moving day

13 May 8 Tips to Ensure a Worry-Free Moving Day

Selling your house is a big adventure, but there’s no doubt: It’s a lot of work. Just because you accept an offer doesn’t mean the journey is over. There’s still closing — when payment is settled, the title is transferred, and you hand over the keys. And you still have to move.

Are You Ready for the Big Move?

Regardless of where you’re going next, the moving process itself isn’t very fun — it’s tiring, time-consuming, and potentially expensive. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be stressful. From our experienced Hermann London real estate agents in St. Louis, here are 8 helpful tips to ensure a worry-free moving day:
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Commercial Real Estate Terms

14 Jun Glossary of Commercial Real Estate Terms

Above Building Standard Services and finishes provided by a landlord that exceed those provided under the base rent. The tenant reimburses above standard services to the landlord. Absolute Net Tenant pays base rent and all building expenses. Access Flooring A system of floor panels supported above a building's structural...

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Home Inspections In St. Louis

07 May Need a Home Inspection In St. Louis?

Need a Home Inspection In St. Louis? Typically within 10 days of the final acceptance of the contract the buyers will come over to the house with their inspector, depending on how thorough they are, they will look over the whole house, take photos of different...

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Title Work

07 May All About Title Work In St. Louis

After the inspection contingency is resolved, we will call the title company and tell them to start their title work, and also get the survey ordered. By this time, you will have signed a "title and survey work order form" which authorizes the title company...

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earnest money

07 May How Much Earnest Money Should I Offer?

In most cases for your offer we use the Residential Sales Contract, or the Special Sales Contract. On your offer we will designate how much earnest money you will be offering. Once we have an accepted contract we need to get this money to the party...

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Mortgage options

07 May How to Choose the Right Mortgage Option

Mortgage options can be very complex, complicated, and confusing. In addition, they are forever changing and in flux. Nothing about mortgages is set in stone before signing the loan agreement. Almost daily the, down payment options, interest rates, and payment plans are subject to change. Our...

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Contract Negotiations

07 May How To Best Handle Contract Negotiations

One of the most successful negotiators, Donald Trump, has written a book discussing negotiating contracts call “The Art of the Deal.” That’s just a starting point for you to consider if you want to equip yourself with insights about negotiations. Ideally with any important decision you...

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