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17 Jan Ep. 60 Trends to Avoid in 2020

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In this episode, Realtor Adam Kruse and Realtor Shannon St. Pierre talk about what home trends to avoid in 2020. Find out what styles of countertops and cabinets are starting to look dated and why you should avoid installing backsplashes yourself.

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Shannon St. Pierre and Adam Kruse recording episode 60 of the St. Louis Realtor Podcast while on Facebook Live









0:20 Adam introduces Realtor Shannon St. Pierre. Call Shannon St. Pierre at 314-583-0070

2:23 The Hermann London update

2:30 New agents have joined in the past few months

2:45 The big Hermann London business planning event is on Tuesday, January 14th

4:00 Why is firewalking on Adam’s bucket list?

5:50 Why is finding beauty in chaos on Shannon’s to-do list?

6:45 A gigantic beautiful house that Shannon’s fantasized about living in came on the market so she took Adam to go see it

8:15 There are agent comments in the MLS that the public can’t see. What things are mentioned in the hidden agent comments on the MLS?

9:25 Is it false advertising if there are photos of items that are specifically not included in the sale of a home? What happens if the sauna or stove are not included in the sale of a home but are in the pictures?

11:02 If something is not included in the sale of a house is it better to put it in storage or replace it before listing it?

15:05 Why do you need a Realtor when building a brand new house? When using a Realtor to build a home, how long should the agent be involved?

19:30 When you build a brand new home is it cheaper to get all the base level items from the builder and then have a handyman put in the custom stuff later?

20:38 It’s currently winter but it’s time to start thinking about the spring housing market

22:40 Trends to avoid in 2020

23:06 Are granite countertops a dying trend in homes? Are quartz and wood the new trend in countertops?

26:40 Are traditional wood grain cabinets a dying trend in homes? Are colored cabinets the new trend in homes?

28:43 Is open shelving and cabinetry a drying trend?

31:10 Are closed off kitchens a dying trend in homes?

32:12 What is a dirty kitchen and is it a new trend in homes? Is a dirty kitchen similar to a butler’s pantry where the actual food prep and dirty dishes are kept out of sight while entertaining?

35:16 Are dark paint and wood a dying trend?

37:10 What is the paint color of the year for homes?

40:11 Are do-it-yourself backsplashes and painted cabinets a dying trend? Should you avoid peel and stick backsplashes?

45:25 Why should you avoid the cheap laminated wood cabinets? 

46:34 Is ornately decorated items a dying trend?

47:18 Avoiding mismatched styles in your home

48:55 Property spotlight: Adam has 2 houses in Country Club Hills next to Norwood Country Club for sale for around $44,000. Contact Adam if you are interested.



Welcome Shannon and welcome everybody to the podcast I’m your host Adam Kruse with my co-host here Shannon St. Pierre Happy New Year Happy New Year everyone and thank you for checking us out we’re actually trying kind of a new format here for the new year we’re doing the Facebook live video we’re trying to new different kind of microphone we’re gonna see what Joey our producer has to say about all that part of the benefit of the reason we wanted to try going live is because we wanted to see if people would submit questions while we were doing the Facebook live and hopefully we can just try to answer your question so maybe Shannon will pull up her phone and she can kind of watch the video second air already we’re two minutes then Shannon pull up your phone yeah so that way you can see if people make any comments or anything like that and you can see right now Heather Albright’s watching all right hey Heather well one of the couple of things we’re going to cover today we’re gonna go over some of the new trends and trends to do trends not to do and the real estate market primarily with like your kitchen yeah it’s totally stay tuned to this one because I think that these are the trends to avoid in 2020 and we are doing them right now in the newest of newest rehabs and as well as some of this advice we’re giving to clients so and we’re gonna have to kind of talk about it love that and we’re also going to do a property spotlight at the end of the show that’s going to be about actually I think we’re gonna try to do a property spotlight every podcast and this time I’m going to go over a couple investment properties for the people that are looking for some cash flow and the new year right we get so I’m excited to hear about those because I know of them but I heard the details maybe you’ll buy them maybe I should yeah they sound really good enough that I’m really interested in I might buy him okay cool so I always like to try to give a quick Hermann London update for anybody who’s interested it’s been an amazing couple months actually we’ve had more than a handful of new agents new – Hermann London agents join us I am I don’t think we’ve had any brand new agents join but I can think of five at least five people that have joined the company we’re super excited to have them one of them’s coming back we’re glad to have him back and yeah yeah there you go and we’re the main thing that’s keeping my focus right now in the last week or two has been our big business planning event we do this once a year and it takes a ton of time to prepare because I really have a lot of interest in making sure that it’s a great day so we asked our agents to come and basically spend a full day with us tonight this year we’re going to talk a lot about finding your core purpose and of course setting goals this is a really good time for the agents to come and get their plans straight for the upcoming year and kind of get their head pointed in the right direction does that make sense yep it is I think that everyone should do that at the beginning of 20 beginning of any year is just kind of assess and where my focus yeah I was just on a vacation and I was talking to my dad about like his bucket list and you know we started talking about our bucket lists and it was it sort of changed my whole perspective for a few days at least on like what my what my priorities were and what I wanted to do and locating of bucket lists is watching Nick Albright yeah yeah all right him and heather i love it so do you wanna share well on my book sure I’ll share one item from my bucket list is I really want to do firewalking have you heard of that oh you’ve got to be kidding so you wanna come fire yeah you like this why what brought that – doesn’t scary and I’m afraid I can think of a lot of other scarier things where you won’t catch on fire well I’ve heard of people doing it and they said it was like this amazing experience and they didn’t catch on fire and I just think it’s one of those things where even the moment right before you do it you’re going no I’m not going to do it I’m not going to do it you know but they they put down coals on the ground and everyone’s chanting I imagine everyone to be gone yeah you can do it you can do it and then you do it and then it’s just like I feel so amazing I can’t believe I did that oh yeah it’s a where do they have that experience here in st. Louis we’re funny you should ask that they don’t and I looked into I mean anybody could like light some charcoals on fire or whatever backyard you have to have like the whole before like the preparing your myself mentally and some of the kind of residue so meditation prior yeah I looked into it actually for a company business planning company I really did and it’s like that’s the reason you know no one doesn’t in take this that’s how I know no one doesn’t sing there’s a company out of Florida that does it and they wanted like something like 20 grand and I was like maybe I’ll go to one sometime you know he was not everyone’s goal it’s my goal oh my gosh no no that’s ok yeah that’s I think few people’s goals but I know people do it I’ve heard it’s a a you know crazy experience in let an enlightening experience a trance formal experience so thanks I’m more power to you Adam yeah if you have a bucket list item you’d like to share it this current time now like I just gave up on the whole like resolution saying I just want to you know just focus on like being in the present maybe some more meditation for the calming being in the you know so a girlfriend I just did the goddess cards it’s kind of like tarot cards or the goddess and my whole focus was pretty much finding the beauty and the chaos is what I took from it oh wow so that’s my focus for now okay finding beauty and chaos and do you do yoga now probably should again yeah one of the things that’s like the mindset thing you know that well or meditations mindset Yoga is you know what any yoga there’s a hot yoga we’re talking like yeah we’re talking about it all anyway moving on from that Shannon you’re sitting a message just a couple days ago something we wanted to talk about today because this this is gorgeous new listing right buddy where you live right yeah two blocks away I’ve always looked at this house I’ve always like wondered what it looks like inside right we all have those houses in our neighborhood even for us as real estate agents we drive by houses all the time we walk by them when walking our dogs and go my gosh that house is so beautiful I you’ve you know you dream about it this is one of those houses that’s truly it’s an older home but it is unique even for the area so it has a little bit of different design to it it’s a little bit bigger it’s set back a little further than the rest of the houses to me I fantasize that it’s probably was built by someone who was wealthy wait a minute so yes it really does have that feel right so it’s I saw them the sign it’s coming soon for awhile it finally came live yesterday and so well we naturally will naturally look at it we don’t do we totally naturally look at it so I looked at the listing looked at the photos I sent it to you so you can look at to you see and the photos the photos are really beautiful they came out really great it looks like an amazing home and it doesn’t look so bad yet the price point seems pretty right on yeah it seems right on for the area um but after I get done with looking at the photos I sometimes didn’t go down to the comments and the one thing that really bothered me about this listing was in the agent comment so not the comments that the public can see but the comments that only agents can see in MLS is not included in the sale and I’m always like oh this is one of my pet peeves when it comes to selling a home but this list was rather long and it was the pool table the sauna which to me yeah that’s yeah chandeliers which again is still a pet peeve because change it out and we’ll kind of go through that but then additionally so what was not included was this in the back out the back door they have this kind of raised deck and this attached slide for the kids and like little rock many many Rock Climbing Walls it’s totally kid thing and so it’s you have these elements that are really truly built on and attached to this and then say those are not included and then there’s this kitchen in the basement and it’s pretty swanky for a basement kitchen I got it yeah it so it has a Viking stove it has like a really nice large refrigerator I mean it’s a full kitchen for the basement well those items are not included yeah the whole kitchen in the basement is not included pretty I think the cabinet’s stay okay but here is my pet peeve and the reason I sent it to you is I think that that’s really wrong I think this borders on false advertising and as a broker you might have something to say back to that but so you have these photos and of all these items that are not included in the sale you specifically have a photo in there of the sauna I mean cuz you don’t taking a picture of the room they the only thing in that photo is the sauna it’s interesting it’s it’s you know I could argue oh it’s kind of like furniture that’s not included the sauna I’m like yeah I might be okay with that and then they have the antique pool table they said that’s not included we never assumed the pool table is or furniture and the sauna it I do kind of go well we’ll we’ll see if they’re willing to leave it or sell it or it probably doesn’t stay because it’s just simply something you unplug and move on just like a lamp right it’s larger of course but but unlike the kitchen in the basement I think that if you were really if you’re really wanting to take those things with you like the Viking stove and your deluxe refrigerator and whatever else was not included in the sale like take those out put them in storage and replace it with the cheapest thing from Lowe’s I don’t even care but present what’s going to be for sale because I can’t this is a whole new level of because when there’s we come against occasionally chandeliers is it really it’s a common thing where people say those are it’s not included in the sale my personal advice sellers if if it’s not included and it’s normally anticipated that it is included in a sale remove it go ahead take it down pack it away and put something else up because now you say that’s not included that chandelier over there’s not included well then what are you just gonna take it out now we have wires hanging out on our offer we have to kind of argue about what it’s going to be and where to buy it from and which one’s who’s going to install it and all this kind of yeah so now you’ve created these whole new roadblocks when so not only are we trying to negotiate a sale in the house but now we have to figure out what’s gonna happen that chandelier so that chandelier alone is always trouble causing like it just makes it muddies the waters now we’ve taken it to a whole new level where you have this kitchen that’s not even included when kitchens are always included it’s even pre marked in the contract yeah are you sure that they’re not including the cabinets are that they are including the cabinets I mean I didn’t see the cabinet’s maybe because I mean so what what I would say like I can wear my broker hat and say what they’re doing is legal it’s fine when we write the offer we have to put in the you know paragraph to the items not included we have to say kitchen in basement or stove right the refrigerator we don’t need to mention because it’s naturally not included but if they want to keep their cabinets or the countertops and we definitely need to write that into the contract that they you know that they’re not included yeah but it says in the contract the stoves are always included yeah so now we have to write this exclusion to exclude the stove and maybe the countertops or whatever if that’s what they’re taking us but I think that that’s a really wild experience for a buyer to walk their home and be like oh I know this is what you’re looking at and they’re always included but this is not included in this case in Scenario it’s really interesting to like you said it’s in the agent remarks instead of the public facing marketing remark and so the person who’s looking at this home online doesn’t know that until later on or their agent has to tell them or they probably have like a little card you go down to the basement there’s a I love the kitchen what’s that card say kitchens not included right but that’s what part of the draw too because this basement is especially in the day Airbnb is very popular people are going oh well this house could potentially house an Airbnb unit in the basement cuz it has a full kitchen you know so and now you walk into this house and it’s completely different from what you were expecting when you walked through the doors you want to face more about it now I mean like I mean so what would be your advice so do you do sellers well I agree with what you’re saying and if you don’t want if you’re planning on taking something like that with you I love the idea of taking it out you know because a we don’t want to discourage a buyer B there’s the whole you know I like to say we like to solve a problem before it happens mm-hmm so there is this whole debate and I’ve had to get in involved in it with like a I remember a time where there was a mirror in a bathroom yes and the sellers wanted to take the mirror and we’re going what what there was a mirror what we are you gonna you know it was bolted in it’s real property whatever so are screwed in so what me are you gonna give us I don’t want to cheat mirror we don’t what so now I’m with this other agent going back and forth sending links from mirrors and target.com or whatever sharing their clients I’m like this could have been all avoided to your point if they would have just changed out the mirror in the first place inside here’s what you get here’s what you get yes there’s no I mean there’s the mirror that’s what you get there’s I didn’t even need to know that you had some other fancy near box the way in your basement right right so yes if you don’t want it to be included in the sale when it’s normally included please do us all a favor do yourself a favor and it’s really interesting in this case why the day why why is it not included you got to kind of wonder and if I give you full price I can’t have the kitchen I can’t have this stuff like is it not even big way too many questions it is negotiable it is negotiable everything is but did they say that mmm um not included but the glows but negotiable okay so is the furnace right says the roof it’s not included speaking of that I want to talk a little about home building because I’m dealing with some we actually were a lot of us right now we’re dealing with people who were buying new construction homes and just something came up for me where I I want to encourage anyone listening who’s going to use a realtor to build a home you know the wind when and where does the realtor get involved and how long do they stay involved right because the realtor wants to be involved from the very beginning when you go and walk to the Builders office for the first time because the Builder likes to know that that first time that you have an agent and so they want your agent to be there or at least for you to register the agent but then we get involved we look at the home we negotiate with this builder ultimately we write the contract and that’s great and the and the realtor often doesn’t exactly know what to do from that point like what purpose do I serve now or what’s my role now other than just kind of keeping the deal together because what’s going on behind the scenes is that the buyer is meeting with the Builder with their flooring people their lighting people their whatever people and you know the Realtors like I’m a my gonna go to the flooring studio with them and stand there while they argue you know about what’s flooring ticket it’s awkward it’s a waste of time I’m not sure so often the realtor doesn’t get involved and helping to choose the light fixtures beyond that original meeting that you have with the Builder where you kind of choose all your I don’t know some finishes your fixtures and finishes and what upgrades you’re gonna have and all that kind of stuff but I mean every home builder is different so the process is always a little bit different but what I’m what I’m wanting to say to you as you’re watching this is that make sure that your Realtor is involved maybe not in the process of should I get the brown cabinets with the black cabinets but I encourage you to have them review or communicate with you about anything before you sign it because that’s what I’m dealing with now is where my client signs something and the now words it wasn’t very it wasn’t written very clear so my clients felt this is exactly what we were Green to and the Builder their rep thought okay this is exactly what we’re going to but it’s not the same thing so now we’re having to debate what did this document mean what does this sentence me during fair interpretation they left room for interpretation and so a realtor some you know someone like us can help you kind of figure out those details and I like to kind of unfortunately I like to sort of think of us as the devil’s advocate in a lot of case where you know as the broker especially a lot of people are like hey this is what I want to say for you know on our offer or on our contractor on our inspection negotiation and I’m like what does that mean because does that you know what’s the worst-case scenario and how could someone interpret it and it’s nice to really write stuff in a way that there’s no room for interpretation right so I do think that building having going through that process is overwhelming for one the buyers because they’re building a home or you know they’re having to make all these choices it gets overwhelming and I don’t think I think they just kind of go yeah okay that’s and so they go down this path of thinking that that’s what they meant and that’s not what the Builder was proposing you know and it happens often more often than I’d like to hear about it can be intimidating the Builder knows the process right they’ve done this a million times hmm but the buyer doesn’t always know exactly what the next steps are and so you’re just agreeing to a lot of things and a lot of times it’s Oh for my stair rails I’m agreeing to the HC seventy twos and not to HC seventy ones okay but where is so the contract says HC 72 s but where does it say what that is is that the you know the wooden spindles are the metal spindles right mm-hmm and there’s just so many details that go into it it’s nice to have an extra eye there and that’s I think just again part of the value that the realtor can have is helping you understand what you’re getting yourself into it what you’re signing not to mention you know having your realtor there to help you understand like is this worth the money based on you know the third car garage cost X amount more should I do it I don’t know we don’t really need to park something there but from the Realtors perspective we might know the trends in that area and say absolutely that’s gonna way help you be able to sell the house yeah it’s gonna be cheaper for the Builder to do it now versus you coming in yeah behind you know at the totally there’s a lot of yeah well there’s a lot of stuff we’re super for the Builder to do it now and then there’s a lot of stuff that’s like tell the Builder you want the base level that because then you can have a handyman come in and replace it for you correct so it goes both ways and I’ll see that like where people won’t do the deck but they’ll do the deck door and then they put the board across it so they so they’re like oh I’ll have the deck built after the fact once we close on this home and you go away mr. builder and I can get it done cheaper come across that house and it’s still there by the way there is one and I know of it’s ten years later okay so just bring market so bringing market so it’s winter though right oh yeah that’s the point it’s the spring market but it’s currently winter but is it still the fall market so what you’re saying is the fall mark is just going straight into this ring right smart market where we haven’t had this low which we tend it so a lot of people say we tend to do I always think December so busy and I’ve heard you say I always hear you say that too so I don’t think that I don’t know that I feel like a winter markets really slow but I work a lot in the city too and we don’t go by school time frames or something that a lot of the other municipalities do well I posted an article on my Facebook the other day you know about how it’s the spring market already yeah so done quote and that was your responses like already you mean still right because it never really slowed down it hasn’t and you think that it’s kind of kind of take like a winter break so mark no never does what do we mean when we’re saying this it’s a spring market I think what I mean when I say that is that people are still listening properties every day when you think even the weekend before Christmas yeah when they used to kind of wait until the spring right the weekend after Super Bowl was the big top that’s right but now we’re listing properties the weekend before Christmas or whatever couple days and and then properties are still getting multiple offers and this time too right yes a couple days before Christmas I had that justice scenario this year and it’s very hectic but it is and then to add to that a gift for the beginning of 2020 the interest rates dropped the interest rates dropped again still or whatever they’re like still well I think they crept back up and then now they dropped and it was unexpected I believe from what I’m reading or understanding its unexpected so I think it’s so all things good right the market so good I don’t know I’m sort of like scared but yeah so it’s like good but I’m like is it too good to be true I don’t know I don’t know we that does remain to be seen but so let’s talk about some of the trends for 2022 of as you are trying to prepare your house to sell or you’re just updating it a couple things to keep in mind all right so this came from for realtor’s across the country so you know every region is gonna be a little bit different and always vary but the first trend which I totally agree with is out granite countertops and I’m so excited about that any counter cuts are out they’re out so are we gonna go to solid surface other types of surface or what’s coming in yes but I’ve never liked granite I’ve never been a personal fan I always think it’s too busy because usually you see the cheaper granite and I love mentioning that the first time I bought granite for a house that I was living in it’s exciting you pick it out you go and I put my credit card in the Machine and I take it out and then they go okay so a couple things how to maintain your granite don’t put citrus on it baba bhot oh my god uh-huh yeah I thought I was buying this because it’s like this intelligible whatever thing no no it’s like sensitive it is but I think what’s interesting now that you say that because what isn’t is we’re seeing more marble which is super temperamental like rings all the time like that I think that I’m not a big I love the look of marble I love it love it love it but it’s not real life is marble always that kind of like white with sort of like some serious work yeah great we sometimes with a hint of green okay so you never have a red marble I don’t know you probably could there are probably some exotic marbles the ones we tend to see is kind of if you see a white oh yeah I think you could have some pinks in there yeah okay I do have a cab table or table at home is marvel and it’s always forever has rings on it from glasses it’s just it’s more expensive so it’s more expensive it’s more expensive stepping up our game everyone’s got crap we’re going to marble except for so now what’s in of course is the courts coresight the solid countertops but not granite so I see those as not as busy a little bit more subtle okay but also wood yeah you were mentioning wood is it is it butcher block Wood no so now you have a lot of different options so you have a butcher block you have different species of wood you could combine different species into one countertop you could have different designs you get a checkerboard you could have zigzag I saw okay or you can have the traditional light whores are you know why would though I mean wood is like penetrable right you can get germs it can crack it can so you do it is I feel like marble high maintenance so yeah but so you do have to oil it are you I’m not I mean I probably wouldn’t buy an arable either for that reason yeah but why would right we installed wood here in our little kitchenette at the office and within weeks it kind of had stains on it already right so you have to once a month oh yeah okay yes we go ahead and add that to the cleaners list of that you know do a little mineral oil yeah so wood is really for that person who loves to polish or just kind of loves to do um like to them polishing something would be kind of like somebody else’s yoga okay but so is my wood my brown wood right we’re not painting the wood so my brown wood countertops now are they going to be sitting on top of a brown cabinet well we will go to their mat all right so it is you can stain I’m different colors so anyway everything from light to dark okay so not necessarily just very probably Brown shapes or kinda brown colors yeah of course would stains are always in that Brown to black mm-hmm okay so number two out which I feel like this is traditional wood grain cabinets what do you mean when you say wood grain like where you can actually just kind of see that it’s wood well so the first one that comes to mind is oak cabinets or those are out now okay are we in 1996 oh no oh yeah I thought this one was really interesting and how this came up is because even one agent said well for me that was never really in style quote-unquote and but I guess any kind of wood cabinet so we’re going we’re moving into colored cabinets we’re moving in black cabinets we’re moving into painted cabinets even white cabinets yeah but the blue you’ll see but I think the wood cabinets a traditional wood grain cabinets have been go we’ve been moving away from that for a long time so it’s kind of like well of course it’s not my recommendation is to go buy wood cabinets but maybe some like white cabinets the gray cabinets that you’re seeing all the time in rehab or I guess really more the trend but what I feel like I see more for 2020 is the colored cabinets I love you you need to make sure you do it right and so sometimes they have different colored cabinets here then different color under the island so two-tone is absolutely I mean even I have that have white kind of cabinets around the perimeter my island is black cabinets does that make it easier to go to like the Habitat ReStore and just buy stuff it’s like it doesn’t have to match it’s all good well it it needs to go together but not necessarily yeah the match match you think maybe not necessarily but I also think that it’s breaking up like a monotone like so you can’t I think it can be also overwhelming to have all blue cabinets right so if you have blue on the bottom white on the top it kind of breaks it up it doesn’t make the space so dark okay and then what you were saying something about like cabinets not having fronts on them now or number three right open shelving so this open shelving thing that we’ve been doing is not necessarily top cabinets but the shelving like reclaimed wood look shelving that we’re putting in rehabs or you’re seeing people kind of go to is I thought this one was really interesting and super debatable because we that’s been a really big trend I feel like just more recently so now it’s out but some of the argument is how long does that open cabinetry really stay nice so you cannot you know you might stack your you might move into a home with open shelving on your in your kitchen but then and buy some plates and some really nice glasses or something to put there but then they get broke and then you just replace them with mismatched stuff and then you have guess what life comes along you have a few kids now it’s nothing but sippy cups and yeah the bottom row is open because I don’t want to see your fruit loops right right these are the upper cabinets yeah where you see they just do reclaimed wood I mean it’s upper cabinets but is like because now you’ve sort of seen like the stacked uppers too right and where maybe like the bottom row was bottom upper is open yes so I have seen that so or you see kind of mixed where you have a couple upper cabinets and then just a few some shelving to kind of keep the open air flow root loops in a closed one yeah or in a pantry or something of the sort yeah I don’t like the post and wherever else it goes right those are I am from Hermann London I do so I think that the couple of realtors points were is this is this it’s something to kind of think about because is it really truly a long term solution for when you’re in that home because life changes right so we’re not gonna happen we’re now we have plastic plastic in a plastic world because we’re if you have kids right so it’s not the China that we were starting off with when Nehemiah you know we have our nice stack of plates that we got from our wedding it all chipped now you know to be honest I want to bring some Michael you know you come over and you bring like an appetizer whatever you leave it there I’m like what can I put it in the cabinet now it doesn’t look pretty anymore you know right exactly so I think that it’s an interesting I think that one’s more for for thoughts for thought yeah when it comes to that so number fours of course closed off kitchens but this has kind of been a trend and that kind of feeds back into that number three that open shelving because we’re having more we’re opening kitchens up to the living areas because it we’re now going to we’ve been moving towards open concept for a while right so a kitchen that’s closed off what we are saying the trend to stop is closed off kitchen yeah so because the people are wanting open concept but I feel like that that’s been a thing for a while so I don’t know that it’s just now but this these are like the the absolute things if you’re redoing your space or you’re doing a rehab closed-off kitchens are a huge nono but I think we feel like I feel like we’ve done that front well when you go into the house you’re thinking about rehabbing it or thinking about buying it to live in one of the first things you should be talking about is this wall down yeah so opening up the kitchen to the living areas so make it more open concept if I do where am I gonna put on my open cabinets right so then that feeds into that open shelving now here’s something interesting too that I saw that is an actual trend coming up part two but I have a feeling this is a different price point so dirty kitchens so I hadn’t really actually heard of this stop dirty kitchens no dirty kitchens are a whole thing and I so I would say the best way to describe them is a butler’s pantry on steroids so people are as they’re creating these open-concept floor plans kitchens are now becoming part of that open concept so when you have guests over or parties or something of the sort to have your kitchen be such a mess because they’re no longer closed off from the main living areas to have it be like a mess this is that solution so we have you know we had Butler’s pantries that kind of one time where you throw all the dirty dishes and it might have a sink in a dishwasher but now these dirty kitchens are literally going to small kitchens that are complete kitchens stove a refrigerator a mini refrigerator Oh shelving prep space so that your caterer because I guess that’s the thing it can come in and actually work in that space and you throw all the dirty dirty dishes in that space so it can be a working it’s a legit working kitchen for when you have parties and keeps the the dirty face area I didn’t realize you’re saying we now we need to have a separate kitchen that we’re gonna call but they call yeah they call them dirty kitchen okay okay so you’re talking about an actual room I thought you’re just saying like put away your Froot Loops but you’re saying like no at your house yeah I have a butler’s pantry which is you know I don’t have enough room for a dirty kitchen because I don’t have enough room first over necessarily refrigerator because that refrigerator is usually occupied by air over there yeah I’m having people I can’t warm Maine stuff well I guess you could but this is that step up the step up as these dirty kitchens are a step up from what a butler’s pantry used to be which is like mine which is a dishwasher a seeing some shelving and a place to just throw stuff from a party and keep it out of the main kitchen which is our house really is circled all around that main kitchen when we have people over they should make a trend that’s called get the heck out of the kitchen when I come over to your house for a party get the heck out it doesn’t matter how small your kitchen is it’s where people are and will be it does or Google is there can we get out of the kitchen kitchens are where the heart is right but now we have two kitchens so I was gonna go hang out in your dirty no that’s the whole point is you hang out in the main kitchen in this dirty kitchen is kind of behind the walls it’s in its own relocator yeah you know so you can yeah mm-hmm I guess I read the caterer part and I was like oh okay well I think the appetizers are out of the dirty kitchen into the main yeah it’s not working yes so it’s a working space dirty dishes and all that and so the kitchen can stay presentable I need a dirty kitchen Callie returned one of the bedrooms into a dirty I already have a dirty kitchen but we needed another dirty kitchen yeah well you need a clean kitchen now okay that’s an interesting one and that I thought that was interesting so okay so number five on this list I was dark paint and wood I’m like it so are we still in the kitchen yeah I think throughout the house so because as your kitchen flows to the main living area because now remember it’s open concept so now these are dark paint and wood well I disagree because I think that there’s a lot of I think one of the main trends across the board is something bold but it’s not dark paint throughout it’s an accent wall I mean you know like in the rehab I did I like I have a black accent wall you do in the bathroom no in the bathroom though okay okay but bold so bold colors are in but it’s a but it’s not throughout so you’re not trying to create this really dark color from the kitchen to the main living area you’re trying to keep everything light well your rehab was amazing by the way awesome job thank you out of it proud of you when I went over there but did that dark wall in that bathroom somehow make the bathroom feel bigger not bigger it’s just a luxurious a lot of times in basements now instead of putting drywall on the ceiling they’re leaving the ceiling open to the floor joist and they’re painting it black because it makes it feel I guess more open or taller or whatever that it didn’t have that effect no no no not in this case and I wouldn’t say this you know and a bathroom scenario and I think it was a bold choice trust me like it’s a it was a risk right like well you had a lot of kind of black accent stuff throughout that house right right everything’s black and gold it’s bold Wow factors throughout everything’s kind of this white palette with these bold white and gold okay so yes so but dark paint I think and dark wood although I still you know I think if you have to miss your wood it makes the whole space feel dark when they’re talking about what are they talking about this whole like reclaimed wood barnwood type of thing yeah so I think you also have to play into your space and you have to figure out what’s gonna make it feel smaller and what’s gonna make it feel bigger but I do think like how colors overall with that dark reclaimed wood accent is gorgeous speaking of colors mm-hmm you have any news there about just like general house colors uh was khaki now it’s great I forget what the 2020 color is it was it was one of those colors and uh orange I think it was in the orange family and like we’re not gonna Brian I’m not gonna paint that kitchen orange anymore one of my rental properties he wants me to paint the orange kitchen he wants me to get rid of the orange we’re in jail baby no no get rid of it why is it Orange I guess a tenant painted in the orange color of the cabinets I don’t remember probably Oh but I just was over there yesterday I had never been in that particular unit before the kitchens Orange he’s like you gotta paint this thing white yeah orange does not appeal to the masses I think it’s all Jackie’s friend at orange accents so a lot of times its accents not that you want to put that on your wall okay well you know what a lot of people don’t paint rehabbers you’ll see a lot of brand-new construction on the MLS and online or not and it’s the whole house now is gray just like well no my whole house is white on white your house is white on white white wallpaper white walls of white trim and you’re saying that’s in trend or coming in trend now it’s kind of been in trend it’s like and it’s a hard one because you know what’s interesting is we’ve spent all this time trying to get away from white walls it it correlates to apartments you know you always had white walls wool apartments don’t really have that anymore now it’s all gray or khaki or whatever so this white bright with bold accent with bold colored accents so the black colored accents against that white is striking so if I’m if I’m gonna paint my kitchen today based on your trends you’re saying white walls with some sort of bold accent and that bold accent does that always mean dark or this bold mean like it could be risky yeah so I think it depends on the space I think that you know well my mom would want you to do is choose the rug and then paint do you paint and then choose the rug I think she chooses the rug and then paints a bit I think that that might be risky because what happens when that rug gets dirty and the dog throws up on it too much and you’ve got to just get rid of it you don’t that doesn’t happen or you buy buy a couple extras and you keep it in your dirty rug closet because now you need an extra closet so now you just have more stuff I’d say go with what you want and then find the rug that will the new trend is by the house next door and stuff oh the rug is dirty just get rid of it we’ll just get a new one yeah we have three of them in the house next door that recording um okay so number six DIY backsplashes and cabinets DIY so you know how the we don’t like the oak cabinets but they’re saying don’t paint them yourself either like oh we’re getting rid of DIY yeah do not do DIY backsplashes and cabinets so two things kind of come to mind so would it because I think it’s really funny when we walk into a house and we see those oak cabinets that stick out like a sore thumb yep we go oh you could totally paint them but apparently the curved portion of the door just gives it away and you can always tell when somebody paints a cabinet so I wouldn’t disagree with that so now I’m rethinking my advice and I guess if you don’t paint it well though either and it’s a sloppy job it doesn’t look good and it’s not any more attractive than the oak cabinet I’m kind of comparing this in my head to wood paneling no I’ll go to one house with a client and that has wood pain and they go hate it yeah I’m out of here wood paneling not a chance I’m leaving then we go to the next house and it has painted wood panels yes that’s fine that’s what they’re doing yeah no it isn’t so they painted white it’s not so offensive but from the same perspective so why are we getting rid of people painting their oak cabinet I still I this is the one I would say it’s slightly disagree with okay we think if we would say you know our cabinets you maybe still paint them dude buy that really devices you know what splurge for better cut splurge for captains like new cabinets now that’s not always easy to do however I will say you can go get some really nice white or gray cabinets are made in America better wood now they don’t they’re not soft clothes because they spent the money on the in the actual manufacturing of the product and the product itself is good better but you don’t have the soft clothes everybody’s looking for however there is an aftermarket product you can buy on Amazon it’s a damper that you can install in the cabinet that makes them soft closed well and we have to have that it’s important to have the soft clothes too for this luxurious lifestyle that we’re living yes maybe not in the dirty kitchens okay so what about this backsplash is think people have been putting up their own back spices yeah so I think what the one thing I cringe when I walked through Home Depot no no if you do this or Lowe’s I mean any home-improvement Menards like that is the whole peel-and-stick tile the backsplash peel-and-stick tile well is that do you peel it stick it and then you have to grout it some are some dough oh you just peel and stick and you hope you kind of line it up right uh but they all are very thin I’d never I just don’t think they look good I have to say from my experience of walking through these houses with buyers something like poorly installed backsplash really turns the buyer off it does they go that’s going installed everything else was probably done oh then they categories right so everything’s bad everything’s bad and so now we’re walking through the house going look at that light switch it’s tilted Hey everything’s back do that look at that mirror it’s probably broken or something like yeah right so it’s something that as major as the kitchen and something poorly installed are not done while it’s gonna affect the entire house where if the kitchens done well it affects the into our house like even if you have a crooked light switch or the light is slightly cracked or something of the sort so you’re gonna have four that’s forgiving yeah so I would say that a backsplash can make a huge improvement on the look of the kitchen or they can really modernize the kitchen but we’re both agreeing that it better be done well yes don’t go Oh Adam said a backsplash really helps so I’m gonna go stick it up you know parents take pills I mean I don’t do it is there anything wrong with peeling stick if it’s done right aha I cringe I don’t know I don’t know I just can’t imagine get upgrade to the ones that you have to I’ve never seen one that I like either though okay okay so get a good backsplash call Shannon and install that yeah sure not too installer just to help you choose and then get it installed professionally and then your kitchen will look better especially if you’re going to go sell the house soon then also people will have a more positive impression about the rest of the property right and I think the other thing about the cabinet’s too is that people want to go out and get the stock cabinetry which again you can make modifications after market that makes them seem more expensive but the mistake I see often is people will put in 30 inch cabinets oh they’re still buying 30 inch cabinets because they’re saving money mm-hmm a lot yes you save a lot of money but you have these tall ceilings and then the cabinet seems so drawer mm-hmm and I think that looks just like a sore thumb I think it does not look good split go just slightly more for the 42 inch cabinets yeah I would like to say that I whatever you know cabinet color or whatever you’re buying I really do encourage wood solid wood or solid something because when you get the I think it’s mainly white ones that are kind of like have this like plastic overlay or whatever on it the laminate overlays as soon as like it’s wet it kind of starts peeling off and Oh does it yeah especially I’ve noticed it like in rental properties where you will you know the the person wants to just buy the cheapest cabinets they can and then they put them in but then they’re getting wet they’re kind of around the kitchen sink area and so now you end up replacing those more often well I will save so the that remains true for painted cabinets as well so even it not like personally painted but when you buy those white cabinets those are all painted no matter what it is because the real wood it’s the wood there’s just factory painted or there there’s the kinda okay one of the other right yeah where I think you have laminate and/or now I think you might have metal from Ikea too which might be a better option because the painted ones the same happens the paint starts to get wet and after a while it starts to chip off yeah so number seven ornate anything what does that mean ornate yes yeah intricate handles decorative wood styles cabinets fronts so I think we’re got like we’ve moved to that missionary just sleek line yeah okay so sometimes like on the top of the cabinet there’s like a little decorative thing that has like these little yeah knobs or whatever on it yeah and then cabinet pulls and opener you know something very sleek clean lines so kind of like Victoria like Victoria Victorians prettier and Hey yeah I would say Victorian but if it’s but then number a is mismatched styles right so you can’t have shabby chic here farmhouse modern over there you the whole house needs to flow no matter what you decide to do kind of make it all flow so don’t have mismatched styles of course at the same time if it’s all mismatched isn’t that matched but basically like when you go to redo your kitchen you should think about the style that the rest of the house is yes there was a listing that we had and in my neighborhood and that house has always always always bothered me and hated the front door and I mean like it was mid-century modern you know the front door was and yet the house is a hundred year old city brick house and that mid-century modern door bothered me so much you know as mid-century modern or the shape of the windows it’s the shape of the windows within the door mm-hmm it’s just way too modern for the house okay and it just set a wrong tone it didn’t match so from the get-go looking at the house it didn’t match and you walked in because it was recently for sale looked at the photos everything inside was miss modern mid-century type furniture and to me I was like once you get into the house because we’ve updated some of these houses so much like that wood actually that was fine once you got inside because it all flowed but that door on the outside just did it just wrong tone we’re gonna start wrapping it up here actually my battery’s about the diet looks like we wanted to give the property spot a real quick Oh tell me about your properties you have for sale that I might want you might want to use actually and you might want them to we just I just got the call yesterday so I’m you know if you ask me a question I don’t know the answer but bear with me here while I’m putting it all together but this is a client we worked with a lot or managing the property it’s two houses that are in Country Club Hills are you familiar with where that is is that everybody North County is it Norwood Country Club that’s it’s right across it’s on Jennings Station Road I guess Jennings is called Country Club Hills it’s interesting because it has the mayor the fire chief to please chief but it’s all the same guy yeah right and so but these properties this two houses are $40,000 each both of them have been updated one of them is currently rented that she’s been there about two years I believe their rent is 715 so that’s good those are good numbers right and then the other one is ready to be rented or I think they’re just kind of finalizing things with mirrors how big are they 2-bedroom there should I know you’re gonna ask I think they’re three bed two baths oh my gosh but reach out and I’ll I’ll give you all the details Wow and it cool maybe even at if they were the traditional two or three bedroom one bath Rancher no yeah so they’ll still rent and you’re saying you’re getting seven hundred you’re buying four 47:15 yeah and I was doing the comps this morning and I saw ones that have sold in there for the highest one was 58,000 hey boys well you can buy it have equity and cash flow kind of the best of both worlds Thanks I might be interested so for anybody listening or anybody watching please we’d love to hear your feedback especially with this new format we want to know how it went looks like we probably need to get our camera angle your Adam lean this way no this way we really appreciate it and we love to hear from everybody let us know any future topics you want us to cover and give us a call I mean give Shannon or I a call – HerrmannLondon.com  tell them what’s your phone number 31 4 5 8 3 0 0 7 0 Herrmann London them your number well you can always call our office 3 1 4 8 zero two zero seven nine seven but we are Realtors right we do want to help people buy and sell their properties yes and Facebook you were everywhere on Facebook Instagram you can just Google or I’m in search Shannon st. Pierre or harm in London or Adam Kruse so definitely if you found any information in here helpful give us a thumbs up comment yeah yes we’d really appreciate it thank you

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