05 Sep Ep. 56 Credit Myths with George DeMare of Endeavor Capital Mortgage

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In this episode, Realtor Adam Kruse and Realtor Shannon St. Pierre talk to George DeMere from Endeavor Capital Mortgage about credit myths and explains what actually affects your credit score.

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0:46 Adam introduces George DeMare from Endeavor Capital Mortgage

1:10 You can also check out episode 41 about credit repair

1:42 Why does credit matter?

2:00 How does my credit score affect my homeowner’s insurance premium and credit card interest rate?

3:40 Should I check my credit score every year?

4:25 What is AnnualCreditReport.com?

5:00 Do credit reports show my credit score?

5:50 When buying a house how soon should I talk to a lender?

7:38 What factors affect my credit score?

10:20 Why do people use their credit card like it’s not their money?

11:19 35% of your credit score is your payment history

12:54 Will paying an old collection off help or hurt my credit score?

13:50 How long does it take for an old collection fall off of my credit score?

14:48 What is a charge off?

15:28 Does every creditor report to the credit agencies?

17:05 30% of your credit score is amounts owed a.k.a. your credit utilization rate

18:18 What is a rapid rescore?

24:40 Is it a good idea to pay down an auto loan faster?

26:25 15% of your credit score is length of credit history

27:55 What is the difference between a regular credit card and a secured credit card? Should a parent get their teenager a secured credit card?

30:00 10% of your credit score is new credit

30:40 What is a hard pull/ inquiry and does it drop your credit score? What happens if my credit is checked multiple times in a short amount of time?

31:50 What is a soft pull and does it drop your credit score?

34:45 Should I cancel a credit card that I’m not using?

37:25 10% of your credit score is the type of credit used

39:51 What is the highest credit score George DeMare has ever seen in 25 years?

41:16 What is OptOutPreScreen.com and how does it help cut down on the junk mail?

41:45 Contact George DeMare by calling 314-378-0331 or emailing GDemare@ecapmortgage.com