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18 Aug Ep. 71 Digital Billboard Marketing with Becca Davis of Blip Billboards

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In this episode REALTORS® Adam Kruse and Shannon St. Pierre talk to Becca Davis about how Blip is making billboards affordable for small business owners. Find out why businesses should be spending more on marketing during a recession.

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0:45 Adam introduces Becca Davis, Customer Success Rep. for Blip Billboards

1:20 Blip has about 1,400 digital billboards where customers can buy billboard space 7.5-10 seconds at a time

3:22 Blip considers themselves the AirBnB of digital billboards

4:07 Does Blip own the billboards?

5:30 Blip doesn’t put up billboards but can help you get in touch with the right people

6:25 It’s hard to find billboards on the East Coast outside the big cities

6:40 What makes a billboard different from a mural? Does a billboard owner have to pay taxes?

8:20 If a digital billboard can’t fill their spots directly then Blip will fill the empty inventory

9:30 What is the user experience for using Blip Billboards?

10:53 The national average per 8 second Blip is $0.10

11:30 Clients can hire Blip to design the art for them

12:42 How does Blip Billboards track impressions?

15:01 A billboard should be part of a larger marketing campaign

15:31 What REALTOR calls to action work on a billboard?

16:30 There are multiple levels of approval for every design

17:50 What inappropriate things have been submitted to Blip?

18:40 Adam introduced Blip to his agents years ago

19:30 Have people submitted marriage proposals? Do billboards allow personal ads?

20:50 How do clients know when their ad will display? Can clients stop a campaign whenever they want?

24:16 What Blip analytics are available to the client?

25:45 What makes a billboard design good? Are phone numbers useless to put on billboards?

28:45 7 touches are needed to convert someone to your product

29:50 How can you and your friend both earn $75 with the Blip referral program?

Adam’s Blip referral link 


31:36 Has Covid made Blip Billboards more affordable? Why should small businesses advertise more during a recession?

33:49 What kind of people have bought billboard space just for fun?

35:24 Does Blip have competitors?

37:30 Adam’s friend regretted signing a contract with a traditional billboard company

39:14 Email becca@blipbillboards.com if you have questions about Blip



welcome welcome everybody to the st louis realtor podcast i’m your host adam kruse broker owner for hermann london realtors here in st louis and right over here is my co-host shannon st pierre also a realtor how you doing shannon hi and we’re super excited today because we have a special guest becca davis with blitz billboards and if you don’t know what blilp billboards are we’re going to talk about it today but they’re the big billboards that have the messages changing on them and our company’s been using them for a few years so thanks for being here today becca of course i’m super happy to be here yeah we’re just a couple of real estate nerds who like to learn about all the different aspects and of real estate in general and you know ancillary industries and stuff like that so um do you mind if we start for the people listening or watching if you just tell us about your company basically yeah sure um so i work for blip billboards we are a digital billboard company um here in the country and in canada um we have about 13 1400 digital billboards in our network um and what makes blip unique is that you don’t have to sign a contract you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars um and you don’t have to have the nike mcdonald’s coca-cola budgets um to be on a digital billboard so you can say i only want to spend five dollars a day and only spend five dollars a day and we’ll help you do that um so yeah we just help people get on digital billboards kind of like pay-per-click for like facebook or social media type advertising love it and yeah and it doesn’t have to be five dollars a day it can be five dollars today right yeah well i mean give us a couple days there’s a bit of a process but i meant like five dollars for one day kind of thing like you can do it for as long or short as you want to yes exactly so again without a contract you’re in complete control you can say i’m going to do it for one day you can do it for you know the rest of your life if you want to so yeah and i i guess i’m having this urge right now just to say that although this this like podcast might seem like a commercial for billboards because we are big fans we’re not sponsored or anything by you guys we’re actually just customers of yours yeah you guys are just customers and have had a great experience so well we’re just like it sounds so great i felt like it felt like a commercial and and we’re really kind of curious about sort of the real estate side of things not just like how realtors use it and things like that but more like just like the real estate of billboards because we’ve bought and sold a few properties and had listings with properties that had billboards on them and it’s just sort of a mystery to everybody so do you mind if you would just sort of tell us about the the business side of like a billboard you guys you guys lease those do you own those billboards and how does that work yeah so i kind of think about blip as kind of like the airbnb or the lift of a digital billboard so we don’t own them outright um we have just found a network of kind of the smaller digital billboards around the country um that people can use and so it helps these smaller digital billboard owners sometimes get a national presence or have like a more regional presence that normally companies would have to go to you know the bigger names in the industry um and so we don’t own them outright they’re just part of our network sometimes they can go unavailable um if people are filling up all the space by going to them directly um so that’s kind of how i think about us they’re you know the real estate side of billboards and the property and all that that can vary from you know town to town or even region um just based on what the city ordinances are the different laws um different billboard companies have different policies um we have one billboard company that is a big presence over here kind of in the rocky mountains and they just care so much about being a good steward of these billboards because you don’t really get to choose if you see a billboard or not like you literally have to be blind or drive your car with your eyes closed to not see not you guys are kind of available leasing space on existing billboards or if i had farmland along the highway can i call you and you guys would do everything necessary to put the billboard up you know we don’t necessarily help put up the billboards we’ve chosen specifically not to go into the owning a billboard um you know part of the industry um but we could get you in touch with the right people to help do that and again if you have a lot of farmland you want to go you know up on you know put a billboard in that that field or whatever um it is going to be a lot of time and effort and paperwork and red tape and all sorts of stuff and so it’s it’s a big fun and it’s a big big amount of time that you’d have to use to do that but we could get you in touch with the right people to do so okay i have i own a building in the city and it’s kind of on a busy road and i just every time i pull up to it i see this huge you know brick wall and i’m like i should put a billboard up there and you’re saying yeah good luck it’s going to take a lot of i guess there’s just a lot of red tape or something like that yeah it’s just it’s a lot because a lot of cities don’t like billboards they don’t want billboards um i’m from the east coast and you’re hard-pressed to find many billboards outside of like the big cities just because people don’t want to ruin the landscape and people worry about that is what makes it i’m sorry shannon i’m kind of hogging all the questions no you’re fine is what makes it a billboard is it the fact that i’m getting paid for it like i could paint a mural of a can of beans or whatever on the side of my building if i wanted to but if they were paying me that’s what makes it a billboard and the red tape you know i don’t specifically know i think it has to deal with my personal opinion being in the industry for the time that i have it probably helps to deal with the fact that it changes and that it’s not constant right like if you paint the side of your building chances are you’re not going to change that for years and years and years but with a billboard it could change you know if it’s digital it could change in the next couple minutes if it’s static it’ll change in a month or so um and that process of going through that change and getting getting it approved is just probably more than a city is willing to deal with and adam i mean for i’ve only known of a couple billboards in the city like intimately in regards to to real estate but my understanding is that the billboards have to pay taxes like the city wants their taxes so that’s why it’s different than you putting up a sign that says you know i am the greatest you’re not making money on that right so if you’re not making money now that it’s money generating which it technically i guess a billboard would be the city wants their cut usually here anyway completely different right across the united states and which is why i think it’s kind of brilliant that blip is just like no thank you we’ll just lace it and you know reap all the benefits of billboard and billboard advertising yeah so back to kind of that question that you had adam like are we leasing it what are we doing with it basically if a billboard can’t fill all of their spots they’ve got like eight or ten designated spots during the day if they can’t fill all those with a contracted advertiser they just give us that that leftover space and then we sliced it up into these eight times eight seconds ten seconds spot oh so they had to already have even the digital thing i thought you guys were coming and putting up the big digital things on their billboards no no so they already have it they’ve already been doing it and running it we do get some new billboard you know owners i we have one up in alberta that recently put up a billboard um and they came directly to us and they’re like hey like we could do a lot of contracting but we really like your business model we you know we want small and medium-sized businesses to have access so we’re going to mainly go through blip and use you guys in our marketplace okay well uh before we get too far ahead of ourselves i guess we should say that like to me the process of an experience of using blip was i and well maybe you could tell the process because i’ll jumble it up you’re good you probably know it pretty well yourself having used it um you just go to blipbillboards.com you create a free account um and then directly from there you can create a campaign right then and there um so the new campaign it takes you through different stages so you pick your billboard locations and it’ll show you all 1300 across the country which can be a bit overwhelming but just search the area that you’re wanting um it’ll describe the billboards it’ll kind of give a description of the area there’s a google maps to show the cross streets that you can zoom in and zoom out on and it’ll give the dimensions the time length that it has which traffic you know we’ll be seeing it um and then you go to the next stage you set your daily budget so how much you want to spend per day so sometimes you have to do a little bit of math like i only want to spend 300 for the month so you put 10 dollars in per day um you can choose your start date your end date or you can just say start it immediately and let it run until till i don’t know until the world ends till i log in and decide to end it um you can set your schedule on the next page to be whatever day and whatever hour you want and there also you’ll want to just set your priority settings so how much are you willing to spend per blip the national average is 10 cents per blip and that varies based on demand for a sign the area of the country you’re wanting to be in and whatnot so you’ll want to be competitive enough and blip will always charge you the market rate so we’re not throwing in like hidden fees or anything um in addition you’re just literally paying for the display um that you’re getting and then you upload your artwork and you review your campaign you send it off into the approval process and as soon as the approval process is done um if everything was a go you start flipping so and i think for me i was able to hire you guys to do the artwork do i remember that right yes we do have an in-house graphic design team and you can hire them whenever you want a design is and they do a great job and they turn it around within 24 business hours yeah i felt good knowing that it was going to be sort of like the exact right size and dimensions and everything to be because you know i’m giving you this little file and it’s turning into this huge image yeah a lot of people get really nervous they see this like little tiny pixel dimension and they’re thinking a billboard’s like pretty big guys um but we have you do it in pixels specifically or our design team so that it expands in the right way and isn’t blurry or stretched and we even have precautions in there to warn you if we think it’ll be blurry or stretched you mentioned earlier that you i think you kind of called yourself the facebook ads of billboards or something like that and then it’s like you’re also the uber of billboards whatever it’s interesting that someone should just be like what is the facebook um ads of uber for anything you could kind of think of i guess but billboards was a good one to do it do a lot of people do what you would consider to be trackable things you know like one of the benefits of facebook ads as i can say six leads came from facebook do you see people doing that or billboards more about just getting a brand out yeah that’s a a really interesting question because if you think about it like facebook or a website or anything like that like you can see everybody that crawls across um billboards there isn’t you know full technology i can say like adam or shannon drove past this billboard today and we’re gonna go target them with all of our other things um so hold on a second you kind of slid a yet in there can you can you go on about that what do you mean not not particularly i’m starting to hear that maybe that technology is coming obviously because billboards work people are wanting that um i don’t work on any product development or anything but these are things that i go and i tell the product team like this would be really nice and they tell me like yeah yeah yeah we’ll get you know we’ll get to that in the future let’s solidify what we have um so i say yeah in terms of this is 2020. we can you know we know we can accomplish anything we just have to get to that point are they thinking of tracking like which cell phones pass and then you’ll know who they are and what kind of interest the people have yeah that’s where i was like hold up i mean you know big brother’s always watching so we’ve all had to kind of give in to that i mean there’s just no way um but i’m sitting here going wow that’s a new level i think are you tracking my life are you doing a license plate picture and then tracking where i live or is it is it that was a good one cell phone well like google i have google location settings on on my phone i give google permission to know where i am and it could say like here you go and it’s been four hours since you stopped at a restaurant bro i’m sure you’re hungry like there’s a snake shake up here exactly i mean just think about what that would do for like real estate agents if you can say like oh they keep driving in this area and we’ve got four homes for sale like better get our facebook and our social media ads to target them and know which billboards they’re going to be passing i mean oh my gosh you’re saying that driving data to the facebook wow oh oh yeah i mean here’s the thing with billboards they’re meant to be brand awareness but you need to have other things in place after your billboards a very cohesive yet diverse marketing mix if you really want to see the full benefits because like i was saying you can’t track billboards necessarily so what are you doing after it what is your call to action on your billboard that’s going to get them to go to your facebook your instagram your twitter your website whatever it is so yeah they should all be connected all the time do you have kind of any information about like for example what realtor call to action works you know we have a lot of different different messages that people put out there um anything from you know shock factor of like no how much are they paying to sell their house to i’ve got this guy in arizona he’s a realtor in arizona um and he goes and targets billboards like in chicago where it’s freezing cold and tells them like hey are you done with the cold because i’ll sell you a house in arizona next week and we we get everything i mean we get your regular like this is the house i’m selling this is what it’s going for and i’m the realtor we get just the standard like this is my face this is my you know my website or my number or whatever i mean we get all sorts of things flip is really that opportunity to be as creative as you want and the more memorable and the more like you can be thought about once somebody drives by the better i guess you guys have to approve them before they go live is that like a human have to approve it yes we have a two-tier approval process um the first tier is with blip we just want to make sure that we’re not sending you know inappropriate or poor ads onto the signs that i’ve chosen to network with us so they go through our approval process first um and we have our design guidelines and things to watch out for on our website that people can always kind of do the checklist and then after if blip approves it then it goes to the sign directly and the sign has to approve it um and again they all have different business policies they have different things that they’re willing to do some are more liberal than others on what they’re willing to do and then some are even in areas like for instance we have billboards near six flags where families come and there are young children and six flags likes to have you know a stay in it and it’s going to be okay for the community that we have in our in our park so but it normally it normally just stops with you know with the sign owners there’s six flags there’s you know different cities that like to have a say in it as well when you guys being sort of the first line of defense there i guess have you seen people trying to do like inappropriate stuff you know cuss words or something like that oh yes we get we get all sorts of things um we have a big like wrapping community so explicit language lyrics things like that we just require that they have the you know parental advisory label um but we get all sorts of things weird photos things that like you know i’m an adult it’s fine maybe for me but if i had like my niece or nephew with me i wouldn’t want to drive past that billboard interesting yeah yeah people are crazy aren’t they yeah i mean and we’re dealing with the general public and we’ve opened up billboards to a whole new demographic i mean it just used to be the people that had thousands upon thousands of dollars to advertise blip has made it possible for anybody with any budget that’s what i think is so cool about blip is when you introduced him to us adam or you know kind of gave us said hey check this out i mean a couple years ago um i thought it was revolutionary in terms of billboard right because you could buy a couple spots for a couple days or certain times a day and then it was just kind of like this um attainable advertising that was usually off the table you know from someone and and then it opened up the door for advertising um for a short period of time for something very specific like a house and i could see like even a for sale by owner an owner trying to sell their own home could use it you know like it gives the apps opportunity not who side are you on shannon i’m on everybody’s side i’m not on a side adam so could someone do could someone do something short term like will you marry me diane and like make sure it’s up while they’re driving to the cardinals game yes we have lots of people that do marriage proposals they just need to get a hold of you like at least a week in advance or something yeah i recommend always giving yourself at least a week buffer like our approval process takes you know up to 48 hours on average um and you can do it within you know an hour setting it up but give yourself like a week in case the artwork gets rejected or you need to change something um in terms of like marriage proposals or people trying to promote themselves to be hired for you know a job that people are looking to hire not all billboards um not all billboards allow personal ads so that’s a good reason to call in to blip and speak to somebody like me a dedicated billboard specialist and we can help you decide which signs to use um to you know see the best results or be successful and not get frustrated why adam were you gonna propose to somebody diane didn’t you hear me so but how does that work so because i’m bidding per eight seconds or whatever but how do i make sure diane sees it yeah it could be like not the you know one minute that we have the eyes on it yeah i mean and a lot of people i deal with this a lot people that you know say i went to my sign and i didn’t see my billboard and you know you know what is this what what are you guys trying to do or whatever um that’s why i have a job as a dedicated billboard specialist because there is a bit of an art a little bit of finesse to setting up your campaign to perform exactly the way you want it to um so you have to you know pick on your schedule don’t just say like oh well maybe in this eight hour period we’ll drive by like be very specific know when you want her to see that proposal i want her to see it you know between 1 and 2 p.m okay that’s the only hour i’m gonna schedule give it a big big budget there’s a you know you can stop it as soon as you need to so if you go by and you see it and it hasn’t spent your daily budget stop it like what’s the point in keeping it running um which is great about blip you can start and stop whenever you want and then next is make sure that that that max amount that you’re willing to spend per display make sure it’s super competitive um and what i mean by that is you know yes the national average is 10 cents but maybe joe over here is willing to pay you know 50 cents so he’s a little bit more serious about his billboards being seen well i want mine to be seen so maybe i’ll say 70 cents um or whatnot so just being competitive being very specific and how you set your schedule and what you’re doing also if you want her to see it on a billboard that you’re going to drive by don’t choose the five other billboards that are in the area choose the one that you want to drive by so that you definitely know it’s gonna show up on that board at the time you watch okay and then am i like let’s say that everyone else is bidding 50 cents on average or up to 50 cents if i pay my 70 cents can i buy that whole hour effectively it’s still a marketplace so it’s still you know kind of a bidding system it’s still you know i guess i’m saying if i’m the top bidder oh do you still have to display someone else uh eight seconds later we will we’ll do our best to kind of fit the algorithm and see how many slots are available and what the budget is you know maybe i’m bidding 70 cents but i’m also choosing 10 hours they’re bidding 50 cents but they’re only choosing two so maybe i’ll reduce you for those two hours and put you more heavily on wow you do have an algorithm that’s complicated oh yeah and i don’t deal with the algorithm i just i’m like there’s an algorithm all the time to people and i know how to how to play with it to make it work but it is interesting because so your algorithm i mean it’s no different than google and google adwords and i mean you set the budget for uh you know you’d kind of do the same thing i mean it could be cents it could be dollars and it’s just kind of like it depends on who’s bidding what how much at that time and then that’s it like and you don’t know that’s why i think it’s really hard and exactly and so with the ads like and so to speak so it’s kind of along those lines of um playing with it a little bit and then do you display and then do you tell how many times it was shown like if i so that i can catch a rhythm and go okay 10 cents is not good enough clearly for these certain hours and i’m going to up my budget yes so we have lots of different like reports and analytics that you can see it’ll show you on your analytics all time like when i’m typically blipping and how much i’m typically spending per hour it’ll show me specifically yesterday’s spend and when i was doing that um different measures so then if you want to see the exact times and where you’re displaying i recommend that you go and run a proof of performance report we call it a pop report here for short and it literally i mean if you’ve chosen all day in a large budget it’s like a multi-page report but it literally says like at 702 and 43 seconds and 702 you know but you have the ability so you have the ability so you can kind of see how many times it ran in a certain hour a certain time of day and it’ll help you kind of determine your budget depending on your needs but absolutely yeah and that helps me too if somebody’s going to their sign and they call up and they’re like becca i went by and i didn’t see it i pull up that report and i say oh you went over at 1 30. oh well you know it stopped at 102 because that’s when you run out of money or you know i’ll figure out why they couldn’t see it at that time at that time based on that report which is really helpful becca if we wanted to make a uh billboard for this podcast what would you suggest we did um first and foremost get your logo on there as big as possible i would say at least a third of the height of the sign next put your web address on there for them to be able to go and search and find you and then my last recommendation because billboard should be short and sweet and concise less is always more on a billboard i get way too many people that think a billboard is like a mailer or a flyer like nobody has that kind of time they got two maybe three seconds to see what you got like literally they’re driving 65 miles an hour give them what they need so your logo your website and then if you guys have a slogan something that people you know could google and search real quick um something that’s memorable that way that is what i would fill the rest of this face up with also a personal touch is always nice like if i know what you look like because i mean especially with realty i’m going to be going walking through this home with you i want to know you see that you have a kind face and that you you’re really in this to help me so building that trust building that brand recognition that’s that’s the biggest thing so logo website something memorable or something to help with that trust building so um should we like on our billboard i think the ones that we’re using as agents we have our picture our name our company logo and then our phone number really big do you think we should get rid of the phone number and go to like a slogan of some sort for a website i think more websites so that they know where to go because people can remember website but phone numbers we could probably turn our logo into a website exactly yeah a website is definitely there always needs to be a clear form of identity on your billboard um a lot of people will put their phone number because that’s what they want they are wanting directly it’s direct calls because somebody saw it um that can happen but it’s rare that somebody is like oh i saw your billboard and that’s why i called you um so a website is best and think about a phone number like it’s probably you probably can’t remember maybe like your mom’s phone number or even your grandma’s phone number maybe if we’ve had them since you know like the early 2000s or whatever but we don’t do that or like 10 specific digits in a very random order like i’m i’m not going to remember that very few people will remember that letting them know how to find me or giving them something to google to find me even really exactly yeah your billboard should be just pushing them to the next advertising medium that you’re using um and the next advertising medium you’re using should be somewhat transactional so watching someone crawl across your website and interact with your social media something like that just to you know because in sales right we need those seven touches to convert someone to our product billboards can effectively be that first touch and we found that people are about 48 more likely to interact with your website or your social media or anything down the road if they’ve seen you and out of home and billboards do a great job of completing that first task shannon if we had like a listing appointment coming up somewhere then you could put up billboards like a week in advance so then the seller is like god i know you from somewhere i just right i mean is that you can like build that’s the idea is you’re building trust i guess through the billboards exactly yeah if you know how they drive but i mean are you stalking your clients that well to know exactly where they’re driving and when adam and i know i know where their house is and i know there’s a billboard right here so i’m kind of assuming they’re doing a little you know the grocery stores on the other side of that billboard they’ve got to go get food at some point they’re going to drive by yeah it’s funny when you were talking about the phones being tracked earlier i was like that’s cool and now you’re talking about this i’m like oh that’s creepy i don’t want to know i’m dragging where they go to the grocery store you know yeah yeah it’s all a little creepy okay exactly um let’s see so you guys have uh like a bit billboard referral program could you tell us about that yeah it’s actually a really great program every account has its own unique referral code um you can find that let me just double check while i’m talking to you um when you log into your account up in the upper right hand corner is your organization name and if you click on that in the drop down menu there is a page called rewards and when you go to that it’s the blip referral program um and basically there’s your unique link and you share it with all your friends and family and everybody you know and the minute that your referral spends their first 25 and has made that first 25 payment um you and your referral both earn 75 worth of credit um so it’s a really great deal 75 dollars you know can typically typically get you a handful of days on blip to advertise that’s a really nice referral program i mean you so you’re spending you know so you’re tripling the off you know what someone is paying and giving it to both i mean that’s a pretty generous i guess referral yeah yeah it really is and we’re all about getting those small and medium-sized businesses on billboards onto this playing field that for so long they just weren’t allowed on or not allowed but couldn’t afford and by default couldn’t do it um well that that like 75 would go crazy long way i i am i wrong that i i think i’ve noticed during kind of the covid times that my like what i’m willing to bid hasn’t gone down but what i’m actually paying seems to have gone way down is that possible absolutely i mean with all the lockdowns if you think about it shutdowns lockdowns less people on the roads people being told please don’t be out and about um you know the online the tv ads those those prices skyrocketed right because everyone was like well they’re all going to be in the home they’re not going to be leaving and so we can charge whatever we want um and so the demand for these billboards went down and therefore the cost dropped when there isn’t you know demand and a surplus of supply then then the price drops and so with that we were trying to tell people like no you still have your essential workers on the road you still have people out needing to grocery shop or visit you know those that are in need there are still people on the road this is the time to get your name out there build brand recognition and what we’ve seen from past recessions past analytics is that those that continue to advertise during a point of downturn and show stability have increased market share and ultimately fare better once things kind of come back yeah yeah i think we see that like that repeats itself several times in history we’ve been able to look back in terms of marketing and um business growth and i mean i think it’s i think it’s interesting but that’s absolutely true so i’m like becca you’re losing me here you’re losing me all i want to do now is log in and up my campaign money no seriously and you know with with blitz the best part is it’s flexible you know you’re you know you’re freaking out so you can pause it right away or you’re noticing like you are adam you know being educated on this like oh this is the time like go increase that edit my campaign right now um and win that market share and build that brand recognition so with what there really is this you know whatever i want i can i can essentially make happen and if you can’t figure it out on your own give me a call i’ll tell you you know how we can do it in the best way possible do you have anyone do you know any of any like specific examples just across my mind just like that has bought ad space just for fun it has like i uh just so they can say they they’re on a billboard adam um or uh uh or just i don’t know because they go huh i can’t and so i do you know some people are just like you know when you ask them why they did something like i don’t know because i could because i could we have had i mean there there is that in every shapeway you know and form um before blip there wasn’t really a name to or a way to put your name up in light so to speak and now you can right you can everybody who wants their 15 minutes of fame everybody wants that um we get a lot of people that will do it solely so that they can go and stand in front of the billboard and take a picture and then post it on their social media and say like yeah i was on a billboard guys like what about that adam i’ve tried to i’ve put up billboards of some of our agents and trying to get him to go get the picture it’s awesome yeah i mean it’s it’s fun it’s really cool thing to do well then if you on a billboard then your friends think like oh your business must be doing great you know and all this kind of stuff think about the credibility that it builds because before it was nike coca-cola mcdonald’s they could do it and all of a sudden like oh adam shannon you guys can be on a billboard like you guys must be doing so great that you can afford that and you’re like it’s blip yeah but that’s not the flip is like a game changer are there are you one of the first in the market to do this oh yes yes blip really doesn’t have like competitors obviously we still have billboards and other billboard companies but our model i mean we’re the first to do it yeah i think it’s a killer model and but yet no i was just asking because i’m getting ready to move so i’m going to a whole new city and so i was like hey what a great idea adam i could just be like hey looking for friends yes exactly again watch out for the billboards personal ads but yeah find one that will somebody was like hey can i put this billboard up and it was like text my boss happy birthday and literally put his boss’s like text number on about oh wow or that boy we found a billboard that would let him do that you know or we have um a father who doesn’t have you know his ex-wife won’t let him see his kids um and so the way he tells his kids that he loves them and happy birthday is he puts he puts a sign up in their town and has the friends that he knows in that area go drive his kids past these things those are the things that make my job worth it is sad but at the same time like he couldn’t have done that without blip he couldn’t have just paid thousands of dollars to have that for his kids you know but i love it because he’s going so far out his way you know and when his kids get older they’ll know that you had to go extra out of your way to go get that done and he said he’s flying it just shows he’s trying yeah and blip just gives that opportunity to literally anyone that wants to get a message out there blip can do it and our founders were just mind blown that this didn’t already exist and when they found out it didn’t exist they were like that’s it like we got to figure this out and do it and they did yeah i agree i think it’s awesome and i think it’s what’s even better about the model is you don’t have to do all the red tape with the billboards and the you know the city ordinances like all the red tape is done by somebody else i mean it it’s it it truly is just brilliant it’s so easy i’m like i’m upping her billboards right now i’m like well i’ll tell you what i feel bad to say this but i have a friend who contacted me recently and told me that he saw my billboard and he was asking me a little bit about it because he had just put one up for his company but he did like the old school method and he had like contracted agreed to i don’t remember how many thousands of dollars it was per month for some length of time and i i feel like i shattered him when i told him about blip you know because can you imagine what he just like he just wasted a lot of money essentially so i felt bad for him but yeah blip is awesome yeah especially those that were signing contracts right when the like kobit hit i mean they just paid thousands of dollars and if they had been with flip they could have just turned it off that day it could have just turned it off and turn it off it makes my ads even cheaper it’s crazy because i’m out driving around every day the roads are full of people you know yeah they are they are people are still out i traffic is slightly less which is kind of nice but if the roads are just as you know full i mean for me i was going stir crazy and my thought was i can still be you know social distancing in my car and go drive around and feel like i’m not in this bubble anymore and so i would just get out and drive you know and then i’m seeing all these ads you have any help for me i’m like i’m totally just gonna do it for fun i don’t know why just for fun when i move yeah yeah call me up i’ll help you in whatever city you’re in um yeah sure you’re in phone number yeah we’ll just text you we’ll put that on the billboard i mean um becca will you share your phone number if you want people to call you yes um for my phone number you can just email me at becca@blipbillboards.com that’s probably the easiest way to get a hold of me my direct line is eight three three nine nine zero one two eight one um and if i don’t answer your call just leave me a message i’ll i’ll get you taken care of love it cool thanks for being on i’m sure i’ll think of more questions later we always have people that ask us questions later um but it’s really interesting what you’re doing and i appreciate your time today it’s a good service so thank you absolutely send me questions whenever you have them or when your followers do be more than happy to help them and i’ll be in touch when i land yes i’ll be watching for your emails to come through yes all righty thank you guys very much [Music] you

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