew with spray paint and stuff all over them so do you see this as a good thing for the hill or is it they’re bringing in too many new people or like it’s going to change the attitude on the hill with all the name yeah pros and cons I mean I’ve definitely you know some of the people have been there for a long time I think they are afraid of you know the changes that might come but I mean I don’t see you know how new buildings could be worse than an old dilapidated warehouse you know I think they’re primed essing they’re more worried about just all the extra people yeah and I mean the hill is you know sort of limited as far as parking goes so I know in the original plan this is a couple years ago in their first announcing it I think there were not enough parking spots for how many like places they’re putting in so I guess there is maybe it possible fear of you know more traffic I mean Adrianna’s is probably loving that but all the other neighbors who have to fight for a spot on the street already right yeah and I mean new at our house you know we ran into situation I mean it’s not a bad situation but you know having a popular restaurant you know on the corner you run into an issue especially on the weekends Thursday through Saturday evenings where you know you might not get the parking spot in front of your house so a couple years ago we put a parking pad in our back yard and I mean of course that solved the problem I know not everybody has that option but you know it’s the pros and cons that come along with being in a popular neighborhood in the city so do you think that that parking thing is what played into this new trend where everyone has a golf cart I was I just I think it’s enough fun to drive a golf quarter I never thought about it from that perspective I mean I think it’s fun it’s fun I mean you see the golf carts you know and all the you know quote unquote fun neighborhoods in the city and now you see him in soulard Bend Park Lafayette Square the hill I think it’s just you know if you’re in a neighborhood that is fun with a lot of destinations to go to it’s fun just to hop in the golf cart and not have to worry about you know getting into the car and it’s just open you can it’s I feel like it’s probably you you know you feel a little bit more connected with the neighborhood you know when you’re in a open vehicle like that when I lived there there was like three people that had golf carts and now I think you guys just had a was it the Columbus Day Parade and there was like 80 golf carts or something I feel like it’s almost becoming mandatory if you live on the hell you have to get a golf cart I think right thank but you mean you have to have a garage to be able to have a golf cart I would think yeah I mean I do know some people that just you know sort of like throw a tarp over it you know or like you could probably cover my semen soulard it’s it’s a pretty extravagant cover but I don’t know how much it cost but yeah it’s it’s pretty it’s as good as a garage I would say so as our local hill experts you know one of the nice things about sort of you know choosing that niche or whatever is I think that when people especially people at our company but be other people when they think of the hill real estate they call you you know I’ve definitely had people that said hey I want to buy a house on the hill and who’s the first person I call the Valenza team right sure and so I’m guessing that that’s been good for you guys just to be an any Realtor that’s kind of thinking of us and niches then you’re gonna get the calls from people that are yeah I mean you know when you’re an age and you know and you’re involved in your neighborhood it just it just makes sense you know that you know sort of the ins and outs of the neighborhood and you might have a little bit of an edge over somebody who doesn’t live in the neighborhood on how to you know approach a transaction or how to how to value a house like you’ll know more about oh well that one is has this weird feature of it or whatever then somebody else might yeah and I mean if you just look at the hill you know and you didn’t live in St. Louis you’d say well there’s no way those homes you know are that valuable because there’s a place that’s sold you know on the other side of Hampden are the the north side of 44 for a lot less money but it’s like when you’re there you know you know the specifics you know that you know that there’s something special about the neighborhood itself so let’s ask each one of you what is your favorite restaurant and on the hill of course sure and if you want to you can break that down by lunch and dinner because I think there’s a big difference well aside from blue city yeah well yeah that’s true okay I mean Anthony knows is right at the corner of our streets so I might steal that one for you sorry that’s Ann’s favorite your favorite lunch or dinner or both why what do you get there the chicken gyro the regular year and then times you guys get pizza for dinner don’t you yeah I really like their euro salad too it’s just a regular like house salad but it has the gyro meat on it’s really good mm-hmm okay I’m surprised I thought I was gonna get either a joyas or any drown I mean I really want I’ll say Adrianna’s for me Adrianna’s yeah okay I like to go to Xia’s for lunch because you get like lunch prices with you know dinner quality food or whatever as he is is good too especially for pasta but I like Adriana’s you know just uh coming from a sandwich background you know there’s a lot of sandwich places in St. Louis you know and I feel like a lot of places you know don’t really reach that level of you know what I consider to be you know expertise you know or perfection but I feel like Adriana’s you know they’re they’re right up there with blue city delis so I really I enjoy going there and needing their sandwiches all right so what keeps you guys motivated I mean you’re working together and you know as Realtors you don’t have a boss you know what would would you say would keep you guys motivated to keep going every day and keep fighting for your clients and looking for new business and all that type of thing you really enjoy helping people so a lot of our clients are people that we know through the deli or Church or different friends and it’s exciting to be able to help them find their homes or sell their homes for a good profit and be a part of that big time in their lives yeah I feel like you know I know it’s like this for a lot of agents but you know when you meet with a client and you sort of figure out a little bit of their backstory and you know what their hopes and dreams are you know for their future home it helps you connect with the person and you get emotionally involved you know which I know they say you’re not supposed to get emotionally involved especially you know when it comes to buying a home when you get attached to the home but it is good I think from the agents become emotionally involved you know with their clients on a certain level obviously you want to be level-headed when the client needs you to be but to have that emotional connection I feel like really helps the agent you know fight for their client and look for the best deal and you know try to find the right home you know for the buyers or try to get the right price for the sellers so what’s been your favorite deal so Vinny and I have had the opportunity to help host a block party each year on our block we live on Dempsey Avenue and it’s only one block long so another gal in our neighborhood and I our block captain’s and at our one of our block parties we have a neighbor and she said my sister’s looking for a house on the hill and we had just met someone else talking about selling their house in the hill and we were able to have them come together and both parties are really excited it was just a nice way to help both people out but also build up our community so we got a new neighbor and then helped an old neighbor move to a beautiful mansion in Iowa words that they’re gonna restore that they got for a steal so it was a fun deal so yeah that’s how you do a block party yeah just in August 8th you get like a bounce house you go all out or we got furniture like a sometimes a firetruck comes there’s a few kids on the block it’s growing and then we do I like the firetruck idea this year it’s gonna be August 18th which is one of our neighbors Gertrud it’s her I think 93rd birthday so we’re gonna celebrate Gertrude’s birthday and have our black party on the 18th so anyone who’s listening who lives on Dempsey on your block but I can get that so you guys were just doing something nice for the neighborhood and your neighbors and having fun and you ended up getting business out of that and that’s rewarding and you had fun with that I loved block party so it brings out neighbors so that you don’t normally see or talk to her because it’s so like a family reunion yeah all right so this is the first podcast we’ve had with the baby in the room and if you notice and is much more of a talker than we’ve gotten out of and today but that’s because she’s been taking care a little junior and now we’re doing a diaper change and so this is this is just part of working with the Valenza team right yeah and you it’s been interesting to see even in this podcast how you guys have taken on different roles and kind of helped each other out so I’m gonna go ahead and ask you guys the five questions we ask every guest if you don’t mind and answer at your leisure here so I like that diaper change so Vinny just changed the baby’s diaper but didn’t bother to put the pants back on just like hey I’m done all right so who lives under your roof so there’s me and N and then we have our daughter Mary who’s seven joan is four and Vinnie four months in any pets no pets think about it yeah I had chickens Zoe he’s recently you know happen for dinner no no I mean something to Barnhardt’s big backyard for the kids uh yeah our cousin it wasn’t Barnhart she is a chicken expert so he sent them down there and you know we’re gonna focus a little bit more on the kids yeah well there was probably fun for the kids to play with the chickens for a while it was you know but right back to yeah that is one thing you know on the hill I mean some place on the hill I have a nice big lot but ours is somewhat limited in space so the kids are getting to the age where they want to run around the backyard and play soccer so having a little bit more space with the grass is nice for them all right where are you your best I think we’re best I don’t know I’m I’m my best I guess with our family that you know working together so being a mom and helping people out as a Realtor being a good wife I guess ooh that’s pretty broad I don’t know I I really enjoy you know just I think you know like I said earlier you know the the strengths you know that I have you know and real estate would be showing homes and and running comps and you know looking for dream homes for people all right do you have a favorite blog or podcast we talked about it earlier but I watch a lot of joe joe rogan on youtube okay and and you have like a favorite book Trixie Belden it’s reading meri right now and it’s very exciting I read it when I was married kids okay all right what’s your guilty pleasure I like chocolate guilty pleasure I mean like I told you earlier I’ve been on a low-carb diet so whenever I can grab a piece of pizza from ela’s that’s my guilty pleasure okay and last question who is your mentor and how have you thanked to them I mean I’d say my dad that’s probably my biggest mentor I’ve been working with them for 15 years not the restaurants and you know besides just given me tons of training you know with the restaurants it’s you sort of you know helped prepare me for life you know as most parents do but having that extra relationship that we have you know it’s business partners – that’s a good thing you know for me and so how have you thanked them inked him I gave him three grand kids love it well thank you everybody for listening if you are somebody who has any topics that you want us to cover any special guest suggestions anything like that we’d love to hear from you podcast at Hermann London com give us a shout out and thanks for listening and take care


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