31 Oct Ep. 58 An Update on Shannon’s Rehab

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In this episode, Realtor Adam Kruse gets an update from Realtor Shannon St. Pierre on the progress of her Tower Grove rehab. Find out how hard it was for Shannon to take over someone else’s unfinished rehab that wasn’t up to code. What happens when you have to cut down trees and move the stairs?

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0:40 Adam introduces Realtor Shannon St. Pierre

1:15 Christmas decorating life hack: Buy color changing lights, put them up in October when the weather is nicer, and set them to Orange until November 1st when you can change them to red and green

2:03 Hermann London update-You missed out on the company picnic!

4:06 The business planning event is in January

4:25 It is party season! One of the mottos of Hermann London is “Go to the party!”.

5:18 It’s time to get an update from Shannon on her shotgun style Tower Grove rehab

6:30 Shannon took over someone else’s project and the framing was not up to code

7:40 Shannon bought the house in September of 2018 and she is now in the home stretch

8:50 Shannon started with the roof including taking down some trees which was a huge hit to the budget

9:50 Shannon was struggling with the layout in such a small space so she hired an architect

11:00 How hard and expensive is it to move the stairs in a home?

11:50 Shannon had a falling out with her contractor 

12:10 Can you pay a contractor less money if they don’t have the project done on time?

14:49 Shannon became her own general contractor

16:40 Is Shannon keeping a diary or notes for next time?

17:28 Shannon had to remove a sunroom that wasn’t up to code but a bunch of bricks came with it so there was a big hole in the house

22:05 Shannon had to finish the basement. Did it have to be dug deeper? 

22:50 Shannon added a bedroom to the basement and had to add an egress window

23:50 Shannon had to dig up some floors to add a bathroom to the basement

24:25 Some leveling was needed to get the basement floor level

25:48 Shannon used Thumbtack to find her carpenter and electrician

26:00 Shannon is still waiting on the front windows to be installed

28:00 Does Shannon think she will end up making money on the rehabbed house when it sells?

29:16 When will Shannon be officially done with the house and when will it be on the market?

29:40 What is the big main thing Shannon learned during her rehab?

30:15 How has Shannon’s husband dealt with all of this rehab stress?

31:28 How did Shannon’s kids like going to the rehab?

32:50 How did the inspections go?

34:15 It’s frustrating to get plans reapproved by the city

35:24 Is Shannon too attached to the home to sell it?

35:40 Will Shannon get more for the home because the market keeps getting hotter?

37:15 The house was so tiny that HVAC, plumbing, and electrical lines were all competing for space

38:15 The main reason the project is taking so long is because Shannon is also killing it as a Realtor