22 Oct Ep. 57 Winter Market

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In this episode, Realtor Adam Kruse and Realtor Shannon St. Pierre talk about the traits and myths of the winter market. Is it possible to get a better deal in the winter? Is there less competition in the winter?

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0:40 Adam introduces Realtor Shannon St. Pierre

0:52 Does the housing market slow down during the winter?

1:51 Should a homeowner be afraid to sell during the winter? Are there more competitors during the winter?

2:20 What are the winter market home selling and buying myths?

2:40 Are winter homebuyers more motivated to buy a house?

3:46 Do homebuyers get a better deal in the winter?

4:27 Are home prices higher during the spring?

4:45 Adam has been working with some first-time homebuyers in the $150,000 price range and they’ve made 13 offers

5:48 How are buyers offering up cash on their first homes? What is proof of funds?

10:34 Should a real estate investor show the seller their cash-flow numbers in order to get a better deal?

11:55 Are the lenders anticipating that the interest rates will stay low?

12:43 How is  curb appeal different in the winter?

14:15 Adam bought his current house on December 23rd and got a great deal

15:01 Should you still decorate for the holidays when selling your house?

16:20 What should homeowners do to prepare for the winter?

18:14 Do contractors charge less during the winter?

19:44 Contact your realtor and go over what home projects you have planned to figure out which ones will actually aid in a quick sale