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18 Jun Ep. 69 Estate Sales with Jeff Randall of Pennies in Your Pocket

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In this episode, REALTORS® Adam Kruse and Shannon St. Pierre talk to Jeff Randall from Pennies In Your Pocket about estate sales. Find out why a professional estate sale is usually more profitable than a yard sale, even after the client pays the commission. Also, find out what kind of effect shows like Storage Wars and American Pickers have had on the estate sales business.

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1:15 Adam introduces Jeff Randall of Pennies in Your Pocket

5:41 Why do people go to estate sales when they can get almost everything from Amazon?

9:20 How can en estate sale help with downsizing?

14:09 What’s the difference between a yard sale and an estate sale?

18:18 What day of the week is the best to go to an estate sale?

19:56 Can I still have an estate sale while living in my home?

25:00 What types of items are usually left over at the end of estate sales?

27:35 Are estate sales good for finding tools and cleaning products?

31:45 How do estate sales advertise?

35:00 Is security ever needed at an estate sale?

36:00 Can estate sale employees buy items at the estate sale they are running?

40:16 How do estate sale employees learn how to appraise items?

42:00 What is the most valuable item Jeff Randall has ever sold?

43:24 Do REALTORS and investors ever reach out to estate sale companies to find out if a property is about to be for sale?

45:55 Does Jeff Randall watch shows like Antiques Roadshow, Storage Wars, and American Pickers

49:30 What collectibles are going to be valuable in the future?

55:00 Do younger people ever buy decorative furniture like hutches, buffets, and dining room sets?

57:38 Are estate sales held year round?



welcome welcome everybody to the st. Louis realtor podcast I’m your host Adam Kruse I’m the broker owner of the Hermann London real estate group and beautiful downtown Maplewood Missouri I’m here joined always with my wonderful co-host Shannon st. Pierre hello realtor doing a lot of good things lately right Shannon yes I think they’re so going wow thanks you’re still going well and we are excited because one of the popular topics that we get asked about is about estate sales you know and our podcast is all about real estate but it seems like a state sales kind of go hand in hand with real estate and so what we’ve got here today is mr. Jeff Randall he is our special guest and Jeff you’re the owner of pennies in your pocket estate sales is that correct it is my pleasure my pleasure and thanks for being here I guess if you don’t mind would you just kind of give us a little bit get us started off with just a little bit of information about you and your company and just kind of a general overview before we start into with all of our questions sure absolutely what’s family owned and operated it’s me and my wife and my oldest son Ford were the three principals of the business of course we do have staff that helped us and been with us for many years we actually started back in 1999 was more of a part-time operation until up to around 2009 we decided and so we are full time and we’re license are not licensed but LLC to do estate sales in both Missouri and Illinois and we do all kinds of sales from the very say simple modest type of estate sale to a house full of high-end collectibles art you name it we’ve done and you did the estate sale for when my aunt passed away you guys handled the estate sale for that that’s how I got to meet you and when I noticed when I came over there while you guys were kind of you guys were sort of pricing and organizing things and you know the family was shoving whatever we could into our trunks you know notice is that it was it’s really hard work what you guys do it it was very physical you know you’re having to pick everything up lift it move it around and so it’s hard work but I’m I’m curious and I know Shannon’s got a lot of questions for you too but I’m curious how did you get your knowledge to be able to kind of be a pricing expert on literally everything yeah well thanks for recognizing that it’s you know it’s not necessarily an easy task or a job we enjoy doing it and you know we’ve been doing it for like I said a long time but it recognizing that there’s more to it than just throwing tables up in maybe a living room and putting things on tables and coming up with prices pricing is very important and unfortunately it’s not a science it’s more of an art you know and and so for us where we really you know come to the sale with knowledge and experience it’s just from doing it week and a week out because it’s it’s amazing how it doesn’t really matter what zip code you’re in a lot of the things that you see in one house you’ll see in another home I mean so it carries over from a state sale to a state sale well when you do run into those items that are different collectibles we know how to do the research my wife where Jean and I are both certified personal property appraisers so we do in addition to doing estate sales we’re hired by trust companies insurance companies law firms to go in and sometimes just appraise the items that are in the home so that gives us added expertise if you will and experience of knowing how to do the research went needed and and so that’s and it’s important because if you don’t price it as close to an artifice our plan is to price it as close to fair market value as we can because we only have basically two days to sell it it’s not like you’re putting it in a antique mall that could be there for months so pricing is important and you don’t want to price too low because then you’re not really serving your client the best way you can and then you don’t want to over price it because people will turn around and walk out and they’re not buying anything so very important part of the estate sale process yeah you have to sort of know what something is what it was probably bought for how old it is what it would sell for if you had a year to sell it and then you also I guess have to know your local market and what’s you know generally what kind of people are going to come to the sale to write to see what they might pay for something absolutely and you know today you can almost find anything you want online really you can go what other website at eBay most people will go they know about eBay and you can go and if you’re looking for me take their Island I you know a lot of people can go online and do a lot of research and and that’s prices a lot of different categories used two years ago and actually when we started 20 years ago people would use the estate sale as a place to kind of go and do their treasure hunting and you know especially the collectors looking for very specific items that they might want to collect we still have that and thankfully there are still a lot of collectors out there but it’s just a little bit different and because there’s a a larger sort of universe of items out there inventory it does affect pricing and so do you find it challenging I mean I know that you probably know the price points but do you find that you come against the owners the property owners and they feel that their property is worth way more than what it really is you know like we’d sometimes deal with that was selling a house like everyone feels like their house is worth a million because it holds all their memories and you know it’s a purse an old thing absolutely we call that emotional pricing and and absolutely we run into that an awful lot because they know maybe what they paid for a particular item or they know what mom and dad paid for and so you know sentimental value also runs into that you know I played with that when I was a child and I have all these great memories so it’s priceless to me and so yes we run into that all the time and you know we try to in the best way you know respectful way just you know inform them educate them that the price that maybe they think it really should be sold for and what we would price are the reasons why and part of what I just mentioned about the universe is bigger and so they people can go on eBay or other websites and find pretty much anything they want but we you know people were once you kind of explained that to them they you know a lot of times they’ll understand it and and I will just simply say sometimes if there’s really a sentimental value to something it doesn’t matter what I price it for because they might really have regrets that they sold it anyway no matter what they get for it so I really encourage them when they’re really struggling over that I’ll say you know what you’re not ready to like do all that just hang on to it enjoy it for a little bit more but we you know we do the best we can to ensure them that why we’re pricing the pricing pricing it and you know faith is based on what the market will bring awesome yeah so can you go in and tell explain the process of an estate sale I mean I know I’ve gotten the questions and you know because we I’m sure Adam I know he does work with clients sometimes we get the downsizers which I’m sure is one of your biggest besides you know death downsizing what divorce I’m not sure you know that maybe but so when you get downsizers and they’re just like do I just throw step away what’s the process of it state sale it’s a stuff even worth anything is that you know and I have never really been able to to the questions in regards to the estate sale versus having a yard sale and you got to go through the process of what why have an estate sale or maybe a yard sale sure absolutely and it’s interesting that you mentioned downsizing sales almost before you even brought up the the traditional type of a state sale where you know someone passes away and I will tell you out of all these details that we do every year over half of them are sales for people who are downsizing they just want to declutter and or they just you know they’re going from a larger home to a smaller all they want to feel like they want to breathe a little bit and they feel like all this stuff that’s been one of their life for 20 30 40 years is starting to suffocate them and so they come to realize hey you know there’s more to life than stuff so a lot of hours so a lot of our estate sales or downsizing sales but here’s what I like to tell people and this is a real simple very first part of the conversation when they’re thinking about having expensive is I will tell them that once you have what it is that you want to keep either off-site or out of sight you’re done it’s that simple because what we’re gonna do as a company and you know all the other companies do the same thing for the most part you know the next step is to then go into the home you take your tables and if you need cases and whatever you might need to then begin setting up the house displaying the items staging the house for the sale because an estate sale is it’s it’s a tag sale it’s not an auction then what we do is a tag sale so we price everything so then when we open the doors on the weekend for them to come in they’re going into that house and they’re looking around from table to table room to room they’re what we call shopping the house and then whatever they want to buy they take those items to the cashier and pay for them so you know kind of back to also your question is what’s the difference between maybe an estate sale versus in yard sale I would say what’s the difference between a private sale versus a professional sale typically a guard sale or garage sale is a a private sale and an estate sale are downsizings now is a professional type of sale run by a company like ourselves and what we bring to the sale and many companies would do the same yes we’re gonna bring a lot of people because most estate sale companies have very loyal followers shoppers if you will so they watch for our sales and they follow us and wherever we go they follow us so we’re gonna bring a lot of people to that estate set pricing we’re gonna know how to price to get the most out of it even though you might be having to pay a fee overall even after you pay your fee and the real estate where owners Commission’s when you factor in what what they nag together the fee in most cases they’re gonna net a lot more than if they do it themselves so from just a making more money it tends to lend itself to doing an estate sale plus there are a lot of people do it themselves they get really frustrated think it’s a lot of work they go to the sale they open the garage door people come up and the first thing they have a partner on it you take a dip well after you’ve heard that for two or three hours the next thing you want to do is just give it away well we don’t do that and there’s very few items in the state sales that are priced for a quarter or or whatever so those are some of the differences between I thinking private sale versus like professionals now and one of the things I like to tell people don’t throw away anything until you have someone come and look at it did you maybe throw it away money yeah so that’s kind of a question as to cause I mean some people like well I mean like I don’t know that this is worth a nice little crack five so I got some old pants I got some old random tables here but nothing major nothing big these aren’t big items but is it worth just leaving things behind because I’ve had someone leave stuff behind and then go I don’t know what to do with it I guess we’ll throw it in a dumpster is that when you would actually come to do you have go and take a look and say yes this was worth doing a state sale or no yard sale because a lot of this is going to be a few bucks maybe you know I am that are just a few bucks even lower well actually meeting with the potential client in the home it’s only fair and we would do the walk through the house and see what’s there just doing the yard sale versus what you would do if they have such a little amount of things okay I would say you might be better off just doing it yourself whether it’s but usually most people when you look at a typical home and even if you take some things out like if you you know family or friends they select certain items that they want to keep there’s enough in most homes to conduct an estate sale but I like to tell people don’t throw away anything until I have had a chance to look at it because everything has a potential selling I mean we sell the typical like furniture home decor collectibles that’s kind of a typical and pots and pans but we also sell paper products chemicals cleaning products I mean I can I can sell aluminum foil all day and I can yeah and now they don’t sell for a lot of money but it’s part of all of it and when you have also a large sort of variety of items and categories you know that’s how you get more and more people so yeah I we’ll just give you an example where they had a patio filled with what they call trash and they said nothing out there it’s all junk all trash didn’t a lot of it was well you know we have to kind of look and see and make sure and sure enough we found things that we brought back in when we sold those items we sold an additional $500 toward to the sale that they thought was trash well you know what they say you know someone’s trash or someone else’s treasure right well and here’s the other way to look at is because a lot of things that people think are Trek you know they’re trash that no one’s gonna want it they’re thinking about that item for what it originally was used for but a lot of times people who buy things at estate sales repurpose they’ll buy things for parts and pieces they’ll turn it into art so even if there’s a broken whatever they might there might be parts of pieces that someone could take from that and sell or use so you know it’s it’s just different I have people all-time who tell me well we’ve already donated all that clothing and because you don’t sell clothing or no one wants to buy clothing and I tell people every weekend what we sell it off no but again it adds to the overall so yeah it’s amazing what people will buy I’m still I’ve been doing a long time I still shake my head and what they buy and what they don’t Shannon when I go to an estate sale the first thing I do is go into the garage you have a where do you go don’t normally I never really go to a sales which is why I know I know I Saturday’s show houses oh you keep doing that keep doing that but Sunday’s is Sunday the better day to go Jeff because it’s often on everything’s on sale on Sunday right well typically Sunday for some sales are a lot of company Sunday would be their last night we as a company we do Friday insanity so our last day is Saturday but to answer your question what it usually happens the very first day prices are firm you know they’re not negotiable typically and then the second day are the last day is when you reduce our you reduce and negotiate and because what you want to do and what we have found what works for us if we price the house and the items now’s as close to fair market value as we think it should be priced we will sell more on the first day at full price then selling you at reduced on the second day Saturday now the people who buy on Friday or the first day will still come back sometimes and buy on the second day but they want to make sure they buy what they really really want that first day and they make sense and then they’ll come back so typically the second day are the last day would be the reducing of prices and so what if somebody isn’t out of their home yet so if they’re moving but they’re there they haven’t been able to move yet but they have a lot of stuff to sell when do you recommend that everything that’s going to be for sale in a couple rooms and everything needs to be everything personal that’s being kept has to go to a different location or different rooms or you know does it get a little messy when things are may well it’s interesting you asked that question because there are some companies that will simply say no if a person is still in the home or stuff they’ll simply say no and I understand that we kind of look at each situation in assess kind of what what their situation is what kind of helping a house might be but is it they’re keeping versus what they’re selling because if it’s a situation where the person still has to live in the home and then maybe they’re not keeping a whole lot and if they can put those items as you indicated maybe store them in an extra bedroom or someplace that’s off-site should be secure but at least off-site not a site and then we also require that the client needs to be out of the house during this setup and then during the sale so that they have to go somewhere or in Genoa or somewhere and allow us to do our thing and then on the weekend the same process so we as a company have done those types of they’re not our favorite because it can add layers but you know it can be done but it’s not the bus situation the bus situation is if the person can have everything they want out of the house they should do that as well as themselves I can see that it takes out some complexities and confusion and mistakes possible mistakes well if elevate a good enough price they may not mind hahaha I’m just saying money talks sometimes and so what happens if you don’t sell everything and the second day whatever do you just say okay thanks very much and because if they’ve moved down they’re moving on then you have this house of stuff kind of maybe left over and then what right and there will always be stuff left over you can have nice great sale you know the number be a great number and the clients are thrilled to death and thought that they sold more and they’re happy with the dollar total but there will always be stop left as a company we don’t clean it out or clear it out because that’s not our expertise we don’t have really have a staff to do that and in today’s sort of world of disposing items it’s not as easy used to be used to be able to call charity a lot of times in the past they would just show up and take everything well now they don’t always do that or they only take certain things you can’t just throw things away without having to pay a fee so what we do is we at least keep the house at the end we organize all the things that are left so it’s not trashed and then I work with a number of professional clean-out people that I’m using the word professional they this is what they do for a living they’re insured they’re reliable they’re ethical they’re you can scratch it check all the boxes and then I either will coordinate the clean-out efforts with that company if the client wants me to are I just hand over the names to the client and then they begin connecting with the companies and they do what they need to do afterwards now there are some companies out there that will provide clean-out services after the sale we just don’t do that it’s an important part and we will help you by connecting with someone who does that we just don’t do it so hoarder and me thinks that having a clean-out company would be the best job there is I just think that I’d be great to go but I’m sure that’s also really hard work and but you know cleaning out after your Estate Sale is a lot different than the clean outs that are done on some of these properties I’m going into you know because you guys have already gone through the stuff and it’s you know you’ve priced it and I’m guessing the junk that’s like actual trash trash is gone already well as we set up the house for the estate sale whatever trash that we come across yes it’s bad either running to be picked up or it’s at least put somewhere in a nice neat area so the trash the house is not trashed but yeah you know a lot of things that are typically left at the end of this Hill are typically the same type of items we see every week and that people are just not interested in buying and what is that well clear glass for example crystal things figurines decorative plates wall plates that you know a lot of that kind of stuff the collectibles that maybe my grandmother or mother and grandmother would have collected and put in their china cabinet the younger folks they’re not interested in that so we find a lot of that left and just not desirable you know old mugs coffee mugs that kind of thing but usually it’s also the items that don’t have a high value anyway you don’t mean they’re not high in items that we just didn’t sell up but there’s always stuff a lot and so what does so well is fake sales what’s always like you always have the stuff left over you just said so what always so well mid-century furniture mid-century decorative type of decor that’s still hot desirable old toys metal two ways from the 50s and 60s 70s and now we’re kind of getting into into the 80s and some of the games you know that we’re coming in to the you know the gaming systems that we’re kind of coming into the 80s and early 90s are becoming a little bit more desirable and collectible contemporary type of home decor decor is a popular will sell smaller items all our pieces of furniture that people can kind of just pick up and throw in the back of their SUV tends to the south and you know those are tools people lots of practical items that you see in a garage like people you know you work in your garden tools yard tools those are very popular that’s interesting I mean we need to think of it stay cells and I think that that’s where I think this is a great interview because I think of estate sales I think grandmothers stuff or stuff that I just you know like I didn’t think of tools like I should be going to estate sales for the tools alone but and you know or just Brandon I don’t know chemicals like he said cleaning products you know things that you would if you went to you know whatever store and you would paid three or four dollars for a can of bug spray and we might sell a half a can or almost a full peon you might have a dollar on it well you know I sold that every week yeah I bought a tile saw for like five dollars something like four or five years ago I’ve never used it once but I had to have it it was a good deal I’m just like no way I should probably throw it away because I will probably never cut tile but I’ll need it the weekend after I do yes we’re just a bit for your estate sale is collecting after his own estate sale yes and so what is that what so what are the biggest challenges and establishing and running an estate sale is I mean you’ve kind of mentioned I think it through a few of these throughout well we’ve always kind of described doing several major events every weekend because each estate selling we typically will do to estate sales every weekend we’ve done as many as four estate sales every weekend but but most weekends for us we to estate sales so we’re having almost every week two major events and the reason why we say that is because here’s what kind of the dynamics of a sale you’re on the front end of that you’re dealing with the clients perhaps we’re dealing and working with the realtor we love real we love you we love realtor’s and it is because we do a lot of referrals and leads from people like yourself who you’re reaching out and helping your client and so you know we’ve got that sort of dynamic with the client and so you go in and you price you set up the house and get it ready and you do that it’s pretty much the week of the sale and then the actual weekend now you’ve invited all these people to come to this house in this community and sometimes there’s great parking available sometimes there’s not so as a company you really need to be aware of that we as a company want to be a good neighbor while we’re there for those two days so you have to organize sometimes parking and then people sometimes will have anywhere from fifty to hundreds of people at the door waiting to get in well prior to COVID you know you could let twenty-five people in the house 30 depending how big the house was and you know you can manage that well now as of today going through the current situation we’re only allowed a total of good feed on the house which includes our staff so I have two people in the house it’s 8:00 we’re hoping that’s going to be lifted and I think it will in a couple of weeks but but it’s just you know you’ve got to look at having Estate Sale as you know a lot of moving parts and pieces and dealing with the client dealing with the neighbors dealing with customers and the buyers and and so I think it’s important as people are thinking about having estate sale or downsizing sale that one thing that they do is they go maybe they visit a number of state seal companies and see how they run them see how they’re handled and see how they manage parking and that kind of thing because it can be more than what people anticipate I’m sure people find it important to find a company that’s doing a good job marketing well it is and I am sorry am i yes sir I’m asked your question again okay well I’m I was kind of wondering because if I was looking for an estate sale I would be going you know on a Saturday morning before I go out estate sailing I I’m generally gonna be looking on maybe Facebook marketplace or Craigslist or estate sales net and I’m guessing that that’s an important part of your business is making sure you do a good job marketing and is that one of the questions that you get a lot from sellers who are kind of interviewing Estate Sale companies it is yes it is and how we basically advertise all of our estate sale is through the website estate sales not net it’s a great website I wish I owned it because they do a great job and I would I would say without knowing a hundred percent sure but I would say most Estate Sale companies are using the Steel’s dotnet is their platform we do we also you know we have a website and our social media Facebook my wife Regina is the one who really manages that controls it if you will so making sure that the work gets out we do not because you just not we found it’s not necessary we don’t put any ads and like the local paper the only exception to that might be if you’re in a very very small town or community where their local paper is read faithfully but in st. Louis and the bi-state area you know you just all it’s all on the internet but and again most companies have established a very strong loyal following its they’re always going to estate sales net or wet our website to see where we’re going next and they just follow us I see I see certain people more than I see my family I see them every weekend but what is your website well while you’re mentioning it yeah our website is WL it’s st. Louis estate sales dotnet oh cool you got a pretty good domain there right we’re also usually I mean if you just kind of google piy PR fittings your pockets but that’s our website okay awesome and so in that do you ever have to do any kind of security for estate sales well we actually had to hire like security some of our staff has kind of played the role of security we live in a state that is conceal and carry and so you know we are our own security for the most part fortunately thankfully we haven’t had to really deal with that and we go all over I mean we’re not bound by certain zip codes or boundaries and and we haven’t had any thankfully we haven’t had any personally any challenges but it is you know in this day and age is something we do think about and we try to be smart we there are certain things that we do to kind of help us be a little bit safer and secure but as far as hiring like a police officer of duty we haven’t done that maybe we should if we can if we had an estate sale where we thought we needed to we want we just haven’t had that I’m guessing if you had like oh here’s a ton of jewelry and watches and stuff like that you’d probably put that those like smaller items in a case buy one of your workers or something like that and it’s gonna be hard for someone to like run out the door with a couple chairs you know right and if they want to run out the door that coffee mugs I hope you just don’t put your life on the line forever you know anyone’s life you know run after anybody and so no we don’t do that but we are you’re right if there are items that we feel like we really need to secure them in a case in a certain area may be really watched by a staff person or two we will do that and so do you ever snag any stuff for yourself yep how do you become how do you not become a hoarder let’s not call it snag you’re saying like as he’s doing it he’s do every buy anything for yourself well I mean like snag before the sale or you know like goodbye yeah like get something for yourself and then how do you not become a hoarder in this business well if I told you I never bought anything you sell that would be a lie so I’m not gonna say that however I will say this it’s very very rare that I buy anything because I do have enough stuff of my own I don’t want to keep adding to it I see a lot of stuff every weekend so I enjoyed it at a distance and I don’t need it in my home to enjoy it so I’m kind of at that point however if there is something that either 80 I think why I would like to have that or that would be a practical item or something or my staff a my staff here’s how we do it first of all anything that I might want or someone else item I’m not pricing it at all I’m not pricing my own item if I’m interested in it so we don’t do that number two is we do not buy it right off the first day we feel like it should be first offered to the general public first and let them come in and buy however if that item is there the end of the second then at that point we if we’re still interested we might buy it but I’m telling you it’s very very rare that I I don’t want to haul it I don’t want to move it I don’t want to store it you don’t need any more shovels that sounds like a good policy that you have because otherwise you would mark it at $500 and then you know negotiate the next day because you knew no one would buy it the first day or whatever that’s it seems like a fair policy in practice you have well and the other thing too we have a lot of a lot of buyers they’re pretty smart pretty savvy and you can look up anything on your phone right there in the moment so let’s say I there is an item that I think I’m gonna price this really really high so no adviser well the people who are interested they’re gonna know if the price has been inflated ten times because I don’t want to sell it and you know what it’s it’s just not our philosophy as a business you know and that’s not how we approach it so you know we are there we’re hired by the client to sell their stuff and we have such great buyers we want them to feel like when they come to our sales it’s there for them to buy and that’s just how we conduct our business so what’s the most expensive item you’ve sold well we’ve sold some cars you know Mercedes Alexis some custom cars like 1969 you know muscle cars is what I was like we’ve sold some of those one of a what are the more expensive items that’s a little different was we sold a mastodon carved tooth for over $6,000 it was an incredible piece but and you know we’ve sold some jewelry that had some value to it art we’ve sold some great pieces of art rugs it’s you know it’s it’s amazing what we’ve been able to help people so it’s been fun I’m friends with a girl who whose father used to own a tobacco shop and you know he had this big collection of ashtrays and lighters and stuff like that and there was you know there was always certain ones that had this like extreme value and it’s just amazing to me to think that there’s you know hundreds of categories like that and you you guys are expected to somehow know you know and I’m sure you I’ve caught a lot of things and maybe you’ve missed a couple things and that’s what your your loyal followers are hoping for uh suppose right is the diamond in the rough right you’re absolutely right I mean we we do the best we can as we go through each item and look at it and determine the pricing but some houses are so full and so packed that you’re right sometimes something gets accidently overlooked not on purpose but it does but we do our best to you know try to find every item like I said and priced the way it should be it does help that we you know we have experience in doing research and things and clues and signs that help us say all we need to do a better job looking at up because of this we need it’s worth more than just a random piece so that’s important because we’ve had sales where a piece of pottery for example it was simple it was playing most people probably in a yard sale if they were to put that on a yard sale or a company coming might have been five six bucks on it well we started looking at a lot closer we didn’t know anything about and because the people were not around to tell us but we started doing some research we saw one little mark and we sold it online to a museum in California from over well so you know those are things that you got to really kind of keep your attention to and so we hope that works the biggest compliment compliment we’ve had are from some of our customers who say I love you I want to come to your sales but I can’t really find something that I’m gonna buy for a little and turn around sell for a lot because you guys don’t miss you know yeah it’s nice to know that you will occasionally put like that piece of pottery like you’re saying you you’re something like you guys are open to selling things to online to a bigger market or whatever if if you think that there’s otherwise you might have sold it that day for $10 is what you’re saying Wow fortunately we knew about what it was worth before we opened and priced it but had had the museum not have bought it we would have priced it with I don’t know if we would have sold it for $700 but it would’ve been five dollars yeah interesting that would have been something you would have bought maybe not all right Shannon keep him coming that’s I mean like that’s just kind of with them those are all the things I was kind of curious about I mean I feel like he’s got done an amazing job kind of going through this process and I feel like I have a better idea it can be kind of an everyday item displayed it’s just downsizing when you’re downsizing there’s a lot of good stuff it just so Jeff Shannon and I are both Realtors and we’re also both investors I’m curious do do you have Realtors and investors that reach out to you trying to find properties because sometimes you guys will know about a property that’s going to be sold before anybody else does I’m guessing that’s one you’re often one of the first calls do you ever put people in touch with investors or Realtors like us absolutely it does happen I am going to be tell you though that even though it has happened usually the time I actually meet them at the door at the house there’s either a sign in the yard or when I asked them because I always had you know are you if they don’t say anything about the house I asked them if they’re planning on selling the house because if they say you didn’t usually the answer is yes and if they don’t have someone then I always in there to suggest or offer them that next level of professional help you know real estate agent or what are an investor that might come in so I always ask the question but what I typically get is everyone seems to know a real real estate agent right yeah it may not be they may not have sold a piece of property in five years but they have their license and I hear a lot well I you know we have that we have that we have that and even when they tell me they have a real estate agent I still say well that’s great but sometimes people would like to interview and talk to more than one just to kind of get a full of perspective so full disclosure yes it does come about but probably not as often as the real estate world would think yeah keep us in mind you know why we do this fires and so our producer has a question for you sure and he he’s wondering if you like to watch shows like American Pickers or Antiques Roadshow or anything like that well I have watched them and it’s over the years I don’t watch a lot of that stuff anymore and I’ll tell you a lot of that is made for TV like storage wars where they open the door and all this wonderful stuff a lot of that is made and produced for entertainment purposes a lot of the items that are featured the prices are not realistic to what the market really yes so when someone says oh that’s where I’ll pay you X and I can resell it for mine a lot of times it doesn’t match reality but it’s for good television and so it’s fun it’s kind of fun to see what people have in there that their collections but it really it doesn’t match the true world and valuations and then the downside of that now when I go and talk to people they do think that a lot of stuff that they have because they watch these shows now is worth all this money and in reality it’s just not true it’s kind of like the Zillow effect on our side of things where maybe maybe people watch those shows and they think that think their things are worth more and you come in and tell them they’re not but then maybe there’s some buyers who will buy stuff for more because they’ve watched the shows and you know just like we think how we think that Zillow is not good at pricing but Zillow has become such a powerhouse that it is affecting prices because that’s where buyers and sellers are looking and so they kind of think that that’s what their house is worth you know or the house that they’re looking at questions the same as like if people ask you or i Adam if we watch HGTV because we rehab we’re Buster’s you know like and I I do but then it drives me crazy because I’m like it’s not reality that’s the it’s so far from reality and it’s what people have get in their heads I mean and it’s a dangerous thing to get in your head that you could actually rehab a house and you know a few weeks questions maybe us as professionals and thinking well do you know really know what you’re doing you know because I saw on TV this was selling for AXA you tell me it sells for Y but you know my 20 years experience your half-an-hour TV show yes exactly Xavier price then it’s [Music] property appraiser he said you know we throw around terms and words like Rare like this is rare he said if you’re the true meaning of a rare item is just that we call things rare jewel and because most things are not rare even when you think they are they’re not and so that’s part of the educational process we have to go through but you know we do it and it’s fun well when I was a kid you know we always heard about these certain baseball cards like Mickey Mantle rookie card or whatever and so I think that that caused a lot of people my age – now we’re hoarding baseball cards from when we were kids you know somewhere in my parents basement I’ve got boxes of baseball cards but baseball cards don’t have very much value now from what I know I’m no expert and so I’m kind of curious if you can look into your crystal ball and tell us what if anything you think is going to going to be valuable you know that where our kids our grandkids are gonna be saying I completely threw that away you know do you have any ideas on that kind of thing so so in all fairness we are it’s a great way it’s a fair question it’s a great question and I do think about that a lot because probably will be down the road I do think some of the toys of the 90s some of the gaming systems are going to be more sought-after down the road than they are right now for example Legos that’s been around a long time but it’s still kind of considered probably new versus old but some of the always the Legos for example have really you know collectors are out there and and we’re talking about adult collectors you know even though it’s a toy for kids there are a lot of adults out there that collect Legos so it’s I really don’t know that and I think a lot of jewelry has been melted in the last three or four years simply for the metal content and so old older jewelry some that maybe again my mother grandmother hat that’s beautiful that you’re not going to find anywhere unfortunately is gone because people melted it so I think that may come back because it’s going to be fewer pieces around so that’s kind of what I think right now I don’t know like my old Nintendo in my basement it’s like twenty games but none of which are in the boxes are in great shape is that what you’re saying is selling now or is it something else when you’re mentioning it’s starting sorry Atari yeah yeah Nintendo but it is starting to have some I don’t know some desirability for people who are buying it to keep it our resale but yeah it’s interesting because you can now buy I don’t know it’s very very cheap you can buy like a system or something that has every Nintendo game ever or whatever for so cheap why would they want my old one they slept up well off the games on it stuff you know but I guess that’s what collectors items are huh absolutely and you know you mentioned out of the box sometimes some things are the box itself is more desirable than the things that are in the box you don’t mean because most people did exactly what you’re saying they they took it out of the box and they throw it away or they didn’t take care of the box because they played with their toys well now people are looking for those boxes or to add to the toys as a complete collection so boxes are still a very interesting sort of find if you will okay baby coming back no no not at all then the spiders mess those up or what wider those no longer valuable but baby baby there are spiders in them or something for a while isn’t it you know if you can get a dollar a piece for your beanie babies sell them and be happy you did and I just don’t think see you again a lot of a lot of those things the market has been flooded so much that there are there’s no specialty Precious Moments you’ve probably heard precious moments they you know again they sell if they sell they sell for almost nothing but I mean people bought hundreds and hundreds of them pass pay a lot of money for them oh yeah what about depression-era glass like crystal earlier we still saw fair amount of that carnival glass that’s still you know fairly desirable yeah an old like antique wood furniture is that holding its value is it going to come back a lot of the antique furniture is not holding its value it’s you know you there’s some beautiful pieces out there but it’s nowhere near worth but it was you know ten years ago eight 10 15 years ago now I do think that maybe one of the items that will cycle back but you know of it you may have to wait a while but I’m thinking that that may be one of the categories that mine cycle they’re cool I don’t have any storage units do you have I don’t have any storage units but I own a lot of houses and I do have some stuff in some of the basements by the way you want but we had I’ve had a few relatives die in the last few years and it just I just couldn’t get rid of their you know antique furniture so I’ve got all sorts of hutches and cabinets and stuff in our house now and you don’t know what to do it hatches or buffets or silver still sell I feel like you know younger generations want nothing to do with it and you see a plethora of it almost on Cherokee Street you know Cherokee Street used to be all these antiques and now they’re just flooded with these hutches and china cabinets and buffets and silver those those are banging room furniture the china cabinets and those are very very hard to sell an estate sales because you’re correct most of the the younger folks don’t want the big heavy pieces they don’t want to fill a room with two or three large pieces in a dining room so they’re very hard to sell and if you do sell them they’re pretty cheap and silver the silver plate like the flatware or feel if they don’t sell a whole lot or you know I mean they’re not bringing a lot of money number one if you sell them but again what people are doing with some of the silver plate like the trays and the forks and the knives and that they’re repurposing they’re making jewelry out of it they’re putting like trays on the wall as decor you know it’s amazing the creativity of some of the people but they’re not buying a tea set to go home and have a tea party they’re buying it for something else that’s awesome Jeff do you want to give your contact information one more time I’d love for people to be able to get a hold of you sure our name is pennies in your pocket also known as Piyp I can be contacted my phone number is three one four seven zero three two zero two eight and my email address is the initials piyp dot Jeff at att.net love it cool so anything else that you want to make sure to say or anything we should we should be asking before we wrap it up just one thing I would say real quick the state sales its year-round some people tend to think as they get close to maybe the fall and Christmas that they should wait some of our best sales have happened in November December January because there are fewer sales happening and the people who go to estate sales they go every week like they go to work on Monday and they get upset when there aren’t estate sales go to so again if you’re in a situation you know maybe you’re selling a client’s house in December and they think well this is not a good time to sell my house what am I gonna do with my stuff it could be one of the best times to have an estate sale and then on that same line of thinking for the real estate agents when you can time a media listing with an estate sale because we’re gonna have hundreds and hundreds of people through that house it’s one of the best open houses you could ever want I’m glad you said that I was just talking to someone about an hour ago a listing I’m trying to get in Fenton actually and she mentioned she’s having an estate sale and I was like well I want to get in there and like you know form our listing agreement prior to that so I can be advertising your house your estate sale she liked my idea that question say a houses sell as a result of having an estate sale and people come through and like it and say I want to buy it love it that’s awesome well thing if you’re a quality time today thank you for co-hosting with me Shannon Jeff it’s been awesome to talk to you guys did a great job with my family’s estate sales so I appreciate it and I hope people will reach out to you as a result of this and so alright thank you very much people thank you so much for the opportunity I appreciate it take care

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